Friday, December 2, 2011

Restin' On A Rainy Day, And A New Poem

December 2, 2011

Ahhh....a quiet day at home, with the Redneck and Obie watchin' movies while I play online. Oh yeah--I have access to internet at home, well at least for a bit, thanks to a friend's web access. I gotta give it up on Sunday. But until then? I'M GOIN' FULL TILT BOOGIE ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB!!!!!! I've been researchin' frugal livin' and how to videos--readin' other folk's blogs and lookin' up scripture references. Brian just grinned when he saw that I'm able to do a lot of the stuff I don't have the ability to do normally. Heck, as long as he and Obie get fed and the house is clean-they told me to have a blast.

Will do, chief.

Okay, lately I've been workin' on more poems, and the Lord has been just blessin' my little words on paper. I know I say this a lot--but it just absolutely FLOORS me that God loves us so much, even though we are the biggest bunch of goof ups.

So, here is one of my latest offerin's up to our Father--if you like it--give Him the glory--if ya don't--talk to Him, He gave me the poem....{{GRIN}}

Evelyn Edgett
November 25, 2011

Ya know, God's in charge of this 'shivaree' we got goin' on down here.
So why is it when things don't go our way, we react with panic and fear?
Could it be that down deep we don't REALLY trust the LORD of all creation?
And that in our arrogance we believe we know better than Him how to handle our own situation?

"God, this is the way it's gotta be done!" we shout while kneelin' in prayer.
"I know Your word says come over here, but dadgum it, I wanna go THERE!"

We want God to do it the way that we want, the solution with a pretty red bow.
But that ain't how it works in the spiritual realm, and if you've read His book, then you already know.

That before He spoke the world into existence, He knew every day of our lives.
Whether we'd be rich or poor, cowboy or preacher, even if we'd be husbands or wives.

He even took the time to number every single hair on our head.
So why is it when trouble comes, we forget every word that He said?

He told us that we would have trouble, He never once lied about that.
He also said He would never leave or forsake us,
So the devil can just stuff that in his hat.

So folks, I'm here to tell you today--if you don't like what's in your life right now,
Stick your nose into His holy word, pay attention and read just how.
God's word says that everything that happens is for our good and for His Glory.
So shut up, quit whinin' and TRUST HIM.
Well that's it, that's the end of my story.

Well, I got chores.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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