Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brian's New Job--Juicin' and Dehydratin'

March 29, 2012

Things are quiet around here today. Brian has started his new job, and so Obie and I are alone most of the day. This will continue until he gets through his orientation period, then he will go to the second shift. Then he will leave for work around 1:30 in the afternoon, and get home around 3 a.m.

I love second shift. I have always had more energy in the evenin's, and I do some of my best creative work at night.

So this means that we DON'T have to get up at 3:45 a.m. any more. We can sleep until daylight, have a family breakfast, do chores together and have lunch together, then Brian will leave, and Obie and I can have lessons together, do evenin' chores and relax until his bedtime. Then I will have time for a little 'feminine fixin'--you know, I can finally do my nails and facials, long hot soakin' in the tub--that kind of thing. I can then either spend time writin' on the book, or if I don't have the 'oomph'--I can enjoy a good novel, read my Bible, or watch a film on my laptop. Then when the Redneck gets home, we can have some time together before sleepin'

I dunno why, but our family always seems to function better on second shift. We have missed it.

Okay, as to what some reecent projects have been--

This mornin' I am researchin' how to plant DEVILS CLAWS. I have a few seed pods a lady gave me last fall, and my research has told me that the green pods can be eaten, the dried pods can be used to make baskets, and I am still lookin' into the use of the pods to treat rhumatism.

Obie and I have also been lookin' around our area for wild edibles. We have found several small blackberry vines along the road, but so far we haven't found any poke sallet or staghorn sumac. We DID however, find a huge growth of mustang grape vines along the fence near the back of the property. There are already TEENY little grapes in bunches on the vines. We will be keepin' an eye on them and hopefully we will be harvestin' some for makin' jelly.

I think I mentioned gettin' a juicer for my birthday. Well, I have been juicin' my heart out ever since. I found a lot of information on YOUTUBE.COM, and lots of little hints and tips to save time and maximize your results.

One really simple thing I found was on A RAW LIFESTYLE channel. The young lady there was showin' how she made juice in the mornin', and while I watched her, I noticed that she had placed a plastic grocery bag in her pulp 'catcher'. The pulp wsa then easily removed and dealt with, and cleanin' up is easier.

I also found a DVD that I want to see--FAT SICK AND NEARLY DEAD. It's a film by Joe Cross. He is a man who woke up at age 40, about a 100 pounds overweight, high blood pressure and other complications, and he had an autimmune disease that gave him permanent hives. This poor man was takin' all kinds of medications, includin' I forget how many steroids each day.

He decided that he was gonna get well, and so he began juicin', eatin' raw foods, exercisin', etc.

The results were amazin'. He looks wonderful now, and he sounds a bit like Gerard Butler. (Yeah--I KNOW the diet had nuthin' to do with his voice, but come on--I LOVE Gerard Butler's voice!) Check out his

One other goodie I found on YOUTUBE. A CHOCOLATE SMOOTHIE!!!!!!!!!

Relax--it's a vegan recipe. I think you may like it. It's on the EASY TO BE RAW channel.

I have also been usin' the pulp from the juicin' to make muffins, breads, cookies, etc. I have even cooked it down and added it to my dog's food portion, 'cause the vet said that it would be good for them. They seem to love it.

However, I STILL have pulp comin' outta my ears! A 50 pound bag of carrots can generate a LOT of pulp. Marqueta, over at, told me about makin' crackers in a dehydrator usin' the leftover pulp.

I told my freind Eleanor, and she tried it. She is now dryin' all kinds of pulp, and addin' sprouted flax seed and spices.

Sooo...I have decided that my next health related purchase will be a dehydrator. I found a nice model at CABELAS, and hopefully will be pickin' it up this weekend. It's about $200, but I figure that as much as Obie and I love chips and crackers, by usin' leftover pulp, the machine should pay for itself by the end of summer (I mean, seriously--hve you priced a bag of plain old chips lately? And I'm not talkin' about those SPECIALTY HEALTH FOOD STORE CHIPS--I'm just talkin' plain old LAYS. OUTRAGEOUS!). I also have a dog biscuit recipe that I like to make, and I have been researchin' recipes that incorporate the pulp to make treats. I will post the adapted recipe once I get it worked out with our vet.

Oh, I wish I had a camera--it's GORGEOUS here right now.

Well, I got chores. Later Ya'll.
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