Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Greatest Gift To Myself And Others This Year

December 25, 2011

This mornin', after a good night's rest in a comfortable bed in a warm home, sleepin' beside my Beloved, and after a simple breakfast, I took a hot shower. As I stood there, enjoyin' the warmth of water that I didn't have to haul, heat and pour into a tub--I came to a great revalation of what I can give myself and others around me this year....



Simple gratitude.

I had become aware of just how much people, includin' myself, take for granted every day. In fact, many folks consider things that I have had to work so hard for the past 6 years (like a hot bath) as bein' somethin' they deserve, that they are in fact OWED somethin'.

I'm not complainin' about the hard work that I have had to do for the past 6 years--far from it. In fact, I am grateful for the strength and ability to haul water and wood, or to walk 5 miles to church, or even to lift and haul 50 pounds sacks of feed on my shoulder. I'm grateful for the ability to shoot a gun in defense of my home and family, or in the procurin' of food for my table.

I'm grateful for the lessons I've learned about life, and how these lessons have strengthened my relationships with my family and with my Lord.

I'm even grateful for the hard, hurtful lessons--the betrayals of friends and others whom I trusted. Those lessons have taught me to be more prayerful in my choice of companions and enterprises to pursue.

I am grateful that I am NOT owed anything by anyone. To feel that you are owed somethin' by the world fosters an attitude of bitterness and laziness. This ia all my own opinion, but I feel that it is very true.

I don't have access to a Bible right now, but there is a scripture that talks about givin' thanks in ALL things.

Not even certain where I'm goin' with this, but I just wanna state that I'm grateful for every blessin' that comes my way--even the ones that don't look like blessin's at first glance.

So, this year, I'm givin' myself the gift of gratitude, not only to God, but to others around me.

To begin with--I wanna thank all of you who read my blog. I wouldn't need to work hard at what I say here if I didn't feel a responsibility to you, my 'bleaders'.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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