Monday, October 22, 2012

Back From Mission Trip--100 Bibles to 100 BIKERS!!!!!

October 22, 2012


Sorry I hadn't posted for a bit--was really busy gettin' ready for a mission trip to the Robber's Cave Fall Festival in Oklahoma. Each year, Our little Cowboy church puts up a big canvasa tent, builds a campfire, and gives out coffee, free Cowboy New Testaments, teaches kids to rope, has ropin' contests for them, and then the Preacher gives the Sunday service at the festival.

My family goes along to help, and I have my own small ministry to the many vendors who come. I take coffee and other goodies to them, since they can't always get away from their booths while they are workin' the festival. After I'm done doin' that, I walk around and visit with folks, and on Saturday I 'stalk' the many Bikers who come each year. This year I made my goal of handin' out 100 Bibles to 100 Bikers. i confess I was sweatin' the last two--I was wanderin' around near the end of the day, whisperin',"Here, Biker, Biker!" But I found 'em!

We stayed at the campgrounds all weekend, and it was great. We got to see many of our church family after a few months of bein' gone, and of course, in a festival like this it's like a family reunion when you run into vendors you haven't seen in a year. Oh--and the MUSIC! Rock, blues, country and Gospel bands rocked out each day. I was dancin' and boogyin' down as I did my rounds.

We are already plannin' next year's truip, and I am thrilled to say that a lady has donated a 40 cup coffee maker and several thermal carafes for my little ministry for next year.

I do ask for prayer that the seeds I planted this last weekend will sprout and grow into a relationship with Jesus for the many folks that I spoke with. There are so many stories I could tell about the Bikers as I met and talked with, but one really stands out.

I walked up to one biker, and he said I had already given him a Bible. I had forgotten (but seriously--after about 4 hours of doin' this--with the leather, vests boots, and Harley T-shirts--they all start lookin' alike), and he said "It's cool. But back at our booth (he was with Bikers Against Child Abuse) there are two guys who saw my Bible, and they asked where I got it. I told them that a nice lady had given it to me, and if they had been with the COOL KIDS, they would have gotten one too!"

I laughed, and went to the booth, where I proceeded to ask who the guys were who hadn't been with the cool kids and missed out on gettin' a Bible.

Two of the biggest, guys I've ever seen raised their hands. One guy was bald with a beard, no shirt, and his arms were COVERED in tattoos of skulls with eyeballs. He was thrilled to get the Bible I handed him.

Come ON, folks--ya gotta LOOK to see the need in people, and if you get turned off by a few tats and weird hair--you're gonna miss it.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
.© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett


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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Hooray, you did it! I'm so happy for you, and I'm sure that you planted many seeds.

    It's good to "see" you back again!