Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SUPER SIZE ME--NOT!!!!!!!!! DVD Review

October 30, 2012

I watched SUPER SIZE ME last night, and I was so freaked out that I had to pause the dvd, tell my son to put on his tennies, clip a leash onto one of the dogs, and go for a two mile walk. After we got back home I watched the rest of the film, and once again confirmed that I was right in not eatin' out so often. Not just from a sense of thrift, but a sense of survival.

SUPER SIZE ME is a documentary by a man named Morgan Spurlock. He was curious about how a diet of just McDonald's foods for 30 days would affect him.

The results were, to say the least, disturbin'.

It is a well made documentary, which not only takes a harsh eye at Mickey D--it looks into other aspects of the food industry as well, along with a really spooky look at what many public schools are doin' for your kid's lunches. The greatest shock was what one school for 'difficult' kids was doin'--and you will be amazed at the results they are gettin'.

The dvd has some extra scenes and interviews--check out THE SMOKING FRY.

I applaud Morgan Spurlock on his bravery, if not his brains, in doin' this little experiment.

Our family hardly ever eats out at McDonalds as it is--I don't like many of their business practices I read about years ago. But I also realize that there are times that I may not be able to avoid them--it's like how I try to avoid shoppin' at Wal-Mart--sometimes there are no alternatives. But I work very hard to make sure I HAVE alternatives.

Seriously--take a look at this film. Mr. Spurlock has several other works out, and I will be checkin' to see what else he has to say.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett


Friday, October 26, 2012

Gettin' Resettled--Hay Ride Prep--And A Spooky Noise...

October 26, 2012

Still gettin' stuff put away after our mission trip--thakn goodness I cleaned the house before we left--I dunno HOW I would have dealt with a cluttered house AND all the stuff that has to be put away since we got home. Basically, it's just washin' any pots that were used, and doin' a lot of laundry, then I have to repack everything for next year. I have set a new goal--200 Bibles to 200 bikers. I'm not just interested in numbers, either--I wanna actually TALK with these folks, and let them know that God is a lot more than an old dude in a white robe waaaay up in the sky, by and bye, ya dig?

We have a chili cookoff and a hay ride tomorrow night at our church, and I'm lookin' forward to that. I'm plannin' a chocolate cake and some red chile pork stew for my contribution.

Okay--I just scared myself half to death.

I'm sittin' here typin' at mom-in-law's computer, and I suddenly hear a strange noise, but can't tell what it is or where it's comin' from. It's sort of a click and hiss, and it's kinda creepy. At first, I ignore it, thinkin' I'm just hearin' things.

Then I hear it again, and it's over my head...

Now I'm a tad weirded out. What IS that thing?

I slowly look up at the top of the desk I'm sittin' at, and I see...

An automatic AIR FRESHENER.

That's when I catch the scent it's spewin' out.


Why are you laughin'? (GRIN)

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

Monday, October 22, 2012

Back From Mission Trip--100 Bibles to 100 BIKERS!!!!!

October 22, 2012


Sorry I hadn't posted for a bit--was really busy gettin' ready for a mission trip to the Robber's Cave Fall Festival in Oklahoma. Each year, Our little Cowboy church puts up a big canvasa tent, builds a campfire, and gives out coffee, free Cowboy New Testaments, teaches kids to rope, has ropin' contests for them, and then the Preacher gives the Sunday service at the festival.

My family goes along to help, and I have my own small ministry to the many vendors who come. I take coffee and other goodies to them, since they can't always get away from their booths while they are workin' the festival. After I'm done doin' that, I walk around and visit with folks, and on Saturday I 'stalk' the many Bikers who come each year. This year I made my goal of handin' out 100 Bibles to 100 Bikers. i confess I was sweatin' the last two--I was wanderin' around near the end of the day, whisperin',"Here, Biker, Biker!" But I found 'em!

We stayed at the campgrounds all weekend, and it was great. We got to see many of our church family after a few months of bein' gone, and of course, in a festival like this it's like a family reunion when you run into vendors you haven't seen in a year. Oh--and the MUSIC! Rock, blues, country and Gospel bands rocked out each day. I was dancin' and boogyin' down as I did my rounds.

We are already plannin' next year's truip, and I am thrilled to say that a lady has donated a 40 cup coffee maker and several thermal carafes for my little ministry for next year.

I do ask for prayer that the seeds I planted this last weekend will sprout and grow into a relationship with Jesus for the many folks that I spoke with. There are so many stories I could tell about the Bikers as I met and talked with, but one really stands out.

I walked up to one biker, and he said I had already given him a Bible. I had forgotten (but seriously--after about 4 hours of doin' this--with the leather, vests boots, and Harley T-shirts--they all start lookin' alike), and he said "It's cool. But back at our booth (he was with Bikers Against Child Abuse) there are two guys who saw my Bible, and they asked where I got it. I told them that a nice lady had given it to me, and if they had been with the COOL KIDS, they would have gotten one too!"

I laughed, and went to the booth, where I proceeded to ask who the guys were who hadn't been with the cool kids and missed out on gettin' a Bible.

Two of the biggest, guys I've ever seen raised their hands. One guy was bald with a beard, no shirt, and his arms were COVERED in tattoos of skulls with eyeballs. He was thrilled to get the Bible I handed him.

Come ON, folks--ya gotta LOOK to see the need in people, and if you get turned off by a few tats and weird hair--you're gonna miss it.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
.© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trail Ride For St. Jude's--Homemade Root Beer

October 10, 2012

We had a busy weekend—our cowboy church hosted a trail ride and auction to raise funds for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Even though it was cold, we had a great time, and we pretty much met our goal. I’ll find out for sure tonight at church.

Friday, Brian and I went to the campgrounds (Obie chose to visit his dad instead of campin’ in cold weather—imagine that), got all set up, and got my horse, Fancypants, settled in. Brian rode her for the trial ride, ‘cause I had a lot to do for the rest of the event.

We had hamburgers, venison chili, hotdogs, and s’mores for supper that night, and it was a great time of fellowship with our church. Afterwards, we sat around the campfire and sang all kinds of songs while Preach and his wife played their guitars. Around 10 we all called it a day and went to bed. We were pretty cozy in our little tent down the hill from everyone else, and we slept good. 

The next mornin’, Brian went in search of coffee while I got to sleep in a bit longer. Unfortunately, Fancy kept playin’ snooze alarm, and every few minutes she would whinny outside the tent. I gave up, got dressed, and went in search of breakfast.

After breakfast, we started saddlin’ Fancy. She cooperated—right up until somethin’ startled her. I was holdin’ her head while she was bein’ saddled, when suddenly, she jerked her head up, then brought it back down hard…

…on my left temple.

I didn’t see stars, exactly, but I felt like my head exploded. I still held onto her, and she was lookin’ at me as if to say, “Oooops….” Brian took her halter, and I sorta wandered over to the picnic table and sank down on the bench. I kept wantin’ to cry. I knew that wouldn’t make me feel any better, plus I knew it would worry the Redneck. So I kept quiet, but I gotta tell ya—it was hard to be a ‘big girl’ right then!

After a few minutes, I stood up and took hold of Fancy again, tellin’ her it was okay, I wasn’t mad at her. She just rested her chin on my shoulder and made her little chuckin’ sounds, like she was apologizin’. We finished the saddlin’ and went up to the registration area.

We had about 35 riders, which was good for the weather like it was. They took off for a 3 hour ride, and the rest of us finished settin’ up for lunch and the auction.

Lunch was great—smoked brisket and all the trimmin’s. Afterwards, we set up and had the auction. I got a framed and signed Dave Merrick print—for $10! While there were some great bargains—a lot of things went for really high bids. There were even a few biddin’ wars that were hilarious to watch. We had a silent auction, too, and I won two of those—one by waitin’ till the last minute…and biddin’ ONE PENNY over the last bid!

We even raffled off a brand new saddle. I think we raised almost $1,000 just in those ticket sales alone.

We made it home by about 6 p.m., after the campfires were put out and any trash hauled away. We put Fancy in the pasture, and after bathin’ and havin’ a really simple supper—we passed smooth out about 8.

So—how do ya top a weekend like that?

Simple—you learn how to make homemade ROOTBEER!

A while back, I found a recipe in an old Mormon homemakin’ manual, and I finally bought the ingredients and made my very first batch Monday evenin’. After it chilled, I tried it—and I am hooked. I have included the recipe here.

Twenty Four Hour Root Beer

1 tsp dry yeast
2 ½ cups sugar
3 Tblsp Root Beer Extract

Combine in gallon jar. Fill with water, tighten lid. Let stand at room temperature for 12 hours—then chill for 12 more. Serve immediately.

Pretty simple, huh? I used a gallon water jug, and just used well water from our sink. If you figure out your cost for the basic ingredients—a gallon is cheap to make, and you can control the sugar content too. It doesn’t foam up like a commercial root beer, but it has a nice taste.

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ta DA!!!!! My First Book Trailer!--John L. Hoh, Where Are You?

October 4, 2012

I DID IT!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!!!

I have FINALLY gotten my book trailer to load on my blog!!!!!!!

I am so new to a lot of this stuff--I began to wonder if I would ever get this done.

I hope ya'll like it--let me know if you have any trouble with viewin' it.

Oh--and John L. Hoh--please message me your email address--I need to send you a review copy!!!!!

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


October 2, 2012

Who is Donna McKenna, you ask? Well, let me enlighten you as to this lady’s identity.

About 18 years ago, I found an ad for a cookbook entitled The $30 Dollar A Week Grocery Budget, By Donna McKenna. It was $5 to order a copy, so I dropped my money into the mail, and a few weeks later I received a little yellow cookbook.

It was obviously homemade and run off at a printer’s, then stapled together by hand. It only had 59 pages, filled with recipes and tips on how to cut your grocery bill. There is also a short introduction and a “How To Use This Book” section.

It’s a simple little book—no pretentions of bein’ a great culinary work. It was only intended to help homemakers save on their food budgets while makin’ good meals for their families.

I have used the HECK outta that book. I refer to it for various well-loved recipes, such as pancakes from scratch, and I will NEVER forget that Donna’s little book finally helped me understand what a white sauce is and how to make it.

My copy is stained, fallin’ apart, and taped up. I have used just about every bit of advice it gives, and I have adapted many of the recipes and hints for our family’s tastes and location.

When we lived in the mountains, before the Redneck was able to join us—I used the book to help me feed my son and myself, plus stock up on extra goods as I went along. As a result, I had a well-stocked pantry so that when I couldn’t get to town (like when the snow storms would hit and we were basically trapped in our cabin for a few days), we never had to worry if we had enough to eat until the next trip into town. I still use their books as a resource in my kitchen.

One day, when I was cookin’, I decided that I would write Donna a letter to thank her for her little budget book. I wrote to the address on the back cover, but my letter was returned a few days later, sayin’ that the address was no longer valid.

Well, I decided to GOOGLE her yesterday, and I found her! She now has a website and a blog—and she is sellin’ her books, too! They are updated, and I know I will be sendin’ my money in again soon.

You can now find a link to her site in my LINKS section. I wrote her an email sayin’ how much I appreciate her book—I hope I hear back from her. I also hope she likes the long overdue praise I sent her way.

If you come across a copy of the book—either the new updated one or an older copy--grab it. You will get a lot of good ideas and recipes on how to stretch your grocery dollars.

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

Monday, October 1, 2012

Great Weekend--2 Book Reviews--I Sell More Books!

October 1, 2012

Remember how I had a pretty lousy day Friday?

Well, the rest of the weekend more than made up for it!

Friday night was a tad rocky at first, however, due to my brilliant idea to bathe one of the wolves. You see, each of my ‘wooblets’, as we call them, gets a turn at bein’ house wolf (or in THEIR viewpoint—lapdogs) for a month. Normally I just switch them out with no problem. However, Angel has been in a ‘roll in whatever smells funky’ mood for a couple of weeks, and with my schedule I haven’t really had much time to keep the little stench monster out of trouble.


When it came time for her turn in the house Friday night—I had to bathe her.

By myself.

Oh yeah. Fun times.

You see, Angel weighs in at about 90-100 pounds, and while she will joyfully leap into a water trough, mud puddle or pond…

She becomes positively PHOBIC when brought anywhere near a bathtub.

Yeah. You get the picture.

I got her clean and dry, and then I had to clean the bathroom and myself. Actually, I had to soak in the now clean tub after takin’ asprin, ‘cause my muscles were in shock from holdin’ that big furball in the tub while I washed her. But it was worth it, ‘cause now she is all clean and her fur is nice and soft. I don’t think HEAD & SHOULDERS shampoo had washin’ wolves in mind when they created their product (seriously—can you picture the ad campaign?), but it works better than anything I’ve ever seen.

Saturday mornin’, I decided to make waffles for breakfast. Afterwards we did all the mornin’ chores, and then we got to go to the print shop and have five more copies of the book printed up. I met the owner of the shop, and we discussed a few changes to how the book is bound, and possible ideas for promotional materials.

Afterwards, we got to go to one of our favorite places—the library! We got a few movies, and while the Redneck browsed the graphic novels, Obie and I went in search of cookbooks and other how to tomes. I found a great book on World War II cookin’, called GRANDMA’S WARTIME KITCHEN: World War II and the way we cooked, By Joanne Lamb Hayes. Not only are there good recipes, there are all kinds of trivia about that period in American kitchen history. With tidbits such as “Uncle Sam’s Food Rules”, and “the Daily Seven”, you get a sense of just how much the guidelines for nutrition have changed since then, and also you begin to truly appreciate just how difficult it was for homemakers to put decent meals on the table in such a time of scarcity. We modern “Home Front Warriors” can take inspiration from the women who not only had to run households durin’ a time of war—but who also in many cases had to step up to the challenge of fillin’ in at factory jobs while the men were away in battle.

We also came across a little jewel about ice cream—jeni’s SPLENDID ICE CREAMS AT HOME, By Jeni Britton Bauer. Jeni gives you a wonderful recipe that can be used as the basis for all kinds of ice cream concoctions, includin’ Roasted Strawberry and Buttermilk, Backyard Mint, and The Darkest Chocolate Ice Cream In The World. She also talks about the science of makin’ frozen treats—and you can UNDERSTAND WHAT SHE SAYS. That alone makes the book a treasure. I think I’ll be lookin’ for a good electric ice cream maker for my Wall Of Wonders…

Sunday mornin’ just capped off the whole weekend. We got to church, and after a wonderful time greetin’ all our church family, I picked up the bulletin to check on what was goin’ on, prayer requests, etc.

What a surprise and a joy to see a little bitty paragraph in the bulletin mentionin’ MY BOOK! I was further touched when the one of the elders who had purchased my book the week before stood up to give the announcements. He held up his copy of Lessons & Blessin’s, and said that he felt it was a wonderful book, and a testimony of life in Christ. He mentioned Shawn, my illustrator, and praised his artwork also, and said that he knew that God would bless us through our work. I had to swallow a bit, and then I did what Preach up in Oklahoma said we should—I said, “I accept the compliment, and in turn I’m givin’ it to God.”

After church—I sold out of all five copies, and I have a pre-pay order for another one.


Seriously, while the book stuff at church was wonderful—it was the rest of the day that really stands out in my mind. We went and had lunch at TACO BELL, picked up a few things we had to have, and then we all came home and just relaxed all afternoon. After evenin’ chores I made a simple supper, and we again just chilled out until bedtime.

Today is a round of errands and getting’ geared up for the rest of the week, and things are lookin’ pretty well put together—so far…

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett