Thursday, September 20, 2012


September 20, 2012

THE BOOK IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, folks—I have FINALLY finished LESSONS & BLESSIN’S—a book of cowboy poetry and essays on life. I put the finishin’ touches on it, checked it yet AGAIN for spellin’ errors, then closed the file and walked away from it.


Now, begins the quest of how to get it printed and put together, linin’ up craft shows and other events to set up booth to sell it, findin’ online sources to market it, and figurin’ out how to do a PAY PAL whatsit on my blog so if folk wanna buy it here, they can.

I’m also emailin’ a PDF to some folks to be reviewed, and I think that is the most nerve rackin’. I mean, I’m sendin’ it to writers whose opinions I really respect.
After the printin’ and puttin’ together—I have a book signin’ at my friend’s book store—and well…aw heck—WHY did I write this again?

Oh yeah—I felt I needed to share my love of God with folks who might not read typical Christian books.

Of course, after I finally closed the file, took out the flash drive and shut down the laptop—there was a surprise waitin’ for me.

I turned and stretched, looked around at my little cowboy cottage…

…and wondered what the heck had happened.

My house wasn’t a wreck. It wasn’t cluttered. It was clean. It just wasn’t like it should be—it wasn’t RIGHT.

So I went to work.

I put away the things that hadn’t quite made it ‘home’. You know—books stacked on the shelf but not placed in the correct subject. A pile of clean clothes on top of a dresser but not in the right drawers Kitchen clean but a few appliances still needin’ wiped down.

After I took care of that, I set to work preparin’ a good meal for lunch today. Since the Redneck’s work schedule doesn’t allow us to have supper together as a family, and breakfast can be a bit haphazard at times—I try to ensure that we have a nice lunch. Even that had been a little crazy lately, due to all the errands we’ve had to run.
So I took out a nice pork roast, popped it in the crockpot with a little STUBBS Bar-B-Q Sauce (This stuff is soooo good. Go to STUBBSBBQ.COM for more info.), and set it to cook on low and slow all night. Today I made mashed taters, sautéed fresh green beans in butter with a few chopped onions, and served it with big glasses of sweet iced tea for the guys and lime water for moi.

Now THAT was good. This weekend I’m bakin’ for grub Sunday at church, and I’ll be makin’ a few extra goodies for the family for later in the week.

I asked the Redneck why he hadn’t said anything about the house not bein’ up to its usual status. He replied that he knew it wouldn’t be like that for too long, and that I would get it all fixed when I was done with the book. He wanted me to have the freedom to get it done without worryin’ about anything else.


Ya just gotta love a man like that, don’t ya?

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

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