Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm In The Sheet Zone...

January 18, 2013

Well, here I am at mom-in-law's house again. I clean her house each Friday mornin' in exchange for the use of her washer and dryer. It's a good deal, and I don't mind cleanin' her house, but...

Her house is so clean, It takes longer to wash and dry her sheets and pillowcases, than it does to CLEAN THE REST OF HER HOUSE!

Seriously--by the time I am done just washin' the sheets--I am almost halfway done with cleanin' the whole house. I basically dust, clean the PARTS of the mirrors that have itty bitty specks on them, vaccum, wipe down bathrooms and kitchen counters, sweep and mop, then shake out two little rugs and spritz the joint with FEBREEZE. I'm done.

Except for those fiddle-D-gibberty SHEETS!

Just checked on them--they are almost dry.

I have no idea why this bothers me. It makes no sense, because I only have to do a little bit of cleanin' for a couple of hours so I can do laundry for the rest of the week. PLUS--I get to work on the internet while I wait for the stuff to dry. But havin' to wait for those sheets makes me nuts at times.

I honestly wonder if God is tryin' to teach me something here. The obvious lesson would be patience, and I'm certain that's part of it, but could there be more to learn from something so silly?

Would like to hear any ideas on this.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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  1. Perhaps to spend time with mom-in-law and build up an amazing friendship. Who really knows? Better than some alternatives for laundry, like using rocks in a cold creek.... :)

  2. Hi John--glad to see you! Well, that might be true--IF mom-in-law didn't work outside the home. And beside--what's WRONG with washin' clothes in a cold creek? Remember--I did a lot of primitive stuff up in the mountain--and that was one of them!

    BTW--send me your email addy in a message--I have a PDF of my book I wanna send you.
    Hope you're doin' good,