Thursday, November 8, 2012

Redneck Had An Ouchie

November 8, 2012

Once again I have been remiss in my postin'--but I have a good reason. I have been nursin' the Redneck through an injury to his foot.

Don't fret--it's just a case of the fascia gettin' too tight and givin' him a lot of pain--sorta like tendonitis of the foot. Trust me, my husband is no wimp--so when he actually CRIES--he is in P-A-I-N.

Happy to say he is doin' better after a trip to the chiropractor, some essntial oil therapy and a LOT of deep tissue work--he hollered a lot, but he put up with the agony, 'cause he knows it WORKS.

While I've been workin' on ways to help my Beloved, I have had some time to do more research on different subjects--especially my favorite, Frugality. I've been rereadin' THE TIGHTWAD GAZETTE and THE ULTIMATE CHEAPSKATE BOOKS. I try to read them about once a year or so, because I am always amazed at the things that I have read before, but they just didn't GRAB me at the time. Like a great paintin' or a classic movie--everytime you look at it you find somethin' new.

Well, I got chores. Later Ya'll.
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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Oh dear! I hope Mr. Redneck is better soon. And I hope you found some great ideas to share.