Saturday, April 28, 2012

More Dehydrated Goodness--Obie's Gettin' A Bike--And My Horse Smells Delicious

April 28, 2012

Quiet day today. Obie went to visit his dad, Brian just keft for work, and I am doin' laundry and surfin' the web at the inlaw's while they are gone for the day.

I actually have a whole TEN HOURS to spend any way I want!

Which, after laundry and a few chores....will most likely be sleepin'.

I am happy to report that my last batch of dehydrator crackers turned out tasty. I used a mixture of carrot pulp, flax seeds, Italian Seasonin', and a hint of sea salt. They turned out beautifully--very crisp and with a combination sweet/salty taste.

I'm hopin' I can get to a store that sells chia seeds soon. Yeah, I'm talkin' about the same kind of seeds that come in those goofy CHIA PET Kits that are sold as gifts every Christmas. They are edible, and they taste a tad peppery. They sprout easily, and get gelatinous, just like the flax seeds.

Big news for Obie--He is gettin' a bike! A lady at the local 'hair house' and I got to talkin' one day about different things, and we got on the subject of bikes. She said she had an adult tricycle stored at ther house, and would I like it for Obie.

WOULD I????????

SHe said it will needs some work, new tires etc. I told her great, no problem. As long as I kave a frame--I can make it work. So what if it needs a little sandin' and paint--he will have his own bike!

I mentioned it to his dad this mornin', and he said that Obie's uncle has one that he will bring over for Obie too, so he can practice ridin' while I get the other one refurbished.

I realized that if we get both bikes--Obie can have the newer one, and I'll just redo the other one for myself. By each of us havin' our own bikes--we can cut down travel time to and from the store--plus carry more things when we need to.

Ain't God GOOD?

We have been wantin' a trike for Obie for the longest time--and now he is gettin' one, and possible I will too. Man, that will up the fun quotient around here!

Okay--I know the headline on this post probably freaked a few folks out when I said my horse smells delicious.


I have NO intention of eatin' my Fancypants--okay?

Just so you understand....{{Grin}}

It's just that I have always gotten hungry when I work with my mare in the summer. When I brush her down, or if she is eatin' and I am just leanin' against her side--I tend to enjoy he scent of horse--well at least MY horse. I rest my head on her side and inhale deeply, just lettin' the 'Fancy essence' drift into my nostrils.

And then I get really hungry. Especially when she has been in the sunshine, and she has a light sheen of sweat on her coat.

Well, today I finally realized what she smells like--


Oh yeah--she smells like a really fine, tomatoey (wait--is that a word?), vinegary, tangy-sweet barbeque sauce. The kind you taste at community picnics--the ones that the local Kiwanis Club puts on--with just a hint of hickory in it, ya know?

Dadgummit--droolin' on the keyboard again.

Yeah, I know it sounds goofy--but smells are so important to the human experience. Who hasn't been transported back to another time in thier lives by the scent of fresh cut grass (makes me think of summer watermelon), bakin' bread (winter days spent by the woodstove, relaxin', or even cinnamon (holidays with family and freinds).

Did you know that even God has a sense of smell? It's true--Revelation 8:3-4 talks about how the prayers of His people are like a smoke from incense. He describes burnt offerings as a 'pleasing aroma' in several passages.

Even though we don't make burnt offerings today--our offerings of worship, prayer, tithing, service and obedience are probably still a pleasing aroma to our Heavenly Father. Especially when they are given from a a heart that loves Him and not just from a sense of duty.

As Preach says--do it 'cause ya GET TO--not 'cause you GOT TO!

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Dehydrator Success--First Trail Ride--Book Review

April 24, 2012

Goodness, it got busy around here this last week. A whole lotta little projects that had to be completed popped up, and I have been jumpin' through a few hoops to get them all done. However, I'm happy to say that they are all almost complete, and I can now move on to more fun activities...

...such as paintin'the top half of my walls a soft tan color, and then puttin' corrogated tin halfway up the walls, givin' them an old timey kind of look. I got the paint from a FREE pile at a yard sale a gentleman was havin'. He remodels houses for a livin', and since he doesn't want to throw away the old fixtures and leftover materials that he gets from jobs, he gives them away or sells them. I got 6 partial buckets of paint, plus one full gallon of tan paint. That is more than enough to do my walls and a piece or two of furniture.I also got one of those inflatable Easter Bunny displays for the front yard. I have no interest in the decorative aspect of the piece, but since it lights up, I will remove all the 'balloon' parts, and use the light as a yard light.

Back on the dehydrator front--I have to report that my croutons were a smashin' success, and I will be makin' more soon. I made a two pound loaf of bread in the machine, and after removin' the crusts, I sliced it into two batches of cubes. For one batch, I melted butter and added minced garlic, parmesan cheese, and a hint of salt. Then I slowly drizzled it over the bread cubes while I gently tossed the cubes to get them coated well.

The second batch I simply put the cubes in a bowl and sprinkled Cajun Seasonin' that I buy from Dollar General for about 50 cents. The bread was still moist enough that the seasonin's clung to them well.

I had found plain bagels on sale in the dairy case for less than $2.00,. I sliced them very thin, brushed them with olive oil, and sprinkled one batch with salt and pepper, and the second batch with salt and parmesan cheese. I put the whole shebang in the dehydrator at 145 degrees for about 6 hours. They turned out crisp and tasty. My 'quality control' group, gave them all a big thumbs up.

We had our first trail ride with our church this last weekend, and it was a lot of fun. We rode for a long time through the grasslands. Um..I will admit that the group I was with got lost--but it wasn't my fault! The first half of our group got a bit ahead, and the rest of us were followin' the preacher when he went left instead of right. Not to worry, however, we had a great time, and we found our way back to the main group pretty quick. And no, the Redneck was NOT in the group that got lost.

Okay, now on to a review of a book I found recently at the library.

POINT, CLICK AND SAVE Mashup Mom's Guide To Saving And Making Money Online, by Rachel Singer Gordon. I just checked her website,, and found she has also written THE COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO COUPONING. I will try to get a copy of that one also.

Rachel has taken the art of frugality into the realm where even a few spendthrifts could enjoy it. She gives some sound advice about how to save money while still livin' a comfortable lifestyle. She talks about online sites and communities that can help you with your efforts to save money. She lays out the process of couponing that makes sense, and she makes certain to discuss, planning, organization and balance as you work to make ends meet in this 'financially challenged' times.

I recommend the book, especially if you have trouble with some of the more extreme aspects of thrift. While I enjoy makin' my own laundry soap, and I love to scrounge, not everyone does. Rachel Singer Gordon helps many folks understnd that bein' frugal does NOT mean cheap. (I loved that phrase when I frist heard Jeff Smith, The Frugal Gourmet ay it years ago, and it still rings true today). All frugaily means is bein' a responsible person with your assets and resources.

I give it 5 piggy banks--and yes, that's good!

Well, i got chores. Later Ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

Monday, April 16, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARQUETA!--More Dehydrator Projects--VERY Serious Prayer Request

April 16, 2012

First, I want to say HAPPY BIRthDAY! to my friend, fellow blogger, and penpal, Marqueta, from Her birthday was actually yesterday, but since I slept all afternoon after church....I kinda missed it.

On to news. I had a great quiet weekend, with son and hubby out of the house most of it. I played with my dehydrator, took long hot soaks in the tub, and read a bunch of junky yet fun novels. Oh--also wathced a bunch of goofy dvds.

Sometimes you just need a bit of time alone to recharge, ya know? The funny thing is, as much as I love my time byself--I really LOVE when my guys are back home. I don't miss them--but I MISS them...if that makes any sense at all.

Okay--new dehydrator project--homemade croutons! I have a loaf of easy french bread goin' in the machine right now, and when I get home, it should be done. I will slice and cube the loaf, make several small batches with different seasonin's, and pop them into the dehydrator at 145 degrees for about 5 hours. Then comes the best part...


Yup, I have a 'quality control' panel of tastin' experts, just waitin' for me to have them try out my new creations. Not only hubby and son, but also my friends Jana, Erin, and mom in law.

I also want to try out makin' bagel chips, which let's face it--they are delicious, but way over priced in the stores. I figure just one bagel will make a nice batch of chips. Oooh, and then there are pita chips, with home made hummus or baba ganouj, and...

I wonder how home made angel food cake, sliced thin and dehydrated, would taste?

I'll let ya know how that turns out.

Hey, has anyone ever used a Sil-Pat cookie sheet liner in a dehydrator? I read that they are good up to around 425 degrees, so surely they would work in a dehydrator, right? And I think they will be cheaper then a Teflex sheet. I may be checkin' the stores around here to see if they are sold in the bakin' departments. I'll let ya know how things turn out there, too.

While I have your attention, I want to ask ya'll to pray about a really serious matter, concernin' a friend of mine who lives up north. She and I knew each other back when Obie was little, and I have watched many of her five youngun's grow up. I love this family dearly, and my friend is one of the sweetest, most gentle spirits you can imagine. In fact, she got me hooked on GENTLE SPIRIT MAGAZINE back when it was first published, also KEEPERS AT HOME MAGAZINE.

Well, it turns out that she and her children are undergoing a tremendously stressfull time in thier lives, and theyu are desperately in need of intercessory prayer from every Christian I can enlist in to praying for them.

Well, the library is closin', so I have to leave you with that request.

Well, I got chores. Later Ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Turn Down Fame--I'm Gettin' The Hang Of Food Dryin'

April 14, 2012

Well, it had to happen sometime....

I was invited to try out for the tv show EXTREME CHEAPSKATES! My buddy Jeff Yeager, The Ultimate CHeapskate, sent me an email, askin' if I wanted to try out for the show. It was picked up as a series after all the response they got from the pilot that aired late last year.

I was flattered.


I turned 'em down.

I am quite proud of my frugality, but I have no interest in bein' on tv at this point in my life. Also, I dislike how the show was edited to basically make fun of the people on it, like Jeff, and also Angela Coffman, from Let's face it-it may be 'reality television'--but it ain't reality, at least the way it will be edited.

I did tell Jeff to let me know when it would begin airin', however, so I can watch it. After all--I'm always open to learnin' new ways to save money!

I am finally gettin' the hang of the dehydrator. I finally realized that I was wantin' to make a cracker that was crispy, and I really didn't care about the raw food aspect of dehydratin' at low temps to preserve enzymes. I was gettin' those from the juice I drink and the raw veggies I eat each day, so what I basically wanted was tasty snacks, cheap eats.....


So I made up another batch of cracker 'dough', spread it out on parchement paper,scored them, and cranked the unit up to 145 degress for 12 hours. I checked on them halfway through, peeled off the paper and flipped them over, and after the end of the time I had wonderful crispy crackers.

When that batch was done, I tried another experiment with some leftover dough that I had added fenugreek seeds that had been brewed for tea. They had swollen up and softened, so I fugured they might make a good cracker.


They were crisp, light, and....

So bitter they made me gag and my eyes water. I just tossed them into the compost bin. One of my dogs sniffed them, looked at me like I had lost my mind, and then he PEED on them.

{{sigh}} everyone's a food critic these days.

Okay--next on the dryin' agenda--apples and bananas. I had all this lovely fruit I had bought at the Farmer's Market last week, and some bananas I found at the grocery store that were marked down, yet still too good to freeze or bake with.

I sliced the bananas and soaked them briefly in lemon juice, then dehydrated them at 115. They kept bein' leathery, so I went online and looked up recipes. Turned out I was dryin' them at too low a temp. I cranked it up to 145, and they did much better.

Next I sliced up Red Delicious apples, soaked them in inexpensive pineapple juice, and used the same heat settin' for 12 hours.


They were GREAT. A bit crisp, and sweet. I will try another batch of both the apples and bananas, soakin' in pineapple juice. The lemon juice made the fruit a bit too tart for my likin'. I will also try something I saw a lady do on YOUTUBE. She sprinkled some of the apples with a sugar/cinnamon mixture.

I'm still workin' my nerve up to try makin' beef jerky for the Redneck.

Obie got to go to his dad's for the weekend, so when Brian goes to work, I will have the house all to myself until late tonight. I'm figurin' on rentin' a few dollar dvds, comin' home and after puttin' on a new batch of fruit to dry, I will watch HAPPILY NEVER AFTER 1 & 2, and FLUSHED AWAY. I also plan on bakin' ginger snaps with the new ginger I got last week, and chocolate chip cookies for Brian. I'm already cookin' for church, since tomorrow is chuck wagon Sundy, and there will be a big potluck after services. My house smells wonderful with Southwest Chalupa Fillin' in the crockpot, and I am makin' Cherry Brownies for dessert.

Heck, now my stomach is growlin'.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Poor Spellin'--Easter Sunday--Book Review--Home Cookin'

April 10, 2012

First, let me apologize for the atrocious spellin' I have subjected ya'll to lately. I am extremely nearsighted, and my eyeglasses need to be replaced. Until I can get to doin' that--I have to remove my glasses to see the screen, and I have to look down to type. Unfortunately--that causes a LOT of errors. I try to catch them, but I don't always. Once I have wifi at my house, I will be able to use my laptop and a word program to keep track of what I'm writin', and it will be better...I hope.

We had a wonderful Easter. Brian had the day off, and we attended church together. It was a great time of praise, worship and fellowship. After church, we had a quiet afternoon, and we grilled steaks for dinner. We decided on roasted potatoes, so I went through my new 50 pound bag of potatoes. I couldn't believe how BIG they were. It took me a while to find five potatoes that WEREN'T huge to bake up. If I bought them at a store, I would pay over $2 apiece for them, but I got them all for only $11.

We finished makin' dinner, includin' a salad made with all kinds of fresh veggies, and we took it all next door to the inlaw's for a nice family meal. It was pretty good, if I say so myself.

I have been readin' THE ART OF EATING IN: How I learned To Stop SPending And Love The Stove, by Cathy Erway. It's the true story of a young woman who decided to stop eating out in New York City. She blogged about it, and eventually her adventures became a book.

I like how she made reasonable rules for her experiment, and she didn't go at it in a "BEWARE THE EVIL EMPIRE!" kind of way. She simply decided to see what she could discover by not eating out all the time, like most New Yorkers do. Instead, she opted to cook her meals at home or at friend's homes. There are some good recipes, and I really respect her viewpoints--and I hope she eventually writes a cook book.

Her blog is I hope you check it out.

I have to admit, we have eaten out at restaurants more in the past four months we have been back in Texas then we have in a long time. The fact is--there are just more opportunities to do so. Plus there are so many MORE places to eat at, and they are all within a much shorter distance than what we had to choose from in Oklahoma.

However, since I bought the new dehydrator, and have gotten back into goin' to the Farmer's Market for my ingredients, we have been slowin' down in the dinin' out experience. We are focusin' more on utilizin' the resources we have to create tasty, frugal home cooked meals. Cathy Erway's book has reinforced our new routine, and so tonight, after I am finished with my postin'--Obie will assist me in makin' a salad with fresh ingredients, and we will prepare a batch of tortellini stuffed with porcini mushrooms, and either tilapia or chicken. I picked up the tortellini at the ALDIS market in Saginaw. I love to buy my eggs, butter and a few other dairy produst there. The amount I save by buyin' large amounts more than makes up for the slightly longer distance I have to go.

Today, I also found a small round of Brie cheese for a great price. Maybe we can enjoy it with my new batch of veggie crackers. My last batch turned out almost perfect. I'm figurin' it out.

Well, I got chores. Later Ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Farmer's Market Update--Brian Scares The Bejeebers Outta Me--AND>>> A ZOTE SOAPALLOOZA!!!!!!!

April 7, 2012

First-I think I have fixed the comments feature--we'll see.

Second, I have an update to the Farmer's Market story. The guys at the warehouse called Eleanor to tell her that they had the carrots we had waited for all day yesterday.

She called to see if I wanted to go with her to pick them up, but I had to refuse. I needed to finish cleanin' mom in law's house before they get in from Kansas tonight, do one last load of laundry, feed the horses for the evenin' at 5:00, begin a batch of banana chips in the dehydrator, brew two batches of fenugreek for mom in law, myself, and a lady at church who wants to try it, plus, since Brian was home this mornin', I wanted to spend time with him as we went to get hay, feed, and hit the 10 pound meat sale...well you get the picture.

She laughed, said fine, if anything changes, let her know.

Later, I got a call from her again. She couldn't wait, she went to get those wonderful carrots by herself, and she was callin' from the warehouse. The guys had a box of what she said was the most BEAUTIFUL Poblano peppers, and they were offerin' it to us for a nice discount. I said go for it--we LOVE Poblanos. We use them instead of regular bell peppers in a lot of dishes--try makin' stuffed peppers with Poblanos--mmmm.....

I told her to tell the guys Gracias for bein' so thoughtful. So later, I will go to her house after everything is done here and get my carrots, plus we will divide the peppers.

See what bein' patient and pleasant will do for your life? I'm not sayin' you will get all kinds of free stuff--that is NOT why you would be kind to others. You do it because it is THE RIGHT THING TO DO. You can complain and still be well mannered--I contact companies and let them know if I don't like something all the time--but I do it with a kind attitude, not a snotty one. I've watched other folks get angry and fussy--and all that rantin' and ravin' does is make things worse.

Proverbs 15:1 says, "A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare."

I have learned the hard way, by my own actions and by watchin' other folks freak out, that rantin'. ravin, screamin' and cussin' does NOTHING but escalate the problem.

In Matthew 7:12, Jesus told us "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets."

In other words, if you want folks to be nice to you--BE NICE FIRST!


Alright, about last night--after I finished my post for the day, I was still sorta playin' around ont he internet, thinkin' I had awhile before Brian got home.The inlaw's house was dark and quiet, their dogs Rusty and Cheyenne snoozin' on the couch.

All of a sudden, there are heavy footsteps comin' up the wooden ramp to the front door. I;m not thinkin' since I was still runnin' on only four hours sleep. It wasn't time for Brian to be home, and nobody was supposed to be here at this hour.

I was never so glad to see Brian come into the house!

I had forgotten that he only works 8 hours a night on the weekend.

He said my face was glowin', I was so pale from nerves.

I lived in the mountains for 7 years, many times just myself and Obie--NEVER thought anything about it--never was scared of bein' there, even walked around at night, just enjoyin' the darkness and quiet.

I move down to 'civilization'--and I'm thinkin' AXE MURDERER!

It was sleep deprivation. That's my story and I'm STICKIN' to it.

Today, when we went to the 10 pound meat sale, I went to the clearance aisle, like I always do, to check for any bargains.


If you are any kind of 'thriftologist', at some point in time you have heard of makin' your own laundry detergent. I learned about it a couple of years ago, and after buyin' the basic ingredients (washin' soda, borax, and a bar soap, like Fels Naptha or ZOTE), I tried it.

I loved the stuff. I each time I make it, it makes up 5 GALLONS of teh stuff, and it is CHEAP. After you buy the basic ingredients, you only use a cup of each of the powders, and then you get a soap bar for gratin' up to add. You just salvage empty liquid laundry bottles from the washateria or have friend's save theirs, and you can really save money.

I was at the clearance aisle, and there they were....19 bars of ZOTE SOAP. ALL FOR .29 CENTS EACH! They sell for at least a $1.00, even online, and here were 19 bars, all just waitin' for me to gather them up and take them home.

My laundry detergent makin' just got even cheaper.

Oh yeah--high five for the cheap lady!

Well, the inlaw's house is clean, my laundry is dryin', I'm about to feed the horses for the night, and then head over to Eleanor's for my nummy carrots and peppers. I'm thinkin' a simple supper of either a smoothie full of fruit, or a gorgeous salad and a small peice of chicken each.

I got no more chores. Later ya'll--and....

© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

Friday, April 6, 2012

Veggie Crackers A Bust--But The Farmer's Market Was INCREDIBLE!

April 5, 2012

I am really tired right now, but I've had a great day, although it seemed like there was a conspiracy to kep it from being so good.

First, I was up after only 4 hours of sleep this mornin', and I got some basic chores done that only I could do before we left. Obie and I left Brian in the arms of Morpheous, and we headed to Eleanor's.

But NOT before I checked on my new batch of veggie crackers.

They were crisp, smelled wonderful, looked great, and from what little I got to taste, had fabulous flavor.

Unfortunately...they were also hopelessly STUCK to the wax paper I had used to line the trays.

I had read in WARMING UP TO LIVING FOODS By Elysa Markowitz that you could use waxed paper in the dehydrator. Ah well, they will help in the compost pile. I'm just learnin', and I refuse to get depressed over ANY kind of food.

Okay, MAYBE I would get depressed over CHUNKY MONKEY ice cream, if I could never have it again....

Movin' on!

We got to Eleanor's around 8:00 a.m., piled inyo her truck and headed for the Farmer's Market in Dallas.

I love this place. Fresh, beautiful, delicious fruits and veggies from near and far, set out in gorgeous displays under cool canopies. Produce vendors callin' out the specials of the day, and some of them follow you down the aisles, practically BEGGIN' you to take a sample of the goods they sell. We noshed on pieces of apple, blueberries, grapes, tomatoes so fresh you could smell the sunshine they grew in, onions both sweet and hot, cantelope and watermelon. There was even this one little citrus called a 'honey orange', that was out of this world--it actually tastes like someone dipped an orange into honey.

We went to our favorite wholesale vendor, and as usual, we said we wanted our 50 pound bags of carrots. We were told that the truck hadn't arrived yet, but it was due in two hours.

Eleanor, Obie and I figured we could easily spend two hours, soe we went ahead and made out our order for a case of lemons, tomatoes, Red Delicious apples, a 50 pound bag of potatoes for my family, a case of sweet potatoes that honestly looked like footballs, and a few other goodies. We said we would check back in two hours, and then we went in search of more goodies.

I found this AMAZIN' vendor that carries all kinds of mushrooms--imagine 5 POUNDS of Portobello mushrooms for only $12! 11 pounds of asparagus for only $20. It boggles tha mind that there is such bounty so close, and folks don't take advantage of it.

We visited a nursery, and I bought 4 roma tomatoe plants, 4 jalapeno plants, and a big pot of mint. Eleanor added some plants for her landscapin' projects, and Obie had a ball sniffin' all the herbs that grew.

Oh--I gotta tell on him for a moment.

We were lookin' at the cases of lemons, tryin' to decide if we wanted the big lemons, or the smaller ones. The vendor cut one of each in half, so we could smell them. I held up one of the small halves for Obie to smell, and he LICKED it!

You should have seen his face--it almost turned inside out! I handed him the lemon, and told him, "hey, you know the rules--no food goes to waste. You licked it--it's your's, EAT IT."

I'll give him credit--he actually tried.

I let him suffer a bit, then told him to throw it away. I asked him if he was gonna do that again. He shuddered and and said, "Nuh UH!"

Okay--back to our food huntin'.

I found a stevia plant for $2.50, so I got it. This little plant is wonderful. Even just a leaf off of the plant is so sweet, you could snack on them alone.

Alright, two hours have passed, so we go back to get our carrots.

The truck stil isn't there. We say we are goin' to lunch, and will check back. We found a little seafood place, and the food was good. We checked back....

You guessed it, no truck.

In one of the buildin's that house smnall shops, we found a lady who sells handmade pastas of all types--includin' a CHOCOLATE one! There were also little tamale shops, a place called AIN'T NO MO!, and they sell a little butter cake that is to DIE for! There is a deli, and a spice shop run by two of the sweetest Indian ladies. They have all KINDS of spices--I just HAD to buy a bag of their powdered ginger--it smelled sweet, pungent, and with a hint of heat. My next batch of ginger snaps will ROCK, I tell you!

Finally, around 2:30, I said, "Look, I gotta go. We still have to go to the Indian Market , and I have to get home to feed my critters."

We went back ONE MORE TIME, and still no truck. We explained that we just couldn't wait anymore, and we purchased our order. The guys who run the store couldn't stop apologizin' for the truck bein' stuck somewhere in traffic.

We told them not to worry--we were not angry. Well, they appreciated the fact that we didn't yell or cuss them. In fact, they added an extra bag of apples to our order, insisted we take a bag of sweet red onions, and on top of that--when we got to Eleanor's and began to divide the produce into our individual boxes--we found that they had sold us a case of gorgeous Romaine lettuce at the PLAIN iceberg lettuce price.

Now come ON--that was customer service above and WAY beyond what many folks would have done.

We headed out to the BOLLYWOOD grocery, where we purchsed more fenugreek seed. I had never been there, and I was introduced to the most CHARMING man. He was the owner of the grocery, and his accent, manners, and humor are delightful. He invited us back to have lunch at the little restaraunt in the back of the store.

We finally headed back home, and by a miracle--we never once got stuck in traffic, ecen though it was rush hour. We got back to Eleanor's, divvied up the 'loot', and Obie and I made it home in time to feed all the critters.

I have all our fod put away, and we enjoyed a supper made from the ingredients we bought today. The house is cleaned up, Obie is in bed, and I am next door postin, and waitin' for Brian to come home.

Ya know, I was sorta dumbfounded over how the vendors were urprised thet we didn't flip out and get mad about the carrots. Makes me wonder just how many folks DO cuss them and yell over something that they had no control over.

Yes, it was annoyin' to have to keep waitin'--but if we hadn't we would never have met all those fabulous people, or found all the great food bargains.

I look at it this way--we had an adventure, and we 'traveled' to distant lands through the warm personalities of the people we met. Sure, I could have gotten angry, acted like a....well, you get my drift.

It wouldn't have improved the situation one bit, in fact, it would have made it worse. I would have looked like a grouchy nutcase, the vendors would not have been as sweet about it as they were, and we certainly wouldn't have received the blessin' of such a good discount, or the free produce they gave us.

And I STILL wouldn't have gotten my carrots--they would have still been stuck in traffic somehwere on a Good Friday.

Who know why the truck never made it there? It didn't, and so what? I still had a nice time with my son and my friend, I found good bargains to help feed my famly the best food I can, and I met people with whom I share a love of fine foods from many places.

As far as I'm conmcerned--that was WORTH buyin' carrots at the local gorcery store for another week.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gettin' Used To Second Shift, Dehydrator Update, Eat Pray Love DVD

April 5, 2012

Okay, we are in the first week of Brian workin' second shift. It's Thursday night, about 11:30, and I'm still goin' strong while watin' for the Redneck to get home at 1:30. The inlaws are outta town, so I'm takin' care of their animals and house sittin'. I'm catchin' up on some laundry and playin' on the computer while I await the last load to dry.

I have to get back up at 6:30 in the mornin', because I have the use of mom in law's car while she is gone, and Obie and I have to meet our friend Eleanor around 8:00 so we can all go the the farmer's market and get bulk produce. After we get home, I will finish cleanin' mom in law's house for the weekend, and Saturday I have to go to a 10 pound meat sale and stock up for the month.

I figure I will rest Saturday, and then Brian is off on Easter, and we can have a family day. I'm not plannin' a big meal, just steaks on the grill, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, home made bread, and a big salad.

Oh--I will be readin' my poem, THE REAL DEAL, at church on Sunday! Preacher Bobby says it fits in with his sermon. The new cowboy church is wonderful--we love the folks--but it still ain't our little barn back in Oklahoma. Grace Country will always be our home church--Western Star is our mission field base of operations.

I have a new batch of vegetable crackers in the dehydrator--I've been watchin' YOUTUBE videos on how to make a better cracker, and I think I have it pretty well figured out--we'll see. I weighed the last batch, and it turned out to be half a pound. The cheap Wal-mart brand is 11oz, and it's $4-$5 a bag, so I think if I keep workin' on my home made crackers, I'll really save some money in the long run. Plus, I will know EXACTLY what is in my chips and crackers.

I think it was last summer when I told ya'll about readin' the book, EAT PRAY LOVE, by Elizabeth Gilbert, and how I found God's voice speakin' to me from the pages.

Well, I found the DVD in the library, and it was great. The actin' was awesome, and the scenes involvin' food made me just wanna get up and go COOK SOMETHIN'!

Yes, I realize that much of the philosophy espoused in the book and film are Hindu in nature, but God can use ANYTHING to teach us His truth--IF we look past the fake and see the Truth.

I found myself wonderin' about the theme of forgivin' oneself that seems to run throughout the movie.

Okay, God's Word says that if we confess our sins and ask for forgiveness--He is quick to do so. It also says that we are to forgive as we are forgiven.


When we KNOW that God has forgiven us--why do we have such a hard time forgivin' OURSELVES?????!?!?!?!

Look, once God has forgiven us, He says that He recalls it no more--He casts the memory of it as far away as the east is from the west. So, when you keep goin' back and beggin' Him to forgive you...

He actually has NO IDEA what you are talkin' about. That sin has been forgiven through the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross, and it basically never happened in God's eyes. That is sorts what justified means..

It is 'just if I'd' never sinned.

Get it?

So what the heck GOOD are ya doin' yourself when YOU don't seem to wanna move past somethin' that God has dismissed? Is all that false guilt, sackcloth and ashes doin' ANYTHING to make ya feel better?

I think not.

Yeah, I'm preachin' to myself tonight.

Well, I got CHores. Later Ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Dehydrator & Garage Sale Blessin's

April 4, 2012

Hey Ya'll.

Had a wonderful weekend. Obie left to go to his father's ealry Saturday mornin', and Brian had gone to work at 5 a.m., so after Obie left, Mom in law and I hot a few garage sales.

I made out like a BANDIT.

I found a DVD of Kevin Costner's MR. BROOKS, for only a $1. It's a great thriller--very suspensful.

We found a sale down the road from Obie's father's place, and wow--was it great. I found a collection of vintage comics for $10. Brian was thrilled. The guy was movin', and said that he was happy they were goin' to a good home. I got some new sunglasses, a pair of plastic garden shoes, a couple of vintage cookbooks, some brand new towels--AND a recliner for Brian. The recliner was an older one, and it had a small stain. The man said he just wanted to get rid of it, so I got it for free! As we were laodin' it up, his wife said we could have it reupholstered.

I said, "Honey, that is why God gave us EXTRA LARGE SHEETS!" I got it home, put it where I knew it would best fit, and covered it with a sheet and tucked it in.

it looks great, and Brian was blown away that he now has a place to relax and read, wathc movies or snooze when he gets home from a long day' work.

man, ain't God good?

After Brian got home, we went with his parents to CABELAS Sportin' Goods Store and I got my new dehydrator! It's got ten trays, quiet electric fan, digital controls, AND it was ON SALE! I had originally planned to get the one that is $199, but when we got there, there was the $229 model on sale for.....

$159! Oh yeah--I snagged it up.

After we finished at CABELAS, Pop in law took us out to dinner at a pretty nice little place, then we came home and went to sleep, 'cause Brian was workin' the next day.

Before he left at 5 a.m./, helped me get my dehydrator set up, and then after he was gone, I had a juicin' party all by myself. I made a blend of carrot, kale, cilantro, bell pepper, apple and beet juice--quite tasty. I made certain the carrot and beet pulp were seperate from the other pulps, and then I put the beautiful orange and scarlet pulps into the large bowl and added chili powder, cumin, salt, white pepper, oregano, and an onion that I had peeled and chopped up in the food processor. I put the mixture in the fridge, and then put one cup of golden flaxseed into two cups of water to soak.

My breakfast was a whole cantelope--they had been on sale for $1 all week, and I enjoyed my 'fruitarian' repast while I listened to the CHANT CD. That is where a group of monks are well, chantin'. It's so calmin' and peaceful.

After I finished breakfast and fed all the critters, I got ready for church while listenin' to YANNI, LIVE AT THE ACROPOLIS. He was a New Age musician many yeaers ago, and he says the he doesn't believe in God, but in some nebulous, impersonal Universe.
However, when I hear this music it is quite soul stirrin', and I play it as praise to the CREATOR of that 'universe', and everything in it.

Amazin' how there are faith lessons in stuff you wouldn't think there would be. You just gotta LOOK and LISTEN.

Went to church with Brian's mom and had a wonderful worship service. On the way home, I picked up a roll of parchment paper, and after lunch, I blended the soaked flaxseed and the veggie pulp together and spread it out over sheets of the paper and set the dehydrator.

The results weren't as perfect as I had hoped, but heck--it's my first attempt at dryin' stuff, so I was pleased with the 'crisps' I ended up with. They tasted very Southwestern, and they had a good crunch.

My next project will be banana chips, and then, on to beef jerky. I'm gonna try the ground beef jerky, and I'm lookin' for an old cookie press to make the strips with.

Makin' a run to the farmer's market for our little produce coop on Friday mornin'--can't wait till we're there, walkin' around all those beautiful fresh foods.

Well, I got chores. later ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett