Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Still Waitin'--Prunin'

December 4, 2012

Still no news about a place to move to, and, the sale of the land we live on may be canceled, so we may not have to move now anyway. I dunno what's goin' on--all I know is God is teachin' our family about waitin' on Him and trustin' in Him and His plans for us.

Last night I watched FACING THE GIANTS again, 'cause I had the feelin' that I was needin' to learn somethin'. If you have never seen this film by the Kendricks, who also made FIREPROOF and COURAGEOUS--you should really check it out. They make excellent faith based movies.

As I watched it, I began to see a theme that has been goin' around in my head for a while now. In the song I WILL PRAISE YOU IN THE STORM, the singer speaks about praisin' the God Who gives--and takes away. Job speaks of how The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord. In GIANTS, one of the sub plots is, Even if God doesn't give you what you want--WILL YOU LOVE HIM ANYWAY? Will you praise Him when you lose, just as you praise Him when you win?

See, this is an aspect of God that we as Christians just don't like to think about. Sure, we LOVE to talk about how good He is because He gives, and gives and gives and gives....

...and then He gives even more.

But what about the times He takes away?

Do we still believe He is good, lovin' and wonderful? Do we praise Him even when we feel He is not doin' what WE think is the best thing in any situation?

Well, DO WE?

I confess--He has been so good and givin' to me in my life, even at the WORST times if I am honest, that when He does decide it is time to refuse to give me what I want, or worse, TAKE AWAY somethin'--

--I sorta flip out at times.

I mean, I can't get my head wrapped around the fact that God would REFUSE me somethin'. And yet, John 15:1-2 says,

"I am the true vine and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit He prunes, so that it will be even more fruitful."

Sounds like takin' away to me.

While researchin' this idea, I came across a few posts that don't really agree with me on this. Instead, they say that the devil takes things away from us. I agree that is true, since Jesus says that satan comes to steal and destroy.

But read the above verse again. Notice that He says branches that bear fruit are PRUNED. Prunin' is a form of takin' away.

Have you ever seen a grapevine that has been pruned? It ain't pretty. In fact, you wonder if some nut with a chainsaw  has been let loose in the vineyard.

And yet, when you see the results the followin' season...

...it's amazin' how much GROWTH has taken place. How much more FRUIT has appeared on those branches.

I think that God does this to us as believers when it is needed. I think He see that we are bearin' fruit, and it may be really nice fruit. However, He wants us to bear the BIGGEST, SWEETEST, MOST ABUNDANT FRUIT possible. So...

He prunes.

And it hurts.

We HATE it.

We pitch hissy fits, cry, rage, and just pout.

And yet, after we are done bein' childish, and we actually LOOK at what is goin' on durin' all the mess, we see that growth is happenin' in us.

Now I got a question for ya.

Even if He doesn't give you what ya want, even if He takes AWAY--

Will you love Him anyway?

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett


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