Sunday, February 17, 2013

Redneck's On The Road Again...Well Shoot My Monkey...

February 17, 2013

Today at church, a friend walked up an asked me how it felt to have my husband at home.

I replied that I had no idea, 'cuz the Redneck is gone AGAIN.


Yup, this mornin' at dark thirty, I dropped him off at the rendevouz point where all the guys on his crew were leavin' from. This time they are off to West Texas for who knows how long. So it's me, Obie and the critters on our own again for a while.


Honestly, I'm okay with it, it's just that I had just gotten used to cuddlin' with him at night again, and now that bed's gonna feel awful empty.

Besides, the Redneck is not just my beloved husband--he's my very bestest best friend.

We have a lot of the same views on stuff, we laugh at a lot of the same things (although he still doesn't get a lot of British humor), we dig graphic novels, action movies, Chinese food, horseback ridin', wolves, playin' Mancala (a wonderful countin' game--,
recreational shootin' and huntin'--just a load of things we like to do together.

We love to argue about things, too. We let each other know when we find neat stuff in the Bible, we fuss over politics and how a movie should have ended.

And we love to go places and see things. Many times, we have a new book from a series that we like, and while he drives, I read to him and Obie. Right now we are waitin' to get a copy of the latest book in Jim Butcher's DRESDEN FILES series.

Yeah, I know I'm kinda whinin', but I'll be fine by the mornin' and we are back into our regular schedule of chores. Besides--I have a plan for this upcomin' weekend that's kinda selfish, but fun.

Ya see, if the Redneck is still gone by Friday night, and Obie goes to his dad's for the weekend, I have a little cash set aside and I plan to go to the movies to see A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD allllll by myself. I'm gonna get the biggest bucket of popcorn I can, and I'm buyin' a soda the size of a small hot tub, and I am gonna just immerse myself in all the BOOM! BANG! POW! that I can get for the price of a ticket.

I feel better already.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2013 by Evelyn Edgett


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