Thursday, November 1, 2012

We Made It Through October--Dwellin' On Thankfulness

November 1, 2012

Whew! We m ade it through October, our family's busiest month, with little fuss and no injuries. I dunno why our family has more commitments and ministry work durin' this month than the others, it just happens that way. We love it while we are whirl windin' around--but then we are soo thankful when midnight hits and it's November.

Of course, this begins the 'official' holiday season. We could be just as nuts now as the previous month, but we choose to opt out of most of the craziness, and keep things as simple as possible.

This month, we have two Thanksgivin' dinners to attend. One is at our little cowboy church, where the church will provide the turkey and ham--and the rest of the meal will be provided as a potluck by the members. I'm plannin' on tryin' a sausage stuffin' recipe I found in MARY JANE'S FARM Magazine this month. I'll do a dessert or two also, and maybe a veggie dish. There will be plenty of food, and the preparation and cleanup will be much less trouble, as it will be divided among many folks.

The next meal will be in a friend's home out of state, and my brother is comin' too! The only thing we will be required to bring is ourselves and anything we wish to drink that might be different from what is bein' served. I won't be cookin' anything for this meal.

Now...before you think I am bein' a mooch at this meal, let me assure you that this is how my freind WANTS it. She loves to cook this meal, and she wants a lot of folks to share it. I will be bringin' some goodies to give out, and I will be ready to hop in and clean up after. We get to visit with dear folks we don't get to see a lot of, and we catch up on all the stuff that will be goin' on throughout the year that we can participate in and contribute to at their church.

I always find myself dwellin' on bein' thankful around this time of year (duh). I love to count all the blessin's that God has given our family, and how He has taken care of all our needs, and even a lot of our wants.

I don't have tv, so I am just now learnin' about the storms on the East coast and the devastation they have caused. I wanna remind all of ya'll out there that one of the reasons we are so blessed as Christians is so that we can in turn bless others who have needs.

I'm lookin' for ways that I can contribute to the charites that are linin' up to aid the folks who are without power and many other necessities right now. Please take the time to pray and give to charities that are workin' to assist the many people affected by this storm. Give blood, donate money or goods--anything that will help.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

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