Tuesday, September 4, 2012

While We Are Waitin'--Catchin' Up On Blessin's

September 4, 2012

I guess while we are all waitin' for more news about my friend and her situation, I can catch ya'll up on the many blessin's God has heaped upon my family lately.

First, A few weeks ago, we were at a rodeo where our church had a sales booth, and I noticed a Bible cover that I fell madly in love with. It was turquoise blue leather, with a cross made from silver belt buckles. It zipped up and had a cute little handle.

I showed it to my Redneck, and his comment was, "You always pick the GAUDIEST lookin' things!"

I had to laugh, because he's right--I LOVE bright colors and silver anything. I knew we couldn't afford it at the time, so I didn't give it any more thought.

Later, as I helped at the booth, a friend from church was lookin' at the cover, and I told her what the spousal unit had said. She laughed with me, and pulling up her jeans leg to show me that the tops of her cowboy boots matched the cover, she bought it. I was thrilled that we had made a sale for the church fund, and glad that Jodie had found something she liked.

The next day at church, she walked up to me and asked what Brian had said when I told him she had bought the cover. I replied that he was glad HE didn't have to look at it.

She handed me a bag and said, "Tell him I said DEAL WITH IT!"

Yup. The gorgeous turquoise Bible cover was in the bag. I hugged Jodie so hard, I almost broke her. I quickly popped my Bible into it, and then let the Redneck see it.

He yelled, "Where is she? I'm gonna choke her!"

Now, don't concern yourselves, folks--all this was done in a spirit of fun. Brian was happy that I got exactly what I had wanted. I am still enjoyin' my beautiful gift--it makes readin' God's Word even more special.

That same Sunday, we had a wonderful lady singer who who nailed every song she did, and the glory of the Lord filled the sanctuary. In the foyer, she had a small table with some things that she makes and sells to fund her ministry (she says she is like Paul--her handcrafts are her 'tents', as in Acts 18:3 and Acts 20:34)). Well, she had a lovely imitation turquoise ring for sale. I admired it, because let's face it--I'm a ring nut. After services, I walked outside and put our Bibles in the truck, and as I walked back into the buildin'--the singer just grabbed me and put that ring in my hand. I was a bit confused, but she said that she wanted me to have that ring. She didn't know why--she just knew she wanted me to have it.


But wait--there's more....

The Monday after church, I was restin' after a lot of chores, when my phone rang. It was a neighbor, and she asked me if I would like her upright, 17 cubic foot freezer, since she didn't need one that big anymore, and was gettin' a smaller one.

Well, duh. YES MAAM!

It was really wonderful to blessed with this freezer, since the one we had been usin' had died a few months ago, and we had gone back to usin' our tiny chest freezer. Now, with the new freezer, the side by side fridge we were given a couple of months ago, and my regular fridge, I have plenty of storage for perishables.

Oh, honey--I ain't done yet.

That same week, I had a text from my friend at the local hair house, askin' me if I would like a queen sized mattress and box springs. Since we had been sleepin' on a full sized mattress that was way too small for the Redneck, I said we'd take a looksee at it.

It was in spectacular shape--hardly used at all. We brought it home, set it up, and after ONE NIGHT--the old mattress went out the door. Neither of us hurt at all after sleepin' on that thing--and we had both been hurtin' for a while from sleepin' on the old mattress (of course, the fact that it was a 50 year old mattress didn't HELP).

And that is just the MATERIAL ways God has blessed us lately! There have been numerous spiritual blessin's too.

Now, after all this--I looked around the other day and yelled,

"Hey, Baby--we got to start blessin' other folks! We are runnin' outta ROOM!"

I mean, the house isn't full like on those hoardin' programs, but it is gettin' a bit hard to organise some things.

So, we started goin' through our stuff and givin' it away. The chest freezer and a DVD player went to our church. I'm fixin' to go through our clothes and donate at one of those big boxes for a charity. The local food pantry is about to get a boat load of goodies, and I'm regularly takin' used books to our local libraries for donation and tradin'. I'm also lookin' at makin' a "Bookmotote" (like a Bookmobile, only it's in a lidded tote with wheels), for our church. I'll just bring it in and allow folks to check out Christian books, both fiction and non-fiction, and if there are any late fees--they go towards the buildin' fund.

Scripture says it is far more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35), and I believe it, big time. As much as I like to get gifts--I really LOVE to give things away. I also beleive that God really HATES stinginess. Look at the story of the man in Luke 12:16-21. He was UBER blessed by God, but only thought to build bigger barns so HE could be okay--he thought nothin' of his neighbors who may need some of that blessin' passed on.

I have heard some folks say that those who practice EXTREME COUPONING are hoarders and selfish. While I agree that there are many of the ECer's who are just that--the majority of them that I have seen not only store up stuff for their own families--they also have blessed many a neighbor and charity with their stockin' up.

I've stated this many times--if you got too much--GET RID OF IT. I have a stockpile of winter clothing right now in my loft that is waitin' for cold weather, so I can have a giveaway in the parkin' lot of a local store. That stuff isn't bein' kept out of greed--just waitin' for the right time to be distributed.

Well, I got chores. Later Ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Praise the Lord for His mercies! What a nice bunch of blessings you received, and how nice to be able to pass things on. What comes around, surely goes around!