Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Dehydrator Success--First Trail Ride--Book Review

April 24, 2012

Goodness, it got busy around here this last week. A whole lotta little projects that had to be completed popped up, and I have been jumpin' through a few hoops to get them all done. However, I'm happy to say that they are all almost complete, and I can now move on to more fun activities...

...such as paintin'the top half of my walls a soft tan color, and then puttin' corrogated tin halfway up the walls, givin' them an old timey kind of look. I got the paint from a FREE pile at a yard sale a gentleman was havin'. He remodels houses for a livin', and since he doesn't want to throw away the old fixtures and leftover materials that he gets from jobs, he gives them away or sells them. I got 6 partial buckets of paint, plus one full gallon of tan paint. That is more than enough to do my walls and a piece or two of furniture.I also got one of those inflatable Easter Bunny displays for the front yard. I have no interest in the decorative aspect of the piece, but since it lights up, I will remove all the 'balloon' parts, and use the light as a yard light.

Back on the dehydrator front--I have to report that my croutons were a smashin' success, and I will be makin' more soon. I made a two pound loaf of bread in the machine, and after removin' the crusts, I sliced it into two batches of cubes. For one batch, I melted butter and added minced garlic, parmesan cheese, and a hint of salt. Then I slowly drizzled it over the bread cubes while I gently tossed the cubes to get them coated well.

The second batch I simply put the cubes in a bowl and sprinkled Cajun Seasonin' that I buy from Dollar General for about 50 cents. The bread was still moist enough that the seasonin's clung to them well.

I had found plain bagels on sale in the dairy case for less than $2.00,. I sliced them very thin, brushed them with olive oil, and sprinkled one batch with salt and pepper, and the second batch with salt and parmesan cheese. I put the whole shebang in the dehydrator at 145 degrees for about 6 hours. They turned out crisp and tasty. My 'quality control' group, gave them all a big thumbs up.

We had our first trail ride with our church this last weekend, and it was a lot of fun. We rode for a long time through the grasslands. Um..I will admit that the group I was with got lost--but it wasn't my fault! The first half of our group got a bit ahead, and the rest of us were followin' the preacher when he went left instead of right. Not to worry, however, we had a great time, and we found our way back to the main group pretty quick. And no, the Redneck was NOT in the group that got lost.

Okay, now on to a review of a book I found recently at the library.

POINT, CLICK AND SAVE Mashup Mom's Guide To Saving And Making Money Online, by Rachel Singer Gordon. I just checked her website, www.mashup.com, and found she has also written THE COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO COUPONING. I will try to get a copy of that one also.

Rachel has taken the art of frugality into the realm where even a few spendthrifts could enjoy it. She gives some sound advice about how to save money while still livin' a comfortable lifestyle. She talks about online sites and communities that can help you with your efforts to save money. She lays out the process of couponing that makes sense, and she makes certain to discuss, planning, organization and balance as you work to make ends meet in this 'financially challenged' times.

I recommend the book, especially if you have trouble with some of the more extreme aspects of thrift. While I enjoy makin' my own laundry soap, and I love to scrounge, not everyone does. Rachel Singer Gordon helps many folks understnd that bein' frugal does NOT mean cheap. (I loved that phrase when I frist heard Jeff Smith, The Frugal Gourmet ay it years ago, and it still rings true today). All frugaily means is bein' a responsible person with your assets and resources.

I give it 5 piggy banks--and yes, that's good!

Well, i got chores. Later Ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

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