Thursday, November 24, 2011


November 24, 2911

Well it is turkey day, and we ended up not makin' puerco pibil after all. Instead, we are at a friend's house havin' a heck of a great meal and fellowship. I had called her to catch up yesterday, and as we talked, I ended up sorta kinda gettin' invited to her house, and we sorta kinda accepted, and well, here we are!

We always have so much to be thankful for, but this year we have been UBER blessed all year. There have ben so many cghanges in our lives, and God has shown us a new vision and mission for our family--more on that later--I'm too full of turkey to type a whole lot today.

Well, I hear a piece of punkin' pie callin' my name and some pecan praline ice cream joinin' in the siren song......
Later ya'll.
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still Preppin' For Thanksgivin'--Obie Gives Me A Laugh--My Eulogy

November 22, 2011

Well, had to come back into town today. Not only gettin' stuff ready for Thanksgivin'--hubby says that since it's cold and rainy, he wants us to have the truck for feedin' Alyssa's critters. Says we can't walk in the dark in the cold and the rain. Isn't that sweet?

He may be a Redneck--but he's wonderful.

Okay--preppin' for Thanksgivin'. Since we won't be goin' down to Texas this year, and we really just wanna relax--no guests, no big meal--

I will be fixin' Puerco Pibil.


Puerco Pibil is really wonderful--and easy, cheap--and just TASTY.

And yet it's just pork butt that's been marinated in spices, orange juice, a splash of tequila and then slow roasted for several hours. You serve it over rice or with tortillas. I'll probably make a large salad to go with it.

Was that thunder?

Nope--my tummy rumblin' just thinkin' about it.

This mornin' the alarm went off, and I went to fix the guys coffee. I woke Obie up, and when he stuck his head out from under the blankets--I burst out laughin'.

He had gone to sleep with hair still damp from bathin', and when he woke up--he had these 'horns' stickin' out from the sides of his head! He looked like a horned owl!

I told him he was gettin' a haircut this mornin', since his hair had reached this stage. He was thrilled, since he prefers a buzz cut anyway. I have to borrow the neighbor's clipper set, since ours had died a few weeks back, and that was how his hair got that long. One of his Christmas gifts this year will be a new set of clippers.

We did what we could with a damp hairbrush to tame his 'feathers', but it will take a haircut to truly remedy the situation.

While I was gettin' dressed, I got to thinkin' about my eulogy for when I shuffle off this mortal coil. No--nuthin's wrong--I'm healthy as the proverbial equine--it was after seein' one of my favorite t-shirts this mornin'. It says:


It ain't scripture--but it's good advice, doncha think?

Anyway--I got to thinkin' about what I would like to have said over my remains on that day, 'cause I know who I want to do the service--my little Preacher at our cowboy church. I know that he will 'get' how I want stuff done, and he'll understand when the music played will be not only Keith Green's "Lord You're Beautiful" and Ray Perryman's "I Can Only Imagine", but also Confederate Railroad's "Still One Outlaw Left", and Junkyard Gentry's "Tonight The Eagle's Got To Fly Alone".

I know that Preach will say stuff about my life--some good, some funny. There may an anecdote or two, maybe even a poem I wrote.

(BTW, Preach--I'm not tellin' ya what to say--just ponderin'. If you are the one to do my funeral someday--you have my confidence that you'll do a good job.)

But when he gets up to speak--there are some things that I want to make certain he DOESN'T say.

I don't want him to say "Her faith in God never wavered" or "She never doubted."

Cause sometimes it does, and sometimes I do.

Don't get me wrong--I know that He is always in charge, and I know that He will always do what is best and He is ALWAYS on time--just maybe not on MY schedule.

But don't hold me up as a spiritual giant who never had doubts or fears--because I don't want someone listenin' to ever think that I was anything special.

Cause I ain't.

I'm just me--but for some bizarre reason, God found me worth dyin' on a cross for so I could spend eternity with Him.

Yeah, I know. Weird, huh?

So, Preach, just tell the folks the truth. That sometimes I called you cryin' over stuff that freaked me out. That sometimes I just got so darned mad I could snatch a buffalo bald. And that sometimes, like Elijah, I just laid down and begged God to let me die.

...and then...

You tell 'em how after I did all that nonsense and finished my hissy fits with God--

I got up, wiped the dirt off, and stood facin' those giants--and spit in their faces.

Tell 'em how I shoved my sleeves up and declared that I serve a God of power and grace, and how I'm not a victim--but a victor.

And then you tell 'em how I got the heck outta His way, and let Him handle whatever life threw my way.

"Then all this assembly shall know that the LORD does not save with sword and spear; for the battle is the LORD's and He will give you into our hands." 1 Samuel 17:47 NKJ

You tell 'em, Preach.

Well, I got chores. later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Is Back In Hospital--More Prayers Requested--I Find A New 'Sport'

November 21, 2011

Hey ya'll--just a quick post to let everyone know that the little 4 month old had to go back into the hospital this weekend. She has fluid on her brain, due to a stroke she suffered earlier. The doctors are waitin' to see if it will reabsorb on its own, or if they need to go in and drain it.

So, as you can guess, we are back to feedin' the family's animals for a few days. I got no poblem with that--I consider it a privilege to be able to serve this little family in a way that I am actually good at.

One unexpected bonus from critter sittin' is that we have been able to watch a little tv, since we don't have any ourselves. The main thing we have found is....


Seriously--almost a THOUSAND CHANNELS--and NOTHIN' worth seein'.

Okay--we have gotten to watch a few Christian programs that are worth the time, and Brian and Obie have enjoyed a few car and military themed shows.

But mostly it is a wasteland out there.

Except for....


Holy jumpin' cats--I LOVE THAT SHOW! I take NOTES on strategies these folks use to lower grocery bills. I have found a new sport to pursue.

I told Brian, "I don't wanna be as NUTS as some of these folks are--but I want a piece of the action."

I mean, think about it--you could build a stockpile for your own family's use, PLUS have plenty to donate to food banks, homeless shelters, women's crisis shelters, etc.

I used to do triple couponing years ago, and my personal best was $120 worth of food for $40. I thought I was good back then--but wow--I am impressed at how many folks actually end up bein' owed money by the stores.

Yes, I hear some of ya'll out there sayin' "But coupons are only good for procesed foods."

If you are givin' it to a homeless person--they don't CARE if it's not UBER ORGANIC. They will be grateful that it is EDIBLE and doesn't come out of a DUMPSTER.

Look at it this way--if all of us good 'keepers at home' were to spend some time learnin' these systems, and then puttin' then into practice--we could really make a dent in our local hunger problems. When Jesus said "You will always have the poor with you," (John 12:8) He didn't say that we were to just write the poor off since, after all--they're always gonna be there.

If by doin' just somethin' simple like donatin' couponed food to shelters,
givin' blankets to the homelss, or even handin' over your pocket change to the guy with the sign on the street corner you can alleviate some of the sufferin' in the world--why don't more of us do it?

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day From A Vet, and Book Review

November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day! Bein' a vet myself, I find this day special for many reasons, but mostly I just think it is so cool that our country honors the men and women who have been and currently are willin' to serve in the armed forces.

Okay--on to the book review I've been promisin' ya'll.

Now, our family has never done the Santa Clause gig, since I just don't think it adds anything to the holiday. However, I have no problem with the fat dude as a fictional character, anymore than I have a problem with Harry Potter. Let's face it, a kid has a lot more sense than folks give them at times, and if you make certain that they understand the difference between the reality of Jesus Christ and the fantasy of Santa Clause--I got no trouble with that.

(Okay, there was that ONE time when Obie was about 6, and he was with me at a mall in Dallas, and we passed by a bunch of moms and their ill behaved monsters--er--adorable children, all waitin' to sit on the mall Santa's lap. As I said, most of those kids were brats, and Obie looked at me as if to ask why they were actin' like that. I smiled and said in my sweetest voice, just loud enough for the moms to hear....

"Honey, see, this is what happens when you teach children to worship a false god that encourages greed and selfishness!"

Obie simply nodded and said, "Ohhhhhh...." as if he was really contemplatin' the philosophical aspects of my (face it--mean spirited) comment. Needless to say, I got some dirty looks from the moms and 'elves'.

Soooooo.....let's move on, shall we?

John L. Hoh, Jr, is a wonderful fella I met through bein' friends with Jeff Yeager, aka THE ULTIMATE CHEAPSKATE ( on Facebook. As we talked, I learned he is an author of several books. When he offered to send me a review copy of soe of his works, I jumped at the chance. This review is for SANTA CLAUS IS HE FOR YOUR CHILD? A Look At The History And Teachings Of A Child's Saint.

Since John is a technical writer, and he has attended seminary, I will confess I was sorta leery that his writin' would be a bit....dry. I am happy to report that is far from the truth. John's book, while scholarly, is in no way geared only to academics. He starts out with a suggestion that Santa Clause is diametrically the opposite of Jesus, and that 'jolly old Saint Nick' ain't so Saintly after all.

He proceeds to explore the historical facts and fallacies of Nicholas of Myra, the man whose life is supposedly what our modern day Santa Clause legend has been built upon. As I read, I was amazed at the information John has included--I thought I knew a lot about this 'saint', but his knowledge far outstrips my own research.

He goes on in later chapters to describe many of the Nicholas legends, such as the legend of the three virgins, in which Nicholas saves not just one, but three daughters of a merchant from bein' sold into slavery or prostitution. Other legends tell how he became the patron saint of sailors, children, house thieves(and you thought he was bringin' stuff IN with that big sack!), and even liars.

John also gives a good description of how the Santa Clause legend evolved throughout history in other countries, and then he expounds on our modern day Santa and his evolution in American history.

The thing I appreciate in this book is how John uses scripture to back up his theories and put his facts in Biblical perspective for the Christian.

As he states, the decision to incorporate Santa Clause into a child's life is ultimately the parent's decision, and I agree wholeheartedly.

I only have one gripe about the whole book, and it has nothin' to do with any of Hoh's writin'. I hate how the table of contents simply reads Chapter One, Chapter Two, etc. Their are actual titles to each chapter, and they are listed at te beginnin' of each one, but if all ya wanted to do was cheack out a specific chapter for information, you can't just look at the contents page and find it--you have to flip through the book to find what you are lookin' for. I would also like to see a subject index in future editions.

I recommend this book as a good reference point for parents who aren't certain if they want to add Santa Clause to their family's Christmas traditions. It also got me thinkin' about other holidays, and how we as Christians are often influenced by media.

You can order John L. Hoh Jr.s book SANTA CLAUSE: IS HE FOR YOUR CHILD? from, or

Well, I got chores. Later, ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Good News, GOOD News, GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

November 10, 2011

Howdy, boys and girls--I am back! Things were hoppin' around here for a bit untl I got my 'sea legs', and developed a rhythm to help me get through all I had to do lately. Fortunately, I'm clickin' on all gears now, and things are runnin' smooth again.

I won't go into a lot of detail right now, since I am still a tad pressed for time, but I wanted to let all of ya'll know that the little 4 month old with meningitis is doin' WONDERFUL! She is off all the machines for breathin' and they are supposed to be takin' out her feedin' tube this mornin'. PRAISE GOD FROM WHO ALL BLESSIN'S FLOW! YEEEEHAW! Way to go, little darlin' you keep fightin', and we'll keep prayin'!

Her mommy, daddy and big brother are all doin' good. When I recently asked about the 'big brother', his mom replied, "well, he's not thrilled about all this, but he is happily terrorizing his granddad right now!"

I've been carin' for their animals while they are at the hospital, and God has used that experience to teach me a few scriptural lessons--more about that later. I have to say, I never thought I'd be runnin' around tryin' to find a bathroom heater for an iguana--but when it got cold, I just coldn't let the little guy croak on my watch, ya know? So now'Godzilla' as I call him, is toasty and warm in his cage. I actually think he looked at me with gratitude when I got the heater plugged in--who knows?

Okay--what else? Oh yeah, gotta tell ya'll about my latest find at the thrift store. I finally have my own copy of JANE EYRE by Charlotte Bronte, for a whole 20 cents. I have always loved the book, and I have enjoyed many of the various films made about the tale. So now, I can enjoy it whenever I like, and I intend to enjoy it as soon as I can, and I will be puttin' to good use the lovely tea things I received from my pen pal last week as I do it. My goal is to set up my 'tea time', with lovely goodies, and to read one chapter per day as I take a breather from my day. I'm lookin' for a good recipe for crispy ginger snap cookies to make--I LOVE THOSE THINGS!

Okay, I have to go for now--still have a lot of things to handle for a time,but if all goes well, I may be back tomorrow to post a book review from my friend, John L. Holt, on his book, SANTA CLAUSE, IS HE FOR YOUR CHILD? I'll get that out as soon as possible, since this is the perfect time of year to review the subject.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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