Monday, December 17, 2012

Wild Weekend Over--Cough Syrup Recipe--Memory Of Childhood

December 17, 2012

Well, "my all by myself" weekend is over, and while I enjoyed it greatly--I was glad to have Obie come home last night, and I will be giddy when the Redneck gets back this weekend. My guys may drive me nuts at times--but I love them and am grateful when they are home.

I got back from the wifi hot spot around 1 a.m. Saturday mornin', and I just slept in the livin' room, 'causa ir was cold and it would be easier to heat just the one room than the livin' room and the bedroom. A bonus--it's easier to watch DVDs when ya sleep in the livin' room!

Saturday I ran errands, made up goodies for the church Christmas party, and rented more DVDs to watch. At the party that night, I discovered the most wonderful food in the world...

...CANDIED JALAPENOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These things are FABULOUS! I could have eaten the entire jar, but I held back. I got the name of the brand, and will be lookin' for them at the store here in town. When we were cleanin' up after the party, the woman who brought them handed me the rest of the jar to take home. Apparently she has a case of them at home, and she saw how much I liked them.

I got home, and while I watched VANTAGE POINT--I finished the jar! I even drank the juice! I'm tellin' ya--they are that good!

Sunday was the children's Christmas play at church, and it was precious. All the kids, youth and itty bitty, did thier best to bring the meanin' of Christmas to the folks in attendance. After church, a friend kidnapped me to go out to lunch.

As I said, I was glad to have my alone time, but I was very happy to see Obie and his dad drive up last night.

Oh--check out DEEP ROOTS AT HOME ( She has posted a cough syrup recipe that is really good. I'm gonna make it up for my family this year.

I had to laugh when I saw it, though, because it reminded me of when I was a little girl, and the cough 'medicine' that my family made. They would take a Mason jar, fill it as full as possible with crushed peppermint candy, then they would pour whiskey over that and shake it each day until it dissolved. THAT was our cough syrup.  It worked, too, 'cause it tasted so bad--you learned how to suppress ANY coughs you might be feelin', 'cause you DIDN'T WANNA TAKE THAT STUFF!

Well, I got chore. Later ya'll.
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