Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet Miz Mayla, and God Handles The Details--Of Course!

July 28, 2011

Today started out to be a very simple day, then it changed fast. It wasn't a bad day--it just didn't go the way I had planned it.

First, we drop off the Redneck at work, head to the wi-fi spot and do our online stuff, then pick up the two ladies who are now spayed. We swing by the post office to mail off the bill payments for the week.

Now, here is where the day went wonky.

We have friends at church who are movin' up on our mountain, and they have a horse named Mayla that is already in the pasture at the new place. They had asked us to check on her and the new house, and we had been doin' that. We didn't stop by this mornin', and I figured I would swing by and see how Mayla was on my way back down the mountain later in the day.

I was just about to turn in one direction to head home to feed, when I felt that I had to go the opposite direction. I felt the Lord was tellin' me in no uncertain terms to go check on Mayla--NOW.

I am no spiritual giant by any means, but I have learned that when you hear from God--no matter how mundane it may seem--ya better do it. So, I turned right instead of left.

I am drivin' along the mountain, and I pass a man gradin' the county road. We wave at each other, and I tootle on past. Then I get a bit farther, and I noticed that there was a horse walkin' down the middle of the road. This is not unusual--livestock gets out of pastures and pens, so no big deal. I figure I'll just ease past the horse and head on up the next two miles to check on Mayla.

Then I realize....


Oh heck, here I am, my friend's horse is about two miles away from home, I have no phone reception on this road, no lead rope or halter, Obie can't help me, 'cause he's havin' to ride herd on two spayed dogs who are as loopy as tangled yarn, and there is no one livin' nearby that I know who can help me get this animal back where she needs to be.

Plus--there is a stud horse in the pasture along the road we are on, and even though she's not in heat--HE is prancin' and dancin' back and forth, goin' "Hey, Baby--you new in town?"

I did the only thing I COULD do...

I threw a prayer up to God.

"Father--You are gonna have to handle this--'cause I ain't gotta CLUE what to do!"

He heard, and He answered.

I suddenly knew to turn the truck around and head back to the guy gradin' the road. I found him parked to the side of the road, takin' a quick break. I got out and explained the situation, and he never even hesitated as he handed me his cell phone. I got hold of Alyssa and let her know what was goin' on. She asked if I would stay with Mayla until she could get there. I said sure, handed back the phone, and drove back up to where Mayla had gone.

Which, by the grace of God, was AWAY from that stud!

In fact, she had decided that she would enjoy standin' underneath a big shade tree in the curve of the road. I parked under the tree alongside her, and got out. She walked up to me, and after sniffin' me over a bit, she sighed and put her head on my shoulder, as if to say, "Finally, somebody I know!"

I checked on Obie and the girls, and we rolled down the windows. There was a cool breeze blowin' through the truck, and with the shade overhead, it was actually very comfy for them.

I stood with Mayla, talkin' and pettin' her. Then a truck pulled up, and the lady who owned the stud got out. I explained to her what was goin' on, and she went and got me a halter and lead rope, which Mayla accepted with no fuss. We talked for a bit, then she said if I needed anything else, let her know, and then she drove off.

As we waited, a few folks would stop and ask if we were okay. I appreciated that folks were concerned. I really appreciated that they slowed down as they went past. Mayla took it all in stride, standin' relaxed and half asleep.

By now Obie and the girls are snoozin' in the truck, and I led Mayla to the back of the truck, took down the tailgate, hopped up and got comfortable. I spent some time in prayer, then began to get drowsy.

After a while, Alyssa drove up, and we began to get things arranged so she could lead Mayla back home. I went to my truck, turned the key.....

The truck battery was dead.

Well, I told Alyssa, and we got out her jumper cables--but we couldn't get her hood open, no matter what we tried.

The funny thing was, I wasn't upset or worried. I figured that God had provided direction to check on the horse, He provided a phone, a lead rope and halter, a SHADE TREE and a BREEZE...

...why should I be concerned about a measly ol' truck battery?

We moved everyone into Alyssa's truck, got the horse home, and then I recalled what the lady who owned the stud had said.

If I needed anything else--let her know.

We headed for her house, and her husband was out in the yard. I explained who I was, and my need. He told us he would meet us at the truck, and after he had my truck runnin', Obie and I headed home.

We got back around 12:30, and my mare Fancy was standin' at the fence, lookin' at her watch, tappin' her hoof, and givin' me that 'if you can't be punctual--we are gonna have to replace you' look.

We got everyone taken care of, and then after restin', we headed back down to town.

God is so good, ain't He? He not only alerted me to check on Mayla, He provided everything I needed to help my friend out. He protected both horses, 'cause if that stud decided to go over that fence--he could have been torn up badly. God provided a shade and a breeze durin' a time of year when the heat index is around 112 degrees. He gave me favor in the eyes of the owner of the stud, and she provided a halter and rope so I could control the mare easier and keep her safe. He provided Alyssa with her father-in-law to watch her new baby so she didn't have to worry about her daughter gettin' hot. He provided a jump start for my truck.

People think God only speaks to great men about great issues. That is so dumb. The Bible tells us He is concerned about EVERY aspect of our lives. If we will only trust Him--He will take care of our every need. ("And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ." Philippians 4:19)

Of course--I had to take the step of ASKIN' Him for help. I acknowledged the fact that I NEEDED His help.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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