Thursday, September 29, 2011

My 100th post!

September 29, 2011

Wow--I just saw that I have 99 previous posts--who knew I had so much to say?

Oh wait--that would be ANYBODY who has known me for more than 5 minutes....

Okay--who knew I had anything WORTHWHILE to say?

Yeah--that lowers the numbers quite a bit, I'd say!

Okay, it's been a busy week--We had a quiet weekend, EXCELLENT church service, and I got floored when I found a message for me on FACEBOOK from a man whom I made friends with through another friend, askin' me if his church could use my last post as a church bulletin insert. His PASTOR liked it.

Then after tellin' some folks in my church, 'cause well, heck, I felt honored, I found out that one of my friends had reposted an edited version of my post on FB, givin' me credit and praisin' my writin'. Other folks who had read the post told me how much THEY liked it, and that they had emailed it to several other folks.

Talk about humblin'. I am more excited about these small acknowledgements than if I had been paid to have my work published (however--if anyone out there WANTS to pay me for writin' somethin'--I'm adaptable!).

I said at the outset of this blog, that if I have anything to say that has any merit whatsoever--I give the glory to God. Yes, I work hard to get those words on the page in a way that makes readin' them enjoyable. But I honestly believe that God directs my thoughts and ideas. His word provides so much material as I hold up experiences in my life to the Bible to see what He may be tryin' to get through my head.

Let's see, what else? Obie and I got a couple of good long walks in, and some other work done around the house, gettin' ready for winter here in the mountains.

My camera has somethin' wrong with it--so until I get a replacement--unless I find some photos in my archives to use--photos will not be included in posts for a bit.

After readin' Lady Lydia's blog this mornin' , I have decided to begin 'taking tea' in the afternoons with my son and whoever may be about. i have always loved the idea of tea time, and Lady Lydia's suggestions on how to reduce stress in the home just stuck a chorc. I have a nice metal tray with a tiny butterflies design, and today my friend Joyce gave me 5 dainty tea cups and saucers. They dont match, but they are quite pretty. I am keepin' an eye out for a tea pot and other accoutrements to set up a tea set with. I hope to find some nice napkins, a small table to serve on, and some small plates and serving bowls for snacks and jellies--stuff like that. Maybe a cream and sugar set. I don't intend to get overly complicated, but I would like to think that I took some time out of my day to make life a bit more special. I can't even do this every day--but when I do it--I want it to be elegantly relaxing.

I do have a tea recipe that you can make very easily in your own kitchen, with simple spices from your cupboard. You can add the following to any black tea or green tea, if you like. Just blend together the following:

cloves, ginger root,
cinnamon bark, peppermint leaves, cardamom,
allspice, orange peel and black pepper

I just started bangin' them together in amounts that I thought would be good--you can do the same. The tea has the effect of aidin' the digestive system, soothin' nerves and refreshin' the spirit.

I simply use the combination by itself--I don't add any type of tea. I think the blend stands on its own. It's also good once it's brewed, to make into an iced tea with a touch of stevia.

I guess I don't have a lot more to say on this 'auspicious occasion' of my 100th post. I would like to share a poem with ya'll that I wrote last year. i hope you like it.

And Yet I Forgave You
By Evelyn Edgett
May 25, 2010

They hurt me so bad.
How can I forgive them?
My child, you were there,
when they rejected My words.
And yet, I forgave you.

But Jesus,
They betrayed me.
How can I forgive them?
My child, you were there,
when Judas kissed my cheek.
And yet, I forgave you.

But Jesus,
They lied about me.
How can I forgive them?
My child, you were there,
when lies were told by Pharisees.
And yet, I forgave you.

But Jesus,
They tried to destroy me.
How can I forgive them?
My child, you were there,
When they scourged away My flesh.
And yet, I forgave you.

But Jesus,
Their deeds cut me so deep.
How can I forgive them?
My child, it was your sin,
That nailed Me to that cross.
And yet, I forgave you.

When the disciples asked Jesus, “Lord, teach us to pray.” one of the things He taught them was, “forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.”
No Jew, no Roman, no earthly government or human authority nailed Jesus to the cross. It was us, our sins that caused the only begotten Son of God to hang from a tree, suspended between heaven and earth. It was because of our sins that He chose to die a horrific death so He could redeem us to Himself.
So my question to you is this. If He can forgive us for that, why can’t we forgive the people who hurt us in this life?

(This poem is dedicated to the prayer warriors of my church, Grace Country Cowboy Church, in Wilburton, Oklahoma. Thank you for your prayers. I love you all.)

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency, I Rescue The Redneck, And Connections

September 22, 2011


In case you are wonderin', I just greeted ya'll with the Botswana word for hello. If you are speakin' to a woman, it is Dumelah Mma, and to a man, Dumelah Rra.

Neat, huh?

No, I'm not plannin' a mission trip to Africa--I have been watchin' a little HBO series on DVD, called THE NO. 1 LADIES' DETECTIVE AGENCY. It's really good--I recommend it. It's basically a comedy, yet it deals with some serious subjects, so use discretion with younger viewers.

Has it really been two weeks since I last posted? I got a bit 'Dorothy in the tornado', but I'm back now.

Rodeo season is over for our family--Brian didn't make the finals. We will go to watch, but no horse haulin'! I had to rescue him from a viscious mouse in the feed barrel early one mornin'. I ran to the feed room where he was yellin', thinkin' somethin' was wrong with a horse. He was standin' there with a flashlight shinin' in the barrel, sayin' "get your pet outta the barrel!" There was a tiny mouse--all of 3 inches long, lookin' up and terrified. I reached in with a coffee can and scooped him up then released him outside. Later I asked the Redneck if he had ever had a pet mouse or rat.


I gotta admit it was funny, and I had a great 'tail' to tell folks at the rodeo later that day!

Okay, today I have somethin' to say about church.

I have invited quite a few folks to church over the years. Some have shown up, others have blown off my invites, and then there are the ones I just bang my head on the wall over...

The ones who say, "I don't need to go to a building to have church. My church is the woods/my living room/the beach/the mountains/fill in your own excuse--oops, pardon me--location."

Church is NOT a buildin'. The Sistine Chapel is beautiful, but it ain't a church. That little country buildin' with a steeple and bell is quaint, but it ain't a church. Our old barn, complete with sawdust on the floor is wonderful, but it ain't a church.

THE church--'cause let's face it--there is really only ONE church--the body of Jesus--is made up of people who have put their faith in His death and resurrection, and how He paid for their sins. All the smaller parts of the 'body'--denominations, sects, individuals, etc, are just like parts of your own body. They are unique, yet they are also a part of the whole. When I was a kid, I thought all churches were God's, and that denominations were just ways to classify how some folks worshipped different from others. I basically figured that we all worked for the same BOSS--just in different departments.

Heck--I was 12 years old before I understood there were no BAPTIST NUNS!

But I digress...what a shock....

What I'm gettin' at is that people make the mistake of not understandin' WHY goin' to church is a lot more than just goin' into a buildin'.

Church is about CONNECTIONS.

We first connect with God, and through Him we connect with other believers, then out to our homes, communities and the world.

Church is where we connect with those who believe as we do, where we can freely speak of our love of God. We connect with others who have been hurt by the world, and who are seekin' peace in Jesus. We connect with others who have fallen in their Christian walk, who have come back to square one and now need our support to keep goin'. We connect with our communities in love in times of crisis and celebration, with either funds, labor, or even a simple cup of coffee given in the name of Jesus. We connect with people who UNDERSTAND, because they have been down that same dark road we have just come back from, we are on right now, or we are contemplatin' headin' down.

A buildin' can't do that. Only livin', breathin', believin' PEOPLE can do that.

Let me give you an example from this last week that actually triggered this post.

The other night, I didn't get to sleep until after 2 a.m.. Wasn't upset, worried, nuthin' like that--just couldn't sleep. I get up at 4 a.m., get the Redneck off to work, then crash again instead of havin' my prayer and Bible study time, and I'm comatose until my son gets up. Even then, I am still havin' trouble functionin'--'cause I'm not someone who does well on little sleep.

So here I am, out feedin' my animals, stumblin' over my own feet. Add to that--my moods are swingin' from tree to tree, and then suddenly, for no reason, I am cryin' all over the place. We are not talkin' regular cryin'--we're talkin' fussy two year old, done missed his nap and can't find his binky mumbly', growly, WHINY cryin'.

I thought, "WHAT is wrong with me? Father--I need HELP!"

I don't hear an audible voice when I hear from God--but I know His voice. He reminded me that I had a cell phone and textin'. I gulped back a sob as I quickly sent the followin' message:

Long story short. I've got mood swings and cryin' for no
reason. I'm askin' for prayer. Thanks.

I sent it to about 10 people I knew who wouldn't hesitate to pray for me. Once I sent it, I went on with my chores. I trusted that God would handle it from there through the prayers of my friends.

I know folks prayed, 'cause within 20 minutes my tears had stopped completely and my mood had evened out to a normal level. I was fine and went on about my day with no more weird emotional stuff.

I never doubted those 10 folks would pray for me. I never doubted God would answer those prayers. I know that they in turn never doubted their prayers would be answered. They also know that if I got a text from them, I would pray for their needs.

Buildin's don't connect like that. A buildin' can't pray for you and care about you. A buildin' can't hold you in its arms and comfort you when you lose a loved one. It can't confront you when you're messin' up your life and need to be gently loved back to the Lord. It can't bring you chicken soup when you're sick. It can't come to your house when you are so desperate you called a local preacher at random to ask him to please tell your family you're sorry for what you're about do, and he shows up to bring you the good news that there is hope and you don't have to do somethin' stupid.

Buildin's can't connect. People do.

Jesus had church on a mountain side, from a boat, on the steps of the temple, at a well in the heat of the day, at the tomb of His friend, in the midst of a crowd as a woman touched the hem of His garment and was healed, around a table with His disciples, and ON A CROSS.

Jesus connected with people, wherever they were.

So what am I sayin'? I'm sayin' that the next time someone uses that 'I don't need a buildin' to worship God" line--tell 'em you ain't invitin' them to a buildin'. You're invitin' them to CONNECT.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Campin On The Ridge--A New Recipe From Angela Coffman

September 8, 2011

Wow--cooler weather at last! It's been lovely bein' able to sleep with only a fan and open windows this last week.

Last weekend our family and a friend camped out on the ridge and went horseback ridin'. We brought up horses and some gear, then I stayed behind to set up camp while Brian and Obie went to get some m ore things and our friend James. I walked around and took some photos while I waited.

I got the campfire goin' and put on a big pot of beans for lunch. I had already cooked them the day before, so all I had to do was heat them through. Then I got out my huge cast iron skillet, poured in some oil, and fried up some corn cakes. They are simply made from a cornbread batter that is fried like a doughnut.

They may be simple--but they are also GOOD.

One really cool thing I found while takin' photos was in one of the ponds on the ridge. I was tryin' to get a photo of these tiny lilly pads--they are only about 3 inches across.
I knelt down close to the water's edge, and as I was takin' the picture, I saw somethin' move in the water just in front of me. I got a closer look, and took this photo of two leeches hoverin' over somethin.
I tried to use a stick to lift them out for a better look, but they took off. I wondered what they had been goin' after, so I lifted out what I had thought was a big root. Turns out it was instead a large batch of frog's eggs.
The guys got back, we had a good lunch, and then went ridin. Fancy and I rode all around the 50 acres, and we loved it. Brian worked with his stud, Rascal.

For supper I made red chile stew with hamburger, and leftover corn cakes. It was a lovely night, but we all turned in around 'dark thirty'.

We woke up to a wonderful mornin'. I put the coffe pot on the fire, then started up the skillets. I made sausage gravy with beef breakfast sausage, navajo fry bread and scrambled eggs.

Do ya dig my jammie pants with the red lips on 'em? I think they are cute!
Well, we did more horseback ridin', then a quick lunch of leftovers, more ridin' and sometime around 3p.m. we packed up and headed back down the mountain. We dropped off our friend, unloaded everything, then took Fancy and headed to rodeo practice. Had a good practice, but the dust was awful. I had so much dust blow in my mouth, you would have thought I was havin' my teeth polished with a sand blaster!

We got back home, got Fancy put away, and we all crashed late. Fortunately, Brian was off for the holiday, so we got to sleep late--till a whole6 a.m.!

Oh--the beef breakfast sausage was from a recipe by Angela Coffman of I asked her permission to give ya'll the recipe, and she said go for it. She asked me to link back to the recipe on her site--but I ain't figgered that out yet--so just visit her blog site--you'll love it.

Here's the original recipe:
Beef Breakfast Sausage
1 Tablespoon brown sugar
2 teaspoons dried sage
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons dried basil
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 teaspoon onion powder
1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
2 pounds ground beef, uncooked
Stir the brown sugar, sage, salt, basil, black pepper, onion powder, and red pepper flakes together in a small bowl.
Place the ground beef in a large bowl; mix the spice blend into the ground beef with your hands until evenly integrated. If you have a Bosch, you can use the dough hook on your mixer to blend the ground beef and spices.
Place spiced beef in a covered container in the refrigerator for 24 hours to let the flavors blend.
Divide the ground beef into patties. I wanted the patties pretty flat so we could use them in our Sunday morning bagel, egg, cheese, and sausage sandwiches. I made 1 ½-inch balls and flattened them between pieces of wax paper. I used a square of wax paper and did 4 at a time. I flatted them to about ¼ inch. They peeled easily off the wax paper to fry in a skillet. I got about 18 patties doing it this way. If you want larger sausage patties, then you will obviously not get as many as I did.
Fry beef sausage patties over medium-high heat until done. Serve!
To store: I let the patties cool and then placed them in a freezer safe container with wax paper in between the layers (see photo above). Now I can easily take out however many patties I need, let them thaw, and warm them up for our meal.

Now, what I did was make another batch and added a bit more 'kick' with extra cayenne. This recipe makes the most fabulous sausage gravy you ever had! Thanks Angela--you ROCK!

Well, I got chores. Later Ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Sept 1, 2011

I have to tell ya'll about a wonderful little novel by Darien Gee--FRIENDSHIP BREAD.

It's set in the fictional town of Avalon. Julia, a mother who lost her son several years ago and is still grieving over his death, receives a bag of Amish Friendship Bread starter anonymously. Urged by her little girl, she begins to work with the starter, then gives some away, and well, the whole town begins a transformation.

Darien Gee has created a wonderful setting and cast of characters who break out of the molds that most writers might have put them into (there is even a biker--only in one chapter--but you will LOVE this guy!). Even though it is a novel--you can visualize these events actually happening. There are even recipes for the starter and how to bake the basic bread, along with variations. I am so inspired--I'm gonna make the starter and give it a shot!

I don't know what her faith is--but Ms. Gee's book makes me think of the book of Esther. God is never mentioned directly--but His handiwork is powerfully evident throughout the story.

It got me to thinkin' about how God sometimes uses the smallest things to make a huge change in our lives. The biggest example would be how while the Israelites were waitin' for a Messiah to come chargin' in to save them in a big dramatic way, God chose to bring salvation to the whole world through the simple birth of a tiny baby in a humble stable, then only told a group of poor shepherds about it the night it happened.

Okay--I'm goin' out on a theological limb here--but I also realized how much we as Christians are like Friendship Bread starter.

Hang on--stick with me for a minute, will ya?

First of all--ain't none of us really impressive on our own--just like a bag of starter is kinda useless when you first get it. In fact--it's really sort of disgustin'.

But the starter--just like us--has the potential to become something wonderful.

When you get starter, you have to 'do' stuff to it. You have to 'smush' the bag each day. You have to add some more ingredients to the bag on certain days--you have to 'feed' the mixture. If the bag gets puffed up--ya gotta let the air out so it doesn't burst. You can't use metal utensils or bowls, or else it screws up the fermentation process. You can’t put it in the fridge, ‘cause if it grows cold--it slows down its development.

Seein’ a spiritual picture here? God has to ‘do’ stuff to us to get us to where we can be useful. Sometimes He ‘smushes’ us through testin’ times in our lives. He ‘feeds’ us through His Word--IF we are smart enough to spend time in it. When we get puffed up with pride--He has to let the air out of us so we don’t explode and hurt others.

To me, metal utensils and bowls represent worldly influences that can stunt our spiritual growth.

When we wander away from God and allow our love for Him to grow cold--well, it’s unpleasant, but He is always willin’ to take us back and warm us up through His grace and mercy.

Now--you CAN freeze starter to use later--and God may set you aside for a time to wait until His timin’ for you to do a job He may have for you. I think those times in my life make me crazier than others. My flesh wants to DO SOMETHING, but God says, “wait--you are not ready yet.”

When those times come--I guess ya have to look at this way. Just like when Friendship Bread starter gets to the point that EVERYONE has gotten one--there has to be a time of steppin’ back, or else folks will hate the sight of anyone comin’ with a baggie of the stuff. Sort of like if God didn’t keep us back from certain jobs for the Kingdom--we’d just mess up what He’s doin’, so we get to ‘chill’ for a while and learn to trust while we are waitin’.

I really recommend this novel. No matter your faith--you will find some wonderful life lessons in here.

There is no foul language that I can recall, and even though not everyone has a fairy tale ending--the story still leaves you feeling good. I understand that there is a second book in the works, and I am looking forward to it.

Darien Gee has a Facebook page, if you are interested. Please tell her you read about the book here on my blog. It won't get me anything, but I like to think that I may be helping her career a little.

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett