Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dental News Is Good--Craftin' Projects

January 16, 2013


Yes, folks, I went to the dentist and not only did I NOT have anxiety, I learned that I don't have to lose the broken tooth--it can be fixed. Plus, my other teeth are in excellent condition. Good news for certain. Thanks for the prayers. I just have to go back on Tuesday to have a 3-sided fillin' put in, and I'll be good to go.


So far, this year has already been full of ups, downs, sideways, and backwards type of events. The weather has changed from hot to frigid, snow and rain to foggy and damp. Yesterday went from rain to snow to sunny yet cold in the space of a few hours. We stayed home all day, and while we listened to music, I did a barrage of crafts.

I took used plastic communion cups and hot glued them to Christmas ball decorations that had the paint scrubbed off, makin' something that looks like those big hangin' lights made from clear plastic drinkin' cups with strings of lights inserted. I have 5 made so far, and as I get more communion cups, I want to make several more and then attach them to a string of white Christmas lights. I plan to hang them up outsied this summer to make soft lightin' for our outdoor activities.

I also used E6000 glue to join a tea cup and saucer, then attached those to a metal stake to push in the ground. I plan to place a small tea ligh candle in the cups to use as additional mood lightin.

Lessee, what else? Oh yeah--I finally tried out the Decodan technique usin' silicon. I had a lot of small game pieces from sets I had bought at yard sales. I buy games there to fill in pieces that have been lost in my own games.

I also had a nice square box that looks like a fat book. A gift candle came in it, and I wanted to use it to store small game pieces in. I spread the silicon over the surface of the box and placed tiny dominoes in a pattern over it. When it has cured enough, I will turn it over and do the other sides, also. It looks pretty neat so far.  I think I will try the technique on plastic coffee cans, also, to try and make a set of canisters for my kitchen.

Then I popped a dvd into the player, and sat down with a project I've been workin' on for my son's bed. He was given two SPIDERMAN twin bedspreads a while back, and while they are colorful, they are just a bit thin for practical use. I stitched them together with the SPIDERMAN pictures together, then turned them right sides out, and stitched them closed at the top edge. Today I'm going to 'tack' them together in places, usin' blue and red embroidery floss. When I'm done, Obie will have a reversible comforter for his bed. There is no fillin' in between, but they will be thick enough together to use year round.

So, that is the extent of my chatterin' away today, am headed to store to check the clearance bins for bargains.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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  1. I too dread the dentist. I really shouldn't. Hooray that you had a happy ending!