Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Is Finally Here--The Redneck Has A Cow--Wall Of Wonders Part 2

June 13, 2012

Summer has officially hit, people! Monday after I posted at the library and got some new books for the next couple of days, Obie and I started the mile and a half walk home. We had just gotten to the edge of town when lady pulled up in a small car and asked if we were walkin’ far. When she heard how far we were goin’, she informed us that it was over 100 degrees, and that we were to GET OUR BUTTS IN THE CAR!

Yeesh—now I’m gettin’ bossed by complete strangers….

I accepted the ride, however, because I had been thinkin’ that I needed to get home and check everyone’s water troughs and bowls. I knew I had left plenty of water for everyone, but I always check several times a day in hot weather. I gotta admit—I like havin’ runnin’ water and a hose to keep fillin’ up water troughs with. It beats haulin’ water buckets from rain barrels any day!

Brian gets home from work at 1:30 a.m. Most of the time he is quiet when he gets in. We talk for a time about our day, I may read aloud from whatever novel we are currently enjoyin’—just a nice relaxed end to a long day before we go to sleep.

This mornin’ however—it was not quiet at ALL. He came in the house, yellin’ and fussin’. I asked his what on earth was causin’ all this hullaballoo.

It seems that my beloved Redneck was havin’ a cow because…

…he had just HIT a cow.

Yup—he was about 300 yards from home when a Black Angus cow came shootin’ out from a driveway right in front of the truck. He said that if hed simply hit the brakes and not swerved, he would have hit the bovine straight on. As it was, he only struck the head area of the cow. It broke the lens off of the headlight, and wonkyed the fender and hood a bit.

He came around and parked at our house, and after getting’ a flashlight—he went to look for the cow. He walked up and down the road, but all he could find was some glass from the headlight lens and a part of the assembly. But no cow. We dunno if it just went back through wherever it had come out of, or what.

We made arrangements for the truck to be fixed, and I am thankful that the damage wasn’t as severe as it could have been. While we were havin’ lunch, I got a bad case of the giggles. Brian asked me what was so funny, and I replied,

“I know that God sends angels to watch over us and protect us. I just suddenly got the picture in my mind of your guardian angel, after yankin’ that cow outta the way. He had sore arms, his wings were tattered and covered in cow manure, and he was talkin’ to Jesus, shakin’ his head and sayin, “Lord—I know you gave me this guy to look after—but that guy is ROUGH on an angel!”

Irreverent, yeah—but funny…

Monday I introduced you to my WALL OF WONDERS. Here is the next installment in my postin’ about small appliances that make savin’ money and time easier…

The next item you will find on my WOW is a RONCO SHOWTIME Rotisserie. I got this a few months ago at a thrift store that was shuttin’ down due to the owner gettin’ a better business opportunity. She wanted to get rid of everything she could, so she made me a heck of a deal. I got this goodie, brand new, never been used, all the pieces, for……


Yup, you read that right--$5.00.

I had wanted to try one for years, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay the money for one. I mean, they LOOKED like a good investment, but our budget was always too tight to buy one. But when ‘Mama D’ offered this one to me for such a low price, I snagged it fast before she regained her senses!

I’m tellin’ you folks—I love this thing almost as much as I love my crockpots. I can cook meats of any type in this thing, stuffed peppers or fish—even corn on the cob, and it doesn’t take a lot of electricity to do it. I have grilled chicken, a couple of small pork tenderloins, steaks, hot links, fish fillets, along with both smoked and boudin sausage. With only one exception—a chunk of brisket that I messed up by not realizin’ how much time it would take—everything has turned out beautifully browned and delicious.

By usin’ this grillin’ method, I have been able to improve our family’s diet even more, by servin’ lean meats, poultry and fish. There is less fat in the meat, since as it turns, the fat drips off into a pan below. I have been amazed at how much fat accumulates in the drip pan. If I want, I can use some of the drippin’s for gravy, but most of the time I simply add the fat and juices to my dog’s food.

There is a small steam tray on the top you can cook veggies in or reheat rice or other side dishes. I don’t heat up my kitchen like I would if I used my regular oven, and it cleans up really easy. If I get a shot at another one for a good price--I will get a second one to use for corn on the cob or baked potatoes while the meat is grillin’. I’m lookin’ online for recipes that will use this rotisserie in different ways—will keep ya posed on results.

Last night for supper, I shucked two fresh ears of corn, and placed them on either side of the grill basket. I then put two chicken thighs in the center of the basket and seasoned them with MONTREAL STEAK SEASONING. I set the grill timer for 45 minutes, then walked away to do other things. I also placed leftover mashed potatoes in the steam tray with a bit of water in the bottom, so that by the time the meat and corn were done—the potatoes were warmed through. When the timer dinged—we had a nice hot meal that would be perfectly set off by a fresh salad.

If you like grillin’, but don’t always have the time, or if you want to cut more fat out of your family’s diet—this little unit is great. It’s one of the few SEEN ON TV gadgets that really does what it says it will. I recommend it as a good thriftology kitchen tool.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

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