Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 3 Of Dress Experiment--RAIN!--And I Gotta Rep In Da Wood

August 10, 2011

Day 3 of the Dress Experiment. I seem to be livin' through this okay. The Redneck and I talked about me wearin' dresses this mornin', and he said that he still doesn't think that it's really practical for our life up here.

"Besides," he added. "Clothes don't make the person."

I agreed, because we have run into folks in our lives who are not who their clothes would have you think they are. We have met some of the most leather clad, tattooed, pierced, long hair and braided beard bikers you could imagine who turned out to love the Lord with all their hearts.

We have also known a few folks wearin' the nicest suits and dresses to church, who looked so clean they squeaked when they walked--and yet who had the meanest character towards others.

I did forget to tell ya'll about one comment I received on Monday when we were at Stinger's. Another neighbor came over, and when ha saw me, he said, "Whoa--you're wearin' a dress. You don't see many women wearin' dresses."

This is the only real comment I've had so far, but then again, I haven't been to town yet. that will change tomorrow. It will be interestin' to see if anyone notices my change of wardrobe.

Well, anyway--here is my dress for the day. The photo is a bit fuzzy--but hey, it was 4:40 in the mornin'--I'm lucky Brian could find the ON button! The little dog behind my skirt is Ufi--she's still hidin' out from Simi.

We woke up to a thunderstorm on the horizon, and after Brian left for work--it hit. It was glorious, and the rain was such a blessin' after weeks of dry weather. We have had over 30 days of 100+ temperatures, but I think that the heat may have broken now. I hope so. I'm tired of breathin' in air so hot it feels like my lungs are bakin'.

Obie and I got to walk almost 4 miles today! I took these shots of the sky--you can still see all the clouds. It was nice and cool for most of our walk.

We did have a nasty surprise on the road. I looked down and thought at first there was a piece of rope on the ground. Turns out there was a copperhead about 10 inches long in front of us. He had himself flattened out as much as he could. I took his photo, then walked further to find a large rock to clean his clock with.

When I returned, he was gone. Now, he was pretty far into the road, so he must have slithered away as fast as his scales could take him. Hmmm....I wonder if I have a reputation within the reptile community after last summer's incident.

One day last summer, we were walkin' along that same road, and I saw off to the side a large copperhead. He was curled up into a round shape about the size of a dinner plate--maybe he was tryin' to disguise himself as Corningware--I dunno.

I tossed a few stones at him to get him to move away, but he just flattened himself more.

"Okay, buddy," I said. "I've tried to be nice, but you're blockin' my way, and I don't trust you one bit."

I picked up the biggest rock I could find--about the size of a bowlin' ball--and chunked it right on top of him.

It bounced off of him, and he sorta 'leaped' into the air--then shot down off the road into the grass. He seemed to be thinkin' "Holy cats--SHE'S SERIOUS!"

I guess word got around that neck of the woods.

Yeah....I got street cred.

After our walk I did chores, then decided to try one more time to give my horse Bandy a mane trim. I have tried many times, but he has never let me. For some reason however, I just felt in my gut that today would be different. So, I got out my shears, slipped them into my apron pocket, and headed to the corral.

It took a bit to get him to let me get close enough to catch his halter, but when I did, he let me love on him awhile. I held up the scissors to his nose so he could sniff them, He did NOT like that, so I slipped them back into the pocket and kept lovin' on him.

After a bit, I eased them out again, and slowly snipped off a snarl that begun in the back of his mane.

He was okay.

I snipped a bit more. Then a bit more.

Soon, I had the right side of his mane cut in a sort of blocked shape, but there were no more snarls. I took a deep breath, then reached around the left side, where he's blind.

One snip.


One more.

It was done.

I was positively giddy now. I needed to cut his forelock, right above his eyes.

One snip.

His eyes got a bit big, but he was still.

Another snip.

Had to stop for a second, let him calm down. I told him, "You know I have NEVER hurt you, Bandy. Just one more snip and we are done."

Another deep breath, and while holdin' my mouth just right, I reached up and gave one last snip.


I praised that gelding like he had won the Kentucky Derby. He wasn't sure what he had done right, but he was pleased with himself. I hugged his neck, then came back into the house.

Bandy looks much better now--although his bangs give him a Moe Howard kind of look (come on--Moe Howard? The 3 Stooges? Larry, Moe and Curly?).

Well, after cleanin' the house--and by the way, scrubbin' a floor on your knees in a skirt is hard--we rested and I finished the book OOGY, by Larry Levin.

It's a great little book about a dog who was used as a 'bait dog' in a dog fighting ring. A bait dog is usually a pit bull who won't fight, a poodle, or any other dog that is unlucky enough to end up in the hands of these kinds of people (and I use that term loosely). They are tossed into the cage or pit with another dog, who then proceeds to tear the bait dog up. Most of these little victims die, but this puppy lived long enough to be rescued during a raid of a drug operation. He was taken to a veterinary ER, and after being treated, was adopted by Larry Levin and his family. OOGY is a love story between a human family and a dog who has conquered astronomical odds. I highly recommend it if you love a happy ending.

Okay--it’s gettin’ on in the afternoon, and I still have to fix supper and feed animals.

Well, I got chores. Later, Ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    You look lovely! And so does Bandy. :) He DOES look a little Moe-ish!

    I hope that the copperheads keep their distance from now on; good thing you have plenty of rocks nearby!