Friday, December 30, 2011

Ready For Next Stage Of Movin' Process--Unexpected Blessin'--& Ninja Donkeys

December 30, 2011

Well, I have the cottage pretty well set up with the things we have already brought down--I can see the floor in my bedroom, and I found and repurposed the wood from an old entertainment center and some cinder blocks into a nice sturdy bookshelf.

I have found ways to cook without a lot of my usual tools. I must confess, it has been nice to not have to cook in one buildin' then carry the food to another--all I gotta do is take it outta the oven and set it over on a table.

I will miss my cast iron pans to cook with--but since I have a stove with a glass top--I can't use them. I will be able to bake in them, and I love the way cakes and cornbread turn out in cast iron. I did purchase three new FARBERWARE non-stick skillets for the top of my stove. They are workin' out pretty good.

Havin' a dresser for our clothes--one for EACH of us--has been takin' gettin' used to. I am so used to havin' all our socks in the same drawer, all our jeans in the same closet, etc--I find myself goin' to Brian's dresser to get MY socks.

I have very little to store in the attic, since I had been purgin' for so long. What I have been puttin' in the attic is stuff that is only used about once a year, like my big servin' platters or a big roastin pan.

So, everything is all nice and neat, everything in its place....

Yeah, that's gonna last.

We are fixin' to go up and get the last of our things, and then I'll have to begin the process all over again.

I don't mind really, in fact--I'm lookin' forward to one aspect of this next stage. When I bring all the rest of our winter clothin' down...

I'm gettin' rid of most of it.

Right now, we each have several sets of winter clothes, coats, thermals, etc. We had to have a lot on hand, since in the winter you can't always get to a laundymat, so if somethin' gets dirty, you just put it in a large basket to wait for the chance to wash it, and you grab another set to wear in the meantime.

Now that we have access to a washer and dryer--I can really pare down our winter stuff.

We did the same with blankets, because I learned that if someone gets sick and throws up on a blanket, or if you sweat durin' a fever breakin'--you need to have clean beddin' to replace the soiled things.

Now, we won't have that need for so many blankets, so I can purge out that part of our belongin's.

One unexpected blessin' we received in this move--I now have a HUGE upright freezer to use! I will be fillin' that sucker up wih meat and veggies as soon as possible, along with doin' a little ONCE A MONTH COOKIN'.

I'm still workin' on havin' a schedule of some type, and I have even made it outta bed before dark, snagged a wolf on a lead rope, then walked for a mile on the country roads. It was so nice, but Little Dove almost freaked out when she turned, looked back at a pasture, and saw three small donkeys stalkin' her! They are in a pasture with a flock of goats, since they make good protection for them. I told Dove that they were NINJA DONKEYS, since they were all black, and they silently slipped up on her.

Ever see a wolf roll her eyes like a teenager?

Another blessin' from this move is that the Redneck is more relaxed than he has ben in a while. Without all the cedar smoke from wood stoves up on the mountain, his asthma has not bothered him like it used to. He is breathin' better at night and sleepin' better. Heck, we all are, since his mom bought us all extra firm pillows for nice...

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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