Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fixed Blog Problems--Sort Of, And Many Blessin's All At Once

March 27, 2012

Well, I at least got my paragraph spacin' fixed in this new format, plus I went back and fixed the one before that. As far as comments go--they don't seem to wanna be fixed. I hit all the right buttons--but I get nothin'. Oh well, I'll figure somethin' out later.

We have had a phenomonal weekend. Brian had been workin' at a place where he had to drive an hour both ways to work each day, and we all hated it. Not only was he unable to be with us for two hours each day--the gas prices were kickin' our financial back sides.

So, we started prayin'. Did he stay there--or did he look for another job?

Well, God answered our prayer by havin' him laid off--turns out the company hired TOO MANY people for the new location, and over extended themselves. So they had to let some folks go, and since Brian was the last one hired, he was one of the first to go.

Okay...we now knew that he was suppoed to look for another job. {{Duh}}

He hadn't been off for too long, when he got a call to come in and interview for a job MUCH closer to home.

HE GOT IT!!!!!

Now he drives over less than half of the distance, it is a better shift, AND it will be easier for Obie and me to get the use of the truck if we need it.


While he was off, we got several projects done that could only be completed with Brian there--we got to take part in several activities we would have missed had he been at work--it was just nice to have had an impromptu vacation. We had enough money put by to take care of our needs, and my pantry and freezer kept us well fed.

THANK YOU FATHER GOD, for answerin' our prayers and providin' for our needs.

THANK YOU JEFF YEAGER AND ANGELA COFFMAN! You helped me learn a lot of skills that got us through the short time Brian was out of work.

Okay--now on to some other blessin's that whacked us up side the head recently.

There was a HUGE sale to help raise money to send some church kids to camp. I found several things that we needed at a great price, and while I was schmoozin' with the folks who ran the sale, I learned that if there was anything left after 2 p.m.--it would be free to anyone who wanted it.

I quickly paid for my purchases and drove to my friend's thrift store. I asked if she wanted what I could get for her and she said sure. So at 2 o'clock, I arrived, and while there had been a TON of things sold and money raised, there was still a lot of things left over. I told the organizers that I would take anything and everything left over if they wanted ot get rid of it.

The ladies were thrilled, because they hadn't had a CLUE what to do with the leftover clothes, CDs, books, etc.

We took two truckloads, and a trailer full of goodies to my friend's store. She was grinnin' from ear to ear as we unloaded a lot of goodies that she will be able to make money for her family with. The church folks were happy that they didn't have to haul the stuff all the way to a bigger town for a donation or just have to dump the stuff.

*I* was happy, 'cause I LOVE to swap and deal with folks. And yes, I got a few things for free out of it. I got a used computer desk for my writin' space--some praise and worship CDs--a few more books that after I'm done readin' will go to the local library as donations--a set of bunk beds for a friend's grandkids--and my absolute favorite of all...a necklace from my friend's shop. It is a small electric guitar made out of resin. It has big angel wings and rhinestones on it. It's pink and black, on a silver chain. She said it was my 'finders fee'! I love it.

I wore it that night to go out to eat at a local road house, where one of our favorite singers was gonna be performin' that evenin'. I got a ton of complements on my new accessory. We didn't get to hear the concert, however, 'cause the singer got sick and had to cancel. Oh well, the food was EXCELLENT, and we had a good time anyway.

So, Brian started his new job, we had a wonderful weekend, and I got to do my wheelin' and dealin' that I love so much. All is well here at the Cowboy Cottage today, and I am feelin' blessed all over the place. Is my life perfect yet?

Nope. But I know Who's in charge, and He says in Jeremiah that He has only good planned for me.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2012 by Evelyn Edgett