Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's Not An Angel In Your Life?

December 6, 2011

Again, I am amazed at what God uses to answer prayers in my life.

I have been workin' at makin' our family's life a bit more simple and serene lately, and even though I have put a lot of effort into this process, I've still been stymied as I've prayed, purged and packed away a lot of things.

I finally just said, "Father--HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO GET ALL THIS DONE?
Every time I get close to havin' the time to do what needs doin', another 'crisis' comes up and I have to attend to that. How do I create the life my family needs?"

Then, as always--He answered.

With a story from days in Art History class in college.

It was a story about Michelangelo--you know, the dude who painted the Sistine Chapel and sculpted magnificent figures from marble? (Oh yeah--he was also a manic/depressive who liked to THROW said hunks of marble at his assistants)

Someone once asked him how he sculpted such an awe inspirin' angel from a hunk of cold marble.

He replied, "The angel is already there--I just cut away everything that isn't it."

Whoa--if that ain't scriptural--I dunno what is.

When that came to me this mornin' just before the alarm went off--I flipped.


All I have to do is 'cut away' what isn't the life our family wants.

It's like this--if somethin' doesn't fit in with what God's Word says--it goes. If it doesn't fit in with what we love--not like or do because others do it and expect us to do also--it goes. If it doesn't just absolutely delight our hearts and minds--IT GOES.

Yeah, it's kind of like the Rock or Gem game, but even simpler, I think.

Ya just look at what you really want out of life--and you cut away what ain't that.

I explained the idea to Brian when he had enough coffee in him so his grey cells worked, and he likes it.

So, startin' this mornin', I will be 'cuttin away' a lot of stuff, and donatin' it. When I'm done--everything that is left should be what we want.

And then I'm gonna do it again.

And again.

Aaaaaaaand a few more times.

I'm gonna keep this process up until I know for certain that what is left is what we want.

But, you ask--suppose you give away somethin' you need or want later?

So what?

Trust me--there is a lot of 'stuff' that will be floatin' around out there, tryin' to find its way into my life. All I have to do is wait, and if I truly need or want somethin'--it will show up.

I figure the Bible and prayer are my hammer and chisel.

I guess another way to look at it is that a hunk of marble is only a cold, hard chunk--no life.

However, when a Master Craftsman puts His hand to it with love and expertise, He can bring life from what was just...there. I mean--if you ever get a chance to see a sculpture from a true artist--you will almost see it breathe and move in the light.

So basically, what I'm doin' is allowin' The Master Craftsman to wield His chisel in my life, and just let Him bring out the life that is underneath all the heavy 'chunks'

Hmmm..I think that's been goin' on all along--I'm just decidin' to stop fightin' Him when I feel the 'THUNK' of another piece flyin' off.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett


  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Another lovely post, and good advice! May we all recognize the good, and trust the our needs will always be met.

    I received your wonderful letter on Saturday, and will be getting out a reply today.



  2. Im going to admit this and Im sorry if it makes me a horrible friend but I have honestly never had the time to read your blog and IM EXTREMELY SORRY I'VE MISSED OUT! Now that my older brother has bedridden me until I can walk around without saying Oww Oww Oww or grabbing for something to keep me standing up straight I think I will have plenty of time to catch up LOL! Mav is quite liking the idea of having to six year olds to run around with LOL!