Saturday, April 28, 2012

More Dehydrated Goodness--Obie's Gettin' A Bike--And My Horse Smells Delicious

April 28, 2012

Quiet day today. Obie went to visit his dad, Brian just keft for work, and I am doin' laundry and surfin' the web at the inlaw's while they are gone for the day.

I actually have a whole TEN HOURS to spend any way I want!

Which, after laundry and a few chores....will most likely be sleepin'.

I am happy to report that my last batch of dehydrator crackers turned out tasty. I used a mixture of carrot pulp, flax seeds, Italian Seasonin', and a hint of sea salt. They turned out beautifully--very crisp and with a combination sweet/salty taste.

I'm hopin' I can get to a store that sells chia seeds soon. Yeah, I'm talkin' about the same kind of seeds that come in those goofy CHIA PET Kits that are sold as gifts every Christmas. They are edible, and they taste a tad peppery. They sprout easily, and get gelatinous, just like the flax seeds.

Big news for Obie--He is gettin' a bike! A lady at the local 'hair house' and I got to talkin' one day about different things, and we got on the subject of bikes. She said she had an adult tricycle stored at ther house, and would I like it for Obie.

WOULD I????????

SHe said it will needs some work, new tires etc. I told her great, no problem. As long as I kave a frame--I can make it work. So what if it needs a little sandin' and paint--he will have his own bike!

I mentioned it to his dad this mornin', and he said that Obie's uncle has one that he will bring over for Obie too, so he can practice ridin' while I get the other one refurbished.

I realized that if we get both bikes--Obie can have the newer one, and I'll just redo the other one for myself. By each of us havin' our own bikes--we can cut down travel time to and from the store--plus carry more things when we need to.

Ain't God GOOD?

We have been wantin' a trike for Obie for the longest time--and now he is gettin' one, and possible I will too. Man, that will up the fun quotient around here!

Okay--I know the headline on this post probably freaked a few folks out when I said my horse smells delicious.


I have NO intention of eatin' my Fancypants--okay?

Just so you understand....{{Grin}}

It's just that I have always gotten hungry when I work with my mare in the summer. When I brush her down, or if she is eatin' and I am just leanin' against her side--I tend to enjoy he scent of horse--well at least MY horse. I rest my head on her side and inhale deeply, just lettin' the 'Fancy essence' drift into my nostrils.

And then I get really hungry. Especially when she has been in the sunshine, and she has a light sheen of sweat on her coat.

Well, today I finally realized what she smells like--


Oh yeah--she smells like a really fine, tomatoey (wait--is that a word?), vinegary, tangy-sweet barbeque sauce. The kind you taste at community picnics--the ones that the local Kiwanis Club puts on--with just a hint of hickory in it, ya know?

Dadgummit--droolin' on the keyboard again.

Yeah, I know it sounds goofy--but smells are so important to the human experience. Who hasn't been transported back to another time in thier lives by the scent of fresh cut grass (makes me think of summer watermelon), bakin' bread (winter days spent by the woodstove, relaxin', or even cinnamon (holidays with family and freinds).

Did you know that even God has a sense of smell? It's true--Revelation 8:3-4 talks about how the prayers of His people are like a smoke from incense. He describes burnt offerings as a 'pleasing aroma' in several passages.

Even though we don't make burnt offerings today--our offerings of worship, prayer, tithing, service and obedience are probably still a pleasing aroma to our Heavenly Father. Especially when they are given from a a heart that loves Him and not just from a sense of duty.

As Preach says--do it 'cause ya GET TO--not 'cause you GOT TO!

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Someone else who thinks horses smell yummy, hooray! I never thought about barbecue sauce, but I think you're right! :)

    I'm so happy about your bike/trike adventures; I've been wanting an adult trike since seeing one in Victoria Magazine; it would be so much safer than the other way.

    Have a blessed Sabbath, and enjoy those crackers!