Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quiet Sunday--A/C fixin'--Readin' by Candlelight

July 31, 2011

Okay--Sunday got here, and it was a quiet day. The Redneck and Obie went to church and I stayed here to keep an eye on Mayla. I've fed and watered everyone, had quiet time and read my Bible chunk for the day.

I caught up some dishes and straightened up the house a bit. Then I was doin' some readin', and I noticed that the air conditioner kept kickin' off and on its compressor. I pulled it out of the window, took it apart and found that the fins in the front had a fine coatin' of silt. No wonder it hasn't been coolin' as efficiently lately.

I got it cleaned up, replaced it in the window, and lo and behold--it's much cooler in here!

The guys got home, we had lunch, and then we all zonked out for a nap. Later Brian got Fancypants ready and I hooked up the horse trailer. We loaded her up and they headed to church rodeo practice.

Obie and I spent the rest of the evenin' fixin' 'Cheatin' Chili', and watchin' DVDs. Around 9:20 he went to bed. I took a bucket, put a large candle, a lighter and a glass chimney in it, along with a book. I grabbed a flashlight and walked back up to the unloadin' site to wait for Brian to get back. I turned the bucket over, sat down, lit my candle and put the chimney over it, then got out my book and read. Around 11 p.m. they pulled up, we unloaded Fancy and I walked her down. I put her in the corral, then finished gettin' ready for bed.

Brian remarked how much cooler the house was, and I said it was good that I had stayed home so I could clean the fins. He laughed and said yes, 'cause if HE had stayed home, he wouldn't have checked it--he would most likely have chunked the thing out the door and then gone into hock buyin' a new one!

Well, no chores--but bed beckons. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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