Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The New Format, Some Catch Up, A New Book Review

March 21, 2012

I have figured out that I don't like this new format that my blog is in. I moved to that new Google mess support thing, and now I see that my posts are all crammed together in one huge paragraph, my profile has disappeared, and my comments feature has been turned off. I want my OLD BLOGGER BACK!


If I can get back to my olf BLOGGER format, I will. until then, I will play with this new format and pray that I can get things back to normal.

Speakin' of prayer--this mornin' I was feelin' a little down--you know--kinda hinky from just little things that frustrate you in life. I went and worked the food bank for a while, checked the mail and did some grocery shoppin'. I had left the guys at home, just so I could have a bit if alone time.

As I was headed down the road home, I suddenly puled into the parkin' lot of a little thrift store outside town. I walked in, and two of the sweet Christian ladies who run it welcomed me as always.

I asked, "Ya'll DO believe in prayer, right?"

They wholeheartedly answered, "Yes MA'AM!"

I pointed to myself and said, "Hit me. Right now my faith is as low as my boobs without a bra."

They laughed, and we gathered together in a circle and had a prayer meetin' right there. They prayed for me, and I could just feel the Spirit of God with us.

Afterwards we talked a while about faith, and how we all need a 'booster shot now and then. It was great.

Okay--catchin' up. I told ya'll how I got sick for a while, and now I am over it. We are settlin' in well here in the 'cowboy cottage'.

I had my birthday a while back, and Brian bought me a brand new GE Juicer--I LOVE IT!
My friend Eleanor gave me a 50 pound bag of carrots, and I have finished it already. I have been really workin' towards a raw foods lifestyle--I won't ever give up meat entirely--I love it too much.

I have been feelin' like Queen Esther lately too. My friends Jana and Erin, stylists at a local hair house (that sounds house...oohh--gotta come up with a better way to say beauty shop.), have been usin' me to test out some of their mad skills. Jana cut my hair and colored it, and Erin plopped me into a facial chair and waxed my eyebrows. WOW! I look pretty darn good these days. I think they are plannin' on a make over attack one day....that should be interestin'...

The book is comin' along--slow but steady. We have have made changes in how the format will read, and some of the gtoals have been revamped, but it is still basically as originally planned.

I wanted to let Ya'll know about a book I found recently--MAKING IT. RADICAL HOME EC FOR A POST-CONSUMER WORLD, by Kelly-Coyne & Erick Knutzen. It's from RODALE PRESS.

The book is about makin' a difference in your life by changin' things right where you are--startin' with what ya got. The authors have a 1/12 acre farm in Los Angeles. They also have a blog ( that is very popular. They also wrote a book THE URBAN HOMESTEAD, which is considered "the contemporary Bible on the subject."

The book is divided into sections--different projects you can try, either as fast ones that take anywhere from a few monents to a day's efforts--all the way up to projects that take a few weeks or months to accomplish. You can begin with a simple oil lamp or be really adventurous and try making mead.

I recommend this book to anyone wantin' to try homesteadin' and self sufficiency on a small scale. The authors are walkin' what they're talkin', and the instructions are easy to understand and follow.

I give it "two trowels up"--check it out.

Now let's see if this post comes out like it should.....

Well, I got chores. Later Ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett