Friday, December 28, 2012

One More Christmas To Go--Homemakin' Binder

Decmber 28, 1012

We have enjoyed another Christmas, and will be havin' one more this Sunday, as the Redneck's family gathers together in a combo Christmas/family reunion. There will be food, fellowship, and of course, a crazy gift swap. We will catch up with folks we haven't seen in a long time, and I am lookin' forward to the event.

I'm still tryin' to figure out what dish to take, but I have a day to do that.

Today I have cleaned mom-in-law's house, and as soon as the sheets are done dryin', I'll make the beds and then my little family will runs errands to the feed store, post office, etc. We have a great treat this afternoon--we are all gettin' to see the chiropractor. We decided we want to begin the New Year as *ahem*...

...'well-adjusted' people!

(yes, I KNOW it was a dumb joke--but it's FUNNY)

I have been hangin' put at Joyful Christian Homemaking ( lately, and I have downloaded her wonderful free E-book on homemaking. I have decided I am goin' to use the advice on makin' and usin' a homemakin' binder. I got a gift card, so I used it to but the stuff for the inside of the binder. I already had a binder that I have had for years, but never knew what to use it for. It is fabrice covered, and it has wolves all over it. In the homemakin' guide, Candy says that we are not to work on the inside until the outside makes us smile. Well, folks, there are few things that make me smile like wolves, so I'm good.

In the binder, you put sections for schedulin', menus, homeschoolin' etc. I have adjusted it so I have sections for schedules, menus, my son, the Redneck, and other stuff that personalizes it for my home.

I'm workin' on a master schedule right now, and it's really pretty simple. However, I have to have TWO of them--one for when it's just my son and me, and one for when my husband is off work.

Obie's section will include all of the developmental exercises we do, books we are readin', and any homework for the new youth program he will be doin' at church. The Redneck's will include any requests that he makes for me to attend to while he's away on his job, and ideas for special meals while he is home.

My personal goal section will include not only my goals, but also plans to accomplish them. 

I'm workin' on my goals for next year, and I think I may share some of them with ya'll later.

The sheets should be dry by now.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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