Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trial Updates--Facin' Dental Work In Mornin' (Gulp)

January 15, 2013

Well, I dunno who all's prayin' out there, but wow--things are hoppin' around here!

Found out that there is NOT a sentencing court date today, it all got postponed, so my freind has more time to prepare for that part of the trial. Added to that blessin', her daughter, who had a scholarship for college that fell through, received word that a woman who specializes in charity work, is probably going to pay the tuition so the daughter can keep going to college.

And, the son who was ill was much recovered by the afternoon.

I have decided that it's awfully hard to keep callin' these folks "my friend", "younger son" "older son" and "the ex-husband", so since I'm re-readin' Dianne Mott Davidson's CATERING TO NOBODY mystery series, and there are many parallels to this situation--I will be usin' the followin' terms to keep things straight:

My freind will be known as Goldy, her eldest son is now Julian, and the youngest boy is Arch.

Oh yeah, and the ex-husband will now be referred to as The Jerk, since the initials of Goldy's ex-husband, John Richard Korman, make up the nick name.

Hmmm....I guess that makes me Marla, Goldy's best freind...

Hey--I am just lookin' for the joy in the situation. Might as well have fun.

Speakin' of fun--I have a dental appointment in the mornin', to have an exam and x-ray so the doc can figure out how to fix my broken tooth. I'm thankful that I have had no pain since it happened, and that the Den temp is holdin'. I'm askin' ya'll for prayer that I will get this taken care of quickly, and that......

I'm not a big coward. Ya see, I'm kinda just a little bit sorta um...

TERRIFIED of dentists.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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  1. I'm so glad that sentencing date is delayed so she has more time to prepare!