Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Recoverin' From Cold--Practicin' Hospitality

January 29, 2013

I'm doin' laundry today, and recoverin' from a cold that snuck up on me this last weekend--I'm okay, just tired all the time, so I'm movin' slow.

The Redneck told me that the guys on his crew are jealous of him, since he only lives 12 miles from the work sites (everyone else is stayin' in a local hotel, 'cause some of these fellas are almost 1500 miles from hearth and home), so he gets to come home each night and have a home cooked meal.

He now has several fellas BEGGIN' him to bring them to our home for a meal sometime. They have all SWORN they would be on their best behavior. I told him that while I really don't wanna play hostess right now, maybe after I'm well--I WILL bake up a huge batch of choclate brownies to send to the crew. I get the feelin' I will be promoted to sainthood if I do that!

As soon as I get better, I'm thinkin' of havin' the Redneck bring home a few fellas for a cookout as the weather gets better. I figure an evenin' of burgers and tater salad might be a nice way to practice hospitality that the Bible tells us we should. Perhaps I can even get a few of the fellas to come to church. They are all lonely while away from their families, so perhaps our family can ease that ache for a time.

Well, I got chores. :ater ya'll.
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  1. I do hope you are better soon (and those men do too!) Homemade brownies will be a treat for them I'm sure.