Thursday, February 21, 2013

Doin' Great--But My House Is A MESS!!!

February 21, 2013

Thanks for the good wishes folks--they are appreciated.

I'm doin' just fine, in fact, it's like it never happened, except for a bruise on my tummy where I got a shot of anti-coagulant. I honestly didn't think I was gonna get all the little sticky patches off my body, where they hook you up to monitors.

I'm back on a fairly raw food regimen, and takin' magnesium. I plan to start back with regular walkin' this weekend, since the weather right now is a tad awful. I am also gonna start back with a yoga practice. I'm waitin' on my chiropractor to get me a supplement that will help build up my system.

And somewhere in all my plans--there is a two hour MASSAGE from my therapist planned, plus a dew drop therapy.

As for my poor little cowboy cottage--I'm workin' to get it all put back together after the crazy week I've had. After workin' to get the Redneck ready to go out to West Texas to work, checkin' on folks at the hospital from our church, and then gettin' sick myself and restin' up...

...let's just say that my house needs help.

I've done a quick wash up of dishes, taken out trash, and will sort through laundry later this afternoon. It really won't be that bad, but it is gonna take some effort.

Thank goodness, I've been workin' on a HOMEMAKING BINDER, like many of my sisters online have. Just havin' a basic schedule each day really helps me to keep track of what is most important for each particular day. I'm hopin' to post a few of the schedules for my week, to hopefully inspire some of ya'll who haven't tried this yet.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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