Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Had A Great Holiday--Unwelcome Night Visitor--And DON'T THROW THAT AWAY! Book Review

May 29, 2012

I had a WONDERFUL Memorial Day Weekend! Obie went to his dad's for three days--Brian was off for three days, and my brother came down on Sunday to visit! He drove all the way from Shawnee, OK to stay with us overnight. I loved havin' my big brother here to talk about our lives, and he even went to church with us, and he got to hear me read some of my cowboy poetry for the first time! I was just jumpin' up and down inside all weekend, I was so blessed. We hope to go visit him soon at his place, also.

A few nights before all this coolness, however, we had an unwelcome visitor at our house. Brian had gotten in around 1:30 a.m. like he usually does, and he was hungry. He asked me if I would zap him a snack in the microwave.

Since I leave all my appliances like the microwave, coffee pot, etc, unplugged to avoid low level energy drain, I had to reach for the plug that was behind the coffee pot.

As I began to pull the cord towards me, I heard a "t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t" sound.

"Now, what the heck is that?" I wondered, and grabbin' the top of the coffee pot, I pulled it aside to see...

...a rattlesnake on my kitchen counter.

Don't panic--he was only about a foot or so long, and only about a No.2 pencil width around. And he was scared to death, all balled up in the corner of the counter, actually tangled up on himself, rattlin' away to beat the band, tryin' to scare me away from him.

I called, "Oh honey--we have a snake on the counter."

Brian came in and we just stood there lookin' at the little guy. We honestly didn't want to hurt the snake--like I've said before, I have respect for rattlesnakes--they at least let ya know they are there.

However, I will NOT share my home with one, no matter how much I respect it.

So, We got him pinned down and Brian went to kill it--but it got away and shot under my stove.

I looked at Brian and said, "Well done, Baby. Now we can't SEE IT!"

Turns out, there was a hole under where the stove is, that we had no idea was there. The snake left through it, and now it is blocked so we won't have any more visits.

The cottage we are livin' in had been vacant for some time, and we had seen evidence of a few field mice now and then, even with traps and bait. The snake just figured he had found a good huntin' ground--until he found out he wasn't the biggest predator in the place!

Okay--movin' on to a subject that is near and dear to my heart--Thriftology--I give you my review of Jeff Yeager's new E-Book, DON'T THROW THAT WAY!

Once again, Jeff (aka Precious to moi) has used humor, facts, and inventiveness to make the art of ‘repurposin’ a lot more fun and appealin’ as he shows you that you save both money and the planet. While he DOES give you some statistics to show how bein' wasteful can affect the environment, he does it without quotin’ horror stories relatin’ to the wanton destruction of the earth by an over consumin’ evil empire.....

...okay. Enough of THAT. I’m beginnin’ to sound like Abby Hoffman crossed with Jerry Baker, and that can’t be good.....

With chapters titled; Reduce—Reuse, Reuse, Reuse, and Reuse Again—Then Recycle, and other more categorized titles such as; Kitchen and Bath, Food, and Clothing and Fabric, Yeager helps us to see that there is more than one way to reuse that Ziploc Baggie--or that old bike--that dryer lint--license plate--specimen cups....

...you get the idea.

In fact, GETTIN’ THE IDEA is, in my opinion, the ultimate goal of the book. Through his use of hints and tips from his network of what Jeff calls his “miser advisers” (and I am proud to count myself among them), along with examples of reused items and even links to various web sites that give instruction on how to do many of the projects--I feel he is hopin’ to inspire his readers to look at not just stuff--but EVERYTHING in their lives in a fresh way.

Instead of sayin' "Now here is how to reuse that old dryer hose", he leads the reader to focus on usin' their own creativity, not just followin' a set of instructions. That approach has been done to death, and frankly, I don't have any interest in turnin' an old whatsit into a whichit, just cause someone else did.

Usin' examples from real life, Yeager shows his readers that by simply openin' their eyes and THINKIN'--they can have more satisfaction and fun solvin' a problem or meetin' a need through creative repurposin' instead of just chunkin' money at it.

Jeff also recommends what he calls a 'trash can autopsy', where you go through what you toss out, and it really can give you a good idea where your money goes. I was rather proud to see the results of my own autopsy revealed that I was doin' pretty darn good--even with the two PIZZA PRO boxes left over from a weekend where I was just too tired to make my own.

There is enough material in Don't Throw That Away to keep you busy for weeks, as you not only enjoy Jeff's writin' style, but also as you look up the different links and become inspired to try your hand at your own projects. And the heart warmin' tale of 'Big Red' will give you mega inspiration to extend the life of an old friend in ways that will both honor their memory and amuse yourself.

You can order Don't Throw That Away! as an e-book through Amazon and Kindle sites.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Eek, eek, and double eek! Poor little rattler must have been scared half to death. :) The eBook review sounds like just the thing that we need to get back to doing things the way people instinctively knew how to do "back when."