Monday, June 18, 2012

Strange Sounds In The Night--Wall Of Wonder Part 3

June 18, 2012

I haven’t been able to post since last Wednesday. On our walk home, I got to feelin’ a mite poorly. Just thought it was simple fatigue at first. Then after we got home, Obie kicked off his shoes, turned on his music, and decided to take a snooze under the air conditionin’. I thought that was a brilliant idea, so I lay across my bed with the fan blowin’ on me to help me dry off, since I was a wee bit sweaty.

I awoke about an hour later, achin’ and flippin’ from chills to fever.

Oh great—I got that flu that’s been makin’ the rounds in our county.

I managed to get the evenin’ feedin’ and waterin’ done, and then after a quick supper of fruit, I took some medicine and soaked in a hot tub. After I dragged myself out and got into my jammies—I passed smooth out until Brian got home.

The next day I was still feverish and just useless. I slept through most of the mornin’, and thank heaven for leftovers for lunch. Brian left for work, and I passed out again. Obie let me sleep till feedin’ time, and I somehow got the chores done without fallin’ flat on my face in the corral. Even Fancypants, my mare, knew I wasn’t 100%, ‘cuz she stayed right beside me, sorta holdin’ me up with her side.

So, I get back in the house, throw somethin’ simple together for supper, and then we settle in to watch a DVD. I began to notice that my fever had gone about an hour into the film, and while I was still weak—I felt a LOT better.

Then the REAL fun began…

Around 7:30, I started belchin’. These weren’t little “Oops, excuse me!” belches. Oh no…

…these were Marine Gunnery Sargent on a four day pass, drinkin’ all the beer he can swig down while eatin’ more barbeque than Matthew McConaughey can handle on the 4th of July, and screamin’ at the tv screen over some sports game while breakin’ up with his high school sweetheart over the phone from Okinawa indigestion kind of belches…

…oh yeah—THOSE kind of belches.

I couldn’t stop, and then they began to smell of sulphur. Rotten egg stench spewed outta my mouth with every “BRRRAAAAAACKKK!”

But wait—there’s more!

An hour after that—my digestive tract decided to have even more fun, and I began to make noises like a tuba with a hernia. I began to miss the belchin’.

Even my dogs wanted out of the house.

I tried everything I could think of—to no avail. Finally I hit on a pot of fresh ginger tea, and that began to make a dent in the problem.

By the time my beloved came home—he was askin’ if the dogs had had an accident in the house. I was so embarrassed. I told him I had considered lightin’ a scented candle—but I was afraid the place would explode! I’m just thankful we don’t have wallpaper—it would have peeled off…

Happy to report—all the *ahem* noises had stopped, and I am much better, if still a bit weak. The house is aired out—and I no longer feel like a dragon with halitosis when I breathe.

Why did I tell ya’ll this? Simple—‘cuz I never want ya’ll to forget that I’m a real person with real problems. I don’t dwell on them too often anymore, since I finally realized that there is always a bigger picture than the little snapshot I may be seein’ at the present time. And besides—it you couldn’t see the humor in that little scenario and laugh along with me at myself—you need to learn one of my mom’s old proverbs—

“Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves—for they will always be amused.”

Okay—back to the Wall Of Wonders.

One of my latest acquisitions is my GE juicer, which I use to make delicious fresh juices from fruits and vegetables. I often find produce on special at our little market, and of course our trips to the Dallas Farmer’s Market always nets me a bounty of fresh goodies. If you aren’t big on drinkin’ juices—you can use fruit juices in smoothies and other frozen desserts, and veggie juices make wonderful stock and soup ingredients. The leftover pulp from juicin’ can be used in bakin’ bread and cookies, fillers for meatloaves and meatballs, some jams, and my favorite—dehydrator crackers. You can even add it to your compost pile (you DO have one, doncha?) to help build up soil for growin’ even more delicious fruit and veg.

I love to make juice from carrots, beets, apples, celery, cukes, fresh ginger, spinach—you name it—I’ve probably tried it. I tried juicin’ a potato once many years ago….


‘Nuff said.

If you have seen the DVD FAT, SICK AND NEARLY DEAD—you know how important juicin’ can be to maintainin’ and even restorin’ good health. There are many good books and online sources for juice recipes, and pulp use ideas. There are a lot of juice blends you can make to help specific health issues, such as inflammation, asthma, weight loss, gettin’ you through a cold, etc.

I just want to share my favorite juice blend with ya’ll. I make it from the followin’ veggies, but the amounts of each vary each time I make it, due the the availability of each one, or what I’m in the mood for.

Carrots, beets, peeled ginger root, apples, peeled lemons or limes, cucumbers.

Just mix them in whatever amount you like—I love a lot of beet and carrot in mine, and enjoy. I make up a big enough batch that I can keep some in the fridge for sippin’ on throughout the day.

Once you have tasted fresh juice made at home, and then enjoyed the many ways of usin’ the leftover pulp—you won’t go back to bottled juices again. And once you feel the difference your body—you will see that a juicer is a great machine to help you save money by improving your family’s health.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett


  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Oh no, sick again! I'm glad that you're better (and I bet the dogs are, too!), and hope you stat better for a good long time. How sweet that Fancy helped you out.

    Your juice recipe sounds so yummy; I'll have to clean the sand that Rebecca poured in our juicer out, so I can make some, time (if it still works)!



  2. Thanks--I hope I stay better too!

    Wait--SAND in the juicer?!?!?!