Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Whole Tooth--And Excitin' News ABout The Redneck!

January 23, 2013

First--let me say that yes, I survived the dentist's appointment yesterday, and I now have a lovely rebuilt molar. It is heavenly to be able to chew on BOTH sides of my mouth now. I had no anxiety durin' the procedure, and I only experienced a bit of soreness later that evenin', which a couple of asprin took care of nicely.

Okay--on to more excitin' news....

My Beloved Redneck may be transferred back up here with his crew this weekend! I miss him terribly while he is gone, but we both know that sometimes this separation is necessary for him to support our little family.

What I find amazin' is that when I lived in the mountains and he was out of state for tow years workin'--I missed him less than I do now. Up there, I had no phone and so could only talk to him once in a while on a friend's phone, and he only got to come home once a month. The rest of the time, it was just my son and myself, alone in the mountains.

Nowadays, we live around a few others, I have a cell phone and access to talk with him each night--and I miss him more now.

I think it may be because when we were alone, I was able to concentrate more on my family abnd home, and what my husband's needs would be when he came home. I wasn't distracted by other folks, and since I could only hear his voice occasionally, I was contented. Now I can hear him each night, and it makes me homesick for his presence.

But that may all change this weekend! And...even if it doesn't--I'll be okay.

But--even more excitin' news about the Redneck--

He saved a man's LIFE the other day!

Yup, my big strong Beloved actually was able to keep a man from fallin' from high up on one of the towers they were buildin'. The man suddenly lost his footin', and as he began his fall, the Redneck reached out and caught his hand. He said he just locked his wrist and held on until the man could swing about and get a new foothold on the tower.

Of course, he told me this in a very matter of fact way, without braggin'. I told him I was so proud of him, and he just said, well, I didn't do much, just caught his hand.

From what I heard--the MAN thought it was a REALLY BIG DEAL! Beloved. He is not perfect, nor would I wish him to be, and yet he IS perfect...

...for little ol' moi.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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