Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Turn Down Fame--I'm Gettin' The Hang Of Food Dryin'

April 14, 2012

Well, it had to happen sometime....

I was invited to try out for the tv show EXTREME CHEAPSKATES! My buddy Jeff Yeager, The Ultimate CHeapskate, sent me an email, askin' if I wanted to try out for the show. It was picked up as a series after all the response they got from the pilot that aired late last year.

I was flattered.


I turned 'em down.

I am quite proud of my frugality, but I have no interest in bein' on tv at this point in my life. Also, I dislike how the show was edited to basically make fun of the people on it, like Jeff, and also Angela Coffman, from Let's face it-it may be 'reality television'--but it ain't reality, at least the way it will be edited.

I did tell Jeff to let me know when it would begin airin', however, so I can watch it. After all--I'm always open to learnin' new ways to save money!

I am finally gettin' the hang of the dehydrator. I finally realized that I was wantin' to make a cracker that was crispy, and I really didn't care about the raw food aspect of dehydratin' at low temps to preserve enzymes. I was gettin' those from the juice I drink and the raw veggies I eat each day, so what I basically wanted was tasty snacks, cheap eats.....


So I made up another batch of cracker 'dough', spread it out on parchement paper,scored them, and cranked the unit up to 145 degress for 12 hours. I checked on them halfway through, peeled off the paper and flipped them over, and after the end of the time I had wonderful crispy crackers.

When that batch was done, I tried another experiment with some leftover dough that I had added fenugreek seeds that had been brewed for tea. They had swollen up and softened, so I fugured they might make a good cracker.


They were crisp, light, and....

So bitter they made me gag and my eyes water. I just tossed them into the compost bin. One of my dogs sniffed them, looked at me like I had lost my mind, and then he PEED on them.

{{sigh}} everyone's a food critic these days.

Okay--next on the dryin' agenda--apples and bananas. I had all this lovely fruit I had bought at the Farmer's Market last week, and some bananas I found at the grocery store that were marked down, yet still too good to freeze or bake with.

I sliced the bananas and soaked them briefly in lemon juice, then dehydrated them at 115. They kept bein' leathery, so I went online and looked up recipes. Turned out I was dryin' them at too low a temp. I cranked it up to 145, and they did much better.

Next I sliced up Red Delicious apples, soaked them in inexpensive pineapple juice, and used the same heat settin' for 12 hours.


They were GREAT. A bit crisp, and sweet. I will try another batch of both the apples and bananas, soakin' in pineapple juice. The lemon juice made the fruit a bit too tart for my likin'. I will also try something I saw a lady do on YOUTUBE. She sprinkled some of the apples with a sugar/cinnamon mixture.

I'm still workin' my nerve up to try makin' beef jerky for the Redneck.

Obie got to go to his dad's for the weekend, so when Brian goes to work, I will have the house all to myself until late tonight. I'm figurin' on rentin' a few dollar dvds, comin' home and after puttin' on a new batch of fruit to dry, I will watch HAPPILY NEVER AFTER 1 & 2, and FLUSHED AWAY. I also plan on bakin' ginger snaps with the new ginger I got last week, and chocolate chip cookies for Brian. I'm already cookin' for church, since tomorrow is chuck wagon Sundy, and there will be a big potluck after services. My house smells wonderful with Southwest Chalupa Fillin' in the crockpot, and I am makin' Cherry Brownies for dessert.

Heck, now my stomach is growlin'.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

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