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Ranch Rodeo At Lightning C Arena

Aug 6, 2011

Whoever once said you have to have a peck of dirt before you die had to have been into rodeo.

Today was our church's time to host a ranch rodeo for all the other cowboy churches in the Oklahoma Fellowship Of Cowboy Churches. It was held at Lightning C Arena.

Our family arrived around 7 a.m., and we unloaded Fancypants to let her graze for a bit while we scouted out where everything was gonna be during the day.

Lightning C is a really neat arena. They have worked hard to give it western atmosphere. There are hook ups for RVs, and you can ride your horses on the property for a fee. (

We talked with some of our friends while they got their mounts ready, Here is Casey Day saddlin' up his horse.

Brian saddled Fancy up, and I took her for a ride in the big pasture around the arena building. I didn't ride her too long, 'cause I knew she had a busy day ahead of her, and I wanted her limber, not tired.

Pretty soon it was time to go pay the fees for entry, and that was handled by the lovely Rhonda Adams, seen here.

After the fees were paid, Obie and I nabbed Poblano outta the truck. You can tell she’s rarin’ to go say hello to the world.

After the cowboys all rode around the arena for a while, there was a procession to begin the rodeo. First of all, Cassie Day rode out carryin’ the cross. After I took the shot, she told me, “I smiled just for you”.

Then came the cowboys and cowgirls.

Once everyone was in the Arena, then Casey Adams rode out carryin’ the American flag. It was si wonderful to watch everyone of the cowboys remove their hats as Old Glory went past.

Then the Oklahoma Flag came out, and the Christian flag made it’s appearance.

Finally, they all were lined up. You can see the cowboys in the background as they pay their respect.

After the opening ceremony, teams were announced and the lineup was established. Brian’s team was third in line for the amateur class.

This handsome gentleman is Colonel Tucker, of the LORD’S CALVARY Ministry. He and his wife Sandra make the rodeo circuits, preachin, testifyin’ and handin’ out Bibles. His love of God is a fierce one, and he loves to tell of how God changed his life. If ya ever get a chance to hear his testimony--ASK!

The cool thing about rodeos is that you never know just what you may see at each one. The cowboys and cowgirls all have different types of saddles, boots and even horses. I love the details that make up the look and feel of the rodeo lifestyle.

Here is our fearless announcer, Rusty McCormick! He relates the events as the happen, calls up the next team and adds his own commentary to the events. I loved it when one team was tryin’ to sort out a steer, but it tried to run back to the herd. Rusty called out, “Don’t go back to that bunch, number 5--THEY STINK!”

Here you see photos of my Beloved and Fancy, as they try to catch, sort, and do all the other things ya do in rodeo. How did they do? Well, let’s just say Fancy won’t have to chase cows at the finals....

There were several other things goin’ on besides the regular events. We had a professional bull rider who came and gave his testimony, and a gentleman who won the EXTREME MUSTANG MAKEOVER, gave a demonstration of how well Quattro, a 3 year old wild mustang, trusted this man after one year after being taken out of the wild. It was amazing to watch this horse go through the course that had been set up. It was more amazing the Quattro was BLINDFOLDED. He had to have absolute trust in his rider to do all he did. It was wonderfully symbolic of how our relationship to God should be.

While the rodeo went on, we also got to visit with many of our friends from other cowboy churches and catch up on the great things God is doin’ through this ministry.

When it was all over with, we headed home and took care of the animals for the evenin’, had a quick supper of hot links and tortillas, chips and salsa (hey--I was tired, it was hot--I was NOT cookin’. Besides, how much more westerny can ya get then hot links and tortillas?)

We all cleaned up and hit the bed, since we had to get up and drive to Texas in the mornin’ for a funeral.

No chores. Later, ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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