Monday, February 4, 2013

Stock Show Great--Buck Taylor--Prayer Request

January 4, 2013

Well, the stock show was great--and I got to see Buck Taylor and give him my book! He was so warm and friendly--he even asked me to sign it for him! He glanced through it for a moment, and said he already likes it. I hope he does--and I hope he emails me with a comment of two.

As far as Meditation Mondays--I just don't think they are in the game plan right now, since every time I go to post one--something else a bit more important pops up that needs to be posted about.

Today, I'm askin' for prayer for our cowboy preacher, Bobby Bowden. Bobby is a cancer survivor--12 years ago he had a kidney removed due to Renal Cell Carcinoma of the right kidney. There was no chemotherapy since the cancer was 'self-contained' in the kidney.

Well due to his experiencin' some pain in his left kidney area, he went in for a checkup, and now we know that he hasstage 1 cancer in his remainin' kideny, and stage 2 in his liver. Both are treatable with chemo, and his doc says that it looks good for him.

I figure I'm gettin' real fed up with all the atacks on God's folks, and this was the last straw for me. So I penned a poem durin' the music yesterday mornin' at church, and I read it at end of services. It's dedicated to Preacher Bobby, and our church--but I also intend it for the rest of the body of Christ, too.

Basically, I'm declarin' war on the devil. One of the traditional names for satan is "old scratch", and so that is who I'm talkin' about at the end of the poem.

I hope ya'll enjoy the followin', and that it inspires everyone to get down on your knees and FIGHT for the body of Christ.

A Declaration of War
by Evelyn Edgett
February 3, 2013

With a little gray goatee, standin' 5 foot 9,
He's got a lotta face to wash from a recedin' hair line.
When he's leadin' the band, man he starts to cook,
Even when he stops to give ya "the look".
He leads our Bible Study with wisdom and fun,
And he stays pretty cool when he's under the gun.
But what really impresses me about this old cowboy,
Is how he teaches us all to serve Jesus with love and with joy.
How he never says, "It's MY church." Nope, he knows it's God's.
And how he always stands for righteousness, no matter what the odds.
Right now he's facin' a trial, a possible life threatenin' test.
Yet I know that his prayer is that no matter what happens it'll be God's best.
He ain't just our preacher, he's our friend and our brother,
And here's where we get to prove we know how to serve one another.
So I'm claimin' a healin' for Preach today,
And let's all work together to encourage and pray.
Let's stand and proclaim we believe in the power of Christ's blood,
And that we will ever and always confess that God is good.
Not just for Preach, but for everyone in this church,
And together, we're gonna knock ol' scratch right offa his perch!

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2013 by Evelyn Edgett

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