Thursday, August 4, 2011

Second Sabbath--Horse Sittin'--Workship

July 30, 2011

It was an interestin' Sabbath. Not bad--just interestin'. It all sorta went wonky on Friday night, after Brian got home.

I was up to my elbows in beef sausage mixture, tryin' to get it mixed right, when the Redneck came in, lookin' concerned.

To make a long story short, Mayla, the 'far flung filly' of our Thursday adventure, got out again. After we found her, we got hold of her owner, and then we all put our heads together to solve the problem of where to keep her until Alyssa could get moved in completely.

Yup--I'm horse sittin' at our house this week. No problem, but I will be relieved to get her back home. I don't mind carin' for a dog or cat--those I can just have in the house and keep an eye on them easy. A horse, however, is too big for that, and I am a tad obsessive--I tend to go outside constantly to check on them. My husband's dad once had a mare that was supposed to foal on a weekend that they would be out of town, and Brian told me we had to check on her every hour. Since he had to work--WE meant ME.

I was up every hour, goin' out to the barn with a flashlight to check on Princess. I'd get there, shine the light and that horse would look at me like I was crazy. After a while, I think she was scared I was stalkin' her--ever see a horse raise an eyebrow like Mr, Spock? By Sunday evenin' she had 911 on speed dial!

I was exhausted by the time Brian's folks got back. Since she hadn't had the foal, his dad called the vet to check her. Turns out, he had misunderstood the due date--A MONTH LATER!

I had worn myself out all weekend for nothin'.

Oh well, like my mom used to say--it builds character.

Anyway--we got Mayla settled in at our place, and she seems to be fine.

I cooked up the beef breakfast sausage up--boy it is GOOD! I will be mixin' up another batch soon. I'll use my big stand mixer this time, to make certain all the spices are incorporated well.

I went to call Alyssa to let her know how Mayla was doin', and I got a message from our neighbor that he was havin' trouble with his camper's electrical system. I told Brian, and he went over there to help him fix it. Obie and I stayed home to keep an eye on Mayla and do some putterin' around. I baked up another batch of the artisan bread--which, by the way--I realized I hadn't put up a photo of the loaves I baked the other day. Here is a couple of photos of the new batch.

Later in the day, Alyssa and her sister Lexi came down our driveway--on foot. They had gotten a flat tire, and had to leave their truck at the end of our drive. They had no spare, so after they checked on Mayla and we worked out some more details of her care, Brian took them and the flat over to another neighbor's house and fixed it. When they came back, we sat around and talked for a while, then Brian followed them in our truck back to town to be certain they wouldn't have anymore trouble. While he was gone, Obie and I ate our supper and bathed.

When Brian got home, he ate and finished gettin' ready for bed.

I guess I could have gotten all fussy about yet another Sabbath not goin' the way *I* thought it should, but I recalled a term I heard years ago that helped to put things in perspective.


You remember yesterday I said if we went to go get hay for our animals, that would be a good example of 'goin' after the ox in the ditch' on Sabbath? Well, workship is basically what Jesus called doin' good on the Sabbath in Matthew 12:12. It's showin' love for others by helpin' when you get the chance.

I'm proud of my husband, because he never hesitates to help others when he can. He could have gotten all legalistic and said, "Sorry, it's Sabbath--WE don't do any work on the Sabbath." Don't laugh--I know several folks who wouldn't do CPR on the Sabbath!

He took the time to help our neighbor, and then he made certain that Alyssa and Lexi got home safely. He doesn't expect recognition when he does things like that--it would never occur to him.

As a result of doin' good this Sabbath, we reaped a few benefits. We were able to minister to a non-believin' neighbor in a way that said volumes more than just talkin' about God would ever do. We got to fellowship with two dear sisters in Christ--something we had been wantin' to do for a while, but had never had the chance to do before now.

And ya know what? We felt rested and refreshed after all the stuff we did--even though we didn't get to just lay around and sleep or do nothin'.

I hope to do a post or two based on the book SABBATH that I have mentioned before. We'll see how that works.

Well, I got no chores--but I'm gonna go check on Mayla. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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