Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't Pay The Ransom, I've Escaped!

October 20, 2011

Sorry I haven't posted for 3 weeks. October is the busiest month for our family. Between my son's birthday, the church ranch rodeo finals, our anniversary, the FALL FESTIVAL at ROBBER'S CAVE, Trunk or Treat at the local college, and just finishin' up prep work for winter at the homestead--I'm lucky to remember to eat, let alone post anything.

Plus, we have new neighbors on the mountain, and I've sorta been helpin' them get some things done.

So--to basically catch ya'll up--Our two church teams took 8th and 9th place at the rodeo finals--YAY GUYS!

Obie turned 25. I still have trouble believin' I brought him home over 20 years ago. I LOVE YOU MUGWUMP!

The Redneck and I have been together 15 years this month. I still can't believe I haven't left him, but then I recall that I shouldn't reward him for bad behavior! I LOVE YOU, BABY!

I have spent the past few days gettin' ready for the FALL FESTIVAL. I stitched up some holes in the tent, and I've gathered some props to dress the tent out with, so hopefully it will look a bit more 'westerny' (yes, Becky--that IS a word). We will be handin' out free coffee, cowboy and biker Bibles, and I thik we are havin' ropin' contests for the kids again this year. I love this event, 'cause I can really get out and MEET folks, hand them a Bible, and invite them to church. Obie and I will probably walk about 30 miles over the next three days. I can't just sit at the booth and wait for folks to come to me--I gotta get out and go to them! Oh, and our Preacher is doin' the Sunday mornin' service this year.

As for the homestead--I'm workin' on gettin' my woodstove up and runnin'--need new stove pipe. I may get a cat for the big kitchen, in order to stave off any mouse activity, but not certain. I also recently built my version of what's called a 'rocket stove'. out of old cinder blocks I had around the house. i now have a kind of outdoor fireplace at the cantina--I guess you could call it a Redneck chimenea! I can't wait to get my new camera so I can show ya'll photos of some of my projects.

I gotta close for now--still have a ton of things to do before the mornin' gets here--we'll be gettin' up and out to the park at 'dark thirty' each day, so I gotta sleep fast each night.

Well, I got chores. later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Wow, you've been mighty busy, indeed! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the festival (if your camera's fixed, of course), and I'll be praying for good success!