Monday, July 2, 2012

Been Busy And Hot--A God Thing Happens

July 2, 2012

Well, it has been busy around here since I last posted; I have helped my friend Elaine by doin’ a bunch of little yet really important tasks around her apartment—includin’ cleanin’ out a mint bed in front of her and her neighbor’s apartment. Someone had planted the mint years ago, and it had gotten so tall and thick that it was fallin’ over onto the little sidewalk, and causin’ problems for the seniors who live there. Some of them were havin’ trouble walkin’ around it and almost trippin’ over the stalks. One lady has a wheelchair, and the stalks on the sidewalk made it hard for her to maneuver the wheels on her chair.

I got out there and just began clippin’ and pullin’ the mint out. I put it into a box and some grocery sacks so I could take them home. I have gotten it to where the bed is much more neat and manageable. I should be able to keep it that way, since I go over at least every other week to work for Elaine. Few snips here, a few yanks there—much better.

Plus, it supplies me with mint! I brought all those stalks home and stripped the leaves off. I filled the trays on my dehydrator, and set it for the time required to turn the leaves into a lovely mixture for makin’ tea. The house smelled GREAT—in fact, all you could smell for two days after was mint—heavenly, I gotta say!

And the resultin’ tea? AWESOME. I simply fill my little four cup microwave steamer bowl with leaves and water, and zap it for about 9 minutes. I let it steep for a while, strain it into a large container and add water to the top. I keep it in the fridge. When I want a refreshin’ drink on a hot summer day, I just put ice in a glass, add a teaspoon of Stevia In The Raw or Truvia, pour the tea over it and stir well. VERY nice when you’ve been out hayin’ horses or doin’ other chores.

Okay—what else? Well, we’ve been stayin’ home a lot lately, due to the heat. It’s too hot to walk as much as we like, with temperatures above 100. Plus, my day seems to be taken up mostly with makin’ certain that the horses and dogs have plenty of water, along with movin’ everyone around to different pastures for fresh grazin’.

Last Sunday, we took the horse trailer up to Oklahoma and brought Obie’s horse, Shekinah Glory, home. We had been leavin’ her with friends who had a lot of pasture while we finished getting’ settled down here. Now it was finally time to reunite Obie with his beloved Palomino. I texted the Preacher at the cowboy church, explained why we wouldn’t attend that day, and requested prayer for the trip.

We got up there, got her loaded, visited with our friends for a while, and then headed back to Texas. Everything went great until we got to this side of Denton. I heard a “PSHEEEWWWWW!!!!!”.

A tire had just blown on the trailer. We limped down to a closed station, where we checked on Shekinah, who was just fine. The blown tire was on the other side from her, so that was no problem. We spent a bit of time playin’ musical tires, shiftin’ them around so we could still drive the trailer home safely. What should have been a 20 minute trip took a little over an hour, but we made it home safely, got Shekinah settled in, and crashed around 3 a.m.

I awoke at 6 a while later and went to check on the horse. She was doin’ great, and when Obie got home from his father’s house around 7—she whickered to see him, and he just ignored me and his dad to go pet her. It was a happy reunion all around. Later we parked and unloaded the trailer where we could work on it when we had a chance to get a new tire.

Everything was pretty calm after that—just routine days and nights for a while.

Then, Brian woke me up at 1:30 a.m. when he got home from work Saturday mornin’.

“Where’s the horse trailer?”


“Where. Is. The. Horse. Trailer.”

“Um….where we parked it?”

No—it wasn’t where we had parked it. It wasn’t ANYWHERE on the property. We called the sheriff’s office and reported the theft. A really nice deputy came out and took the report, asked some questions, and took photos of the scene, includin’ some tire treads we didn’t recognize. After he left, we did the only thing we could do—we left it in God’s hands and went to bed.

The next mornin’ we all got up, did chores, called around to make certain nobody in the family had borrowed the trailer (they hadn’t), and then went to haul hay. We got home, and ate lunch. After lunch, we all lay down to rest like always do before Brian leaves for work. When the alarm went off at 1:15, Brian got up and walked into the kitchen. He looked out the window and said,

“The horse trailer is back!”

“You’re kiddin’!”

He wasn’t. We ran out to check the trailer. Everything was still in the tack door, and it was parked right where it had originally been. And not only was it back—the blown tire had been replaced!

We let the deputy know what had happened, so he could call off the ‘manhunt’, told Brian’s folks the trailer was back, and then just sat back and marveled at what had happened.

Someone had done a nice thing for us—we have no idea who or why. However, we know WHO to thank for this little miracle. I hope I never lose the wonder of God’s grace and miracle workin’ power in my life. I think sometimes He does little things like this just so I keep in mind how wonderful He is.

I posted a bit ago about how I try not to just look at the problems that occur in my life, but to keep in mind the bigger picture of what is happenin’. I mean—we could have freaked out about the trailer bein’ gone—we could have cursed the person who took it—we could have been angry and bitter about the whole thing. Instead, we decided to take sensible action by notifyin’ the law, and then we just let God handle it from there. We would have wasted the few hours that the trailer was gone, and then felt very foolish when it came back. Instead, we had peace about the situation, and while yes, we would have pressed charges had there been a real thief—after all, there have to be consequences for wrong behavior—we had pretty much asked the Lord to help us forgive whoever had taken it. Besides, our biggest joy was that the animals had not been harmed, and nothin’ else had been taken.

Basically—we REFUSED to carry a burden that was not ours to carry.

As it turned out—we were able to tell this story to others, and especially at church yesterday. After I had shared the tale—the Lord got a round of applause for His goodness. This is another tool to use when witnessin’ to folks about God’s mercy. It’s a lesson in what can happen when WE get outta HIS way, and just rest in His…well…REST.

As Jesus said in Mathew 11:28—
“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

I dunno about ya’ll—but I get tired enough when I’m just doin’ what I’m SUPPOSED to be doin’. I refuse to add to my burdens anymore by lettin’ somethin’ I can’t do anything about wear me down further. I choose to hand my burdens over the The One Who can actually DO somethin’ about them.

Oh—just to make certain the person who did this knows how we feel—I’m puttin’ a big poster board sign up on the trailer that says, “THANK YOU!” Even when we don’t want to take credit for something we do—it’s still nice to learn our efforts are appreciated.

After all—it’s a God thing!

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

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