Thursday, September 13, 2012

Prayer Update--Book News--Some More Blog Changes

September 13, 2012

Well, I heard from my friend, and it seems that there may never have even BEEN a warrant for her arrest. There is a good possibility that the officer LIED to her in order to intimidate her. We are still keeping prayes goin' however, since we don't have confirmation on it yet.

As far as the book....

I went to open the file for my book this week, since I had taken a few weeks off from workin' on it in order to give my self some breathin' room.

I opened the file, and waited for the manuscript appear.

There was nothin'.

Not a blip.



Somehow, someway, I had lost my book file. I searched all through my laptop, every flash drive I have--NOTHIN'.

I almost panicked. All that work GONE!!!!!!

Then I realized, my illustrator's mom had printed out all the pages a few months ago, and I had them in a file in my desk!


So now I have begun the process of retypin' all the text into a new file, and now I have been able to add the pictures--and they are workin' out.

An added bonus--as I am retypin', I am rewritin' also. I am seein' the work with fresh eyes, ans I am editin' a lot of the essays, makin' them clearer and tighter in context.

I hope to have all of it finished so I can print out the first copy this next week. If that's a go--I'll get some copies ready for sale soon.

You may notice that I have music back on my blog. A great website called www.GROOVESHARK.COM is now supplyin' my tunes. I had some trouble embeddin' the playlist to my blog, but a simple email request for help, and followin' the even simpler directions got me goin'. I hope you check them out.

I also have some new members--one in particular, John L. Hoh, is an old buddy from my days on FACEBOOK. He has his own blog, He is an excellent write. You can look back to last year's posts and see a few reviews I did of some of his work. I hope to persuade him to let me review some more. Oh--and you HAVE to check out his chuildren's book AN ANGEL NAMED CAROL. It's a wonderful Christmas book.

Well, I got chores. Later Ya'll.
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