Friday, July 27, 2012

Recent Readin'--Wall Of Wonder Part 7

July 27, 2012

Been busy, as usual, this week. Last Saturday, after Obie went to his father’s for the weekend, the Redneck and I finished our chores and headed up to Oklahoma to see Preach sworn in as a Second Lieutenant, Chaplain Candidate, in the U.S. Army Reserve.

It was great to see our friends again after a few months of bein’ gone. I mean—I love our new church amd the folks down here are wonderful—but they ain’t Grace Country folks, ya know? When you go through as much together as we all have in that little Okie church—you just really feel a closeness over time. I know that eventually we will reach that with our new church—like I said, it just takes time.

I was so proud of my “li’l brother”, as I call Preach. It ain’t easy doin’ what he’s doin’, and not only will he be a part of the military—so will his wife and children. The church will also have to be willin’ to support him as he performs his duties as what is called a ‘citizen soldier’. Of course, those of us who have served our country got the chance to rag on him about basic trainin’ and other aspects of his military future…{{grin}}. Can’t hardly wait to hear his ‘war stories’ about basic trainin’!

I got to see a wonderful film this week—AMISH GRACE. It was based on the shooting at an Amish school a few years ago. I am not a big sentimental movie kind of gal—but this one had me sheddin’ a few tears.

I also found a series of mysteries based in Amish country, by P. L. Gaus. The first one is BLOOD OF THE PRODIGAL. They are really good, and even though he basically GIVES you the clue that tells you who the killer is—I still didn’t see it comin’. I will be lookin’ up more of the series.

I also read GROWING UP AMISH, A Memoir of Ira Wagler. It’s an excellent record of a young man who just couldn’t find his place in either the Amish nor English (non Amish) world.

Okay—onto the Wall Of Wonders. I hope that by tellin’ ya’ll about the different gadgets I use each day, or at least once a week, I am helpin’ ya’ll to figure out what you might be able to use in your own frugal kitchens to assist you in savin’ money and makin’ good nutritious meals for your families.

Every kitchen has a blender—or SHOULD, in my opinion. From the humble two speeder to the magnificent VITA MIX—they all have the potential to help you save time and money.

I have a simple HAMILTON BEACH 10 SPEED model, which I got when a friend was downsizin’ from a big house to a 35 foot travel trailer. I think I paid about $5.00 for it at her yard sale. I’ve had it for about six years, and I use it a lot. I make a lot of fruit smoothies for breakfast, and when I am makin’ my ‘mock eggnog’—it helps all the ingredients blend together smoothly without any lumps.

I have read that some folks use their units to grind rice into flour, but I haven’t tried it. I would prefer to use a VITA MIX for that type of job. I had a VITA MIX a long time ago—loved it—but it was one of the old metal container ones, so it was hard to see what was goin’ on inside. I kept havin’ to stop the machine and stir stuff around to make sure I was gettin’ everything the way I wanted it. It was too much hassle, so I sold it to a friend. Someday I may come across a newer model with the clear container, and I will get it for heavier mixin’ and grindin’ jobs.

I like to make oat, almond, and other nut ‘milks’. I put about a cup of oats or nuts in the blender, then fill up to a third from the top with water, and blend on the highest speed for a few seconds. I use these milks just as I would regular milk—I have even used them in makin’ biscuits, and the results were good, even though the acids in regular milk weren’t there to help the biscuits rise. I make gravies, smoothies, ‘ice creams’, etc, usin’ these ‘mock milks’ if you don’t like bits floatin’ in the finished product—you can strain them out through a cloth or coffee filter. These milks keep well in the fridge, and when cold taste pretty darn good.

I use my blender to puree soups, and if THE JOY OF COOKING still has the recipe for blender hollandaise sauce—well, snag some artichokes or asparagus on sale and have at it!

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Good luck to your preach, and may the Lord be with his family. I know what you mean about the church family that has gone through struggles with you; it creates an eternal bond, not soon forgotten.

    I couldn't do without my blender; most children wake up to coffee brewing, but mine wake up to the sound of yet another blender creation being made! :)