Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Results Of First Day Of Cuttin' Away--My Christmas Decor

December 7, 2011

Well, the first day of cuttin' away revealed somethin' interestin'. As I began to purge stuff from our little home, I found out that I had been 'cuttin' away' already, and that there was not a lot in the big room that actually had to go. Oh, I did fill up several bags and boxes with stuff to donate--but they were really already things that had been designated as donations--I just hadn't gotten around to gettin' rid of them.

Today I will continue my purgin' in the big store room, where, actually, most of that stuff is hubby's gunsmithin' tools and books--so I can't decide about that stuff. I will either just box it all up and set it aside for him to go through later, or I will leave it all out and let HIM make all the decisions, period.

I don't 'do' holiday decorations--I stopped them when I got divorced years ago. Not from bitter feelin's or anything like that, no. I just realised that while they can be fun--they can also be a LOT OF WORK. As a suddenly single mom with a special needs son, homeschoolin', a job and buildin' my massage therapy practice--I figured I had better things to spend my time on than decorations that would just have to come down later anyway.

So, for a long time I just didn't put anything up. Oh, we enjoyed the decorations at other folks houses and I still have fun goin' to a mall and overloadin' on the sensory input of lights, music, and Singin' Fish on clearance.

But...come on, folks. Christmas is NOT about all that. It's about the birth of a SAVIOUR for all mankind, a baby in a barn Who would grow up to die for our sins and IF we accept His sacrifice--give us eternal life.

Eternal life or shiny ornaments.....? Hmmm....Hard choice? I think not.

No--I am not a Scrooge, and BTW, I LOVE the movie with Albert Finney. As I said, I like the tinsel and bows, music and food--oh YES, I LOVE THE FOOD!!

I like gifts and all that stuff--I'm just sayin' let's keep it all in perspective.

Wait--wasn't I gonna talk about my decoration? Oh yeah. Sorry, I have blod ADD.

These days, the only decoration I put out is a small, one piece nativity scene that I got from a friend who was gettin' rid of it years ago. It is a ceramic stable with the Holy family inside. It's about 10 inches high and wide, very simple and pretty. I set it on a table or cabinet, maybe with candles also, but that is pretty much it. I have had folks get on to me, sayin' I HAVE to have a tree for Obie. I got news for ya--Obie could care LESS about a tree--he would rather spend the time we would spend on puttin' up a tree doin' somethin' else. He loves to go to Christmas programs with music and singin', and he digs goin' to the mall to look at stuff like I do.

The Redneck? Well, he is like us in this matter. He digs decorations, but at home he wants to be comfortable, so he likes things just as they are.

I just realised--my way of decoratin' for the holidays is a way that I had 'cut away' years ago! I don't do it because it doesn't delight my family's heart--SO IT WENT.

Man, am I good at this or what?

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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