Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thriftology Thursday--Resources

January 31, 2013

Firdt, I want to tell my Beloved HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Not  day goes by that I don't thank God for my Redneck and all he does for me and our family--all the sacrifices he makes and love he shows us by his actions.

Okay--on to this week's post.

One of the things I DON'T want to do in my Thirftology posts is to just toss out a bunch of tips on how to be frugal. I will give you ideas, yes, but I would rather do what my original mentor in frugality, Amy Dacyczyn did in her wonderful series of books and her original newsletter, THE TIGHTWAD GAZETTE, did.

She gave you the principles, the basics of what frugality actually is. She gave you TOOLS to figure out what was worth doin' and what wasn't.

So, I'm gonna point ya'll in the direction of greater minds than my own. That means that each week, I will give ya'll the name of an author and the books they have written, a website that will assist you in your savin' endeavors, anything that may add to your arsenal of things that work for you and your family.

Today, along with Amy Dacyczyn, I want to point ya'll in the direction of my buddy and fellow Thriftologist--

Jeff Yeager, The Ultimate Cheapskate. (

Jeff has four books out now, and I will be reviewin' the fourth one, about retirement, very soon. His first book, THE ULTIMATE CHEAPSKATE'S ROAD MAP TO TRUE RICHES, is the one that got he and I talkin' several years ago. WHen his second book, THE CHEAPSKATE NEXT DOOR came out, I was proud to announce that I was in it--TWICE.

DON'T THROW THAT AWAY is an E-Book that looks at how to reuse just about EVERYTHING.

Jeff also has done several interviews on tv, many of whih you can watch on YOUTUBE ( Now he even has his own YOUTUBE channel, and I have already been enjoyin' it.

Jeff talks a lot about knowin' when you have ENOUGH--a concept that is hard for many folks in our culture to grasp.

He was shown on the first EXTREME CHEAPSKATES tv show last year, and I wish the producers had actually shown him as the wonderful fella his is. Instead, they focused on the more  um.....COLORFUL aspects of his money savin' ideas. But hey--that's showbiz!

You can contact Jeff through his FACEBOOK page and his website, also leave comments on his YOURTUBE channel. When ya do--please let him know that it was me, Bible Babe, who sent ya his way. I don't get anything for it--but I like folks to know who is supportin' 'em.

Well, I got chore. Later ya'll.
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  1. Happy Birthday to your Beloved! And thank you for the frugal recommendations. I need all the help I can get! :-)

    I've started a new blog. You and yours are cordially invited. :-)

    1. Well, don't kep us in suspense, Miz R! Post the web address! SHARE!