Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 1 Of The Dress Experiment

August 8, 2011

Okay....Day 1 of the DRESS EXPERIMENT.

Since Brian didn't go to work today, he was able to take a few photos of my day.

Here I am, showin' what I chose to wear for today. It's a simple
jumper and a little top underneath. I had been collectin' a few of these types of things for a while, in case I did decide to switch to dresses. You can see my male wolf, Fang, at the lower left of the photo. His facial expression seems to be askin', "Mom--is that you?"

I started my chores. I had to fill the big trough for one corral, so I began haulin' water.

This little guy is one of the many critters that I have had to rescue out of water bowls, barrels and troughs this summer. It has been so dry, many small animals are desperate for moisture, so they jump into containers, not realizin' that they can drown. I keep branches and sticks near containers in case I gotta play lifeguard.

Yeah--there's a lesson in that. Sometimes our lives seem so dry we just jump into anything that looks like it might satisfy our thirst. If we are not smart we end up in things that not only won't satisfy us--it can destroy us.

Been there--done that--way too recently.

Okay--onto the rest of the day.

I began to clean up the house from the clutter that accumulates over a long busy weekend. Here I am about to do the dishes. This is my little camper kitchen. I use the big cabin kitchen to do the big cookin', especially in the summer. It keeps my main livin' space cooler.

Basically, the day went on pretty much in a normal fashion, just I wore a dress instead of jeans.

I discovered that climbin' in and out of a truck bed in a dress is not easy. If you get hot and sweat, jeans are superior to dresses because if you sweat, jeans wick the moisture away from the skin.

Dresses don't. Instead, the sweat just trickles down your legs, feelin' as if you have crawlies all over the skin. Plus, you end up with soggy socks.

It's hard to take a nap in a skirt, 'cause the fabric on my legs will bind up around me, and I feel like I'm tied down.

When evenin' feedin' came up, I went and cared for my animals.
This little guy is Bandy. he is a 9 year old sorrel gelding. You can see that his left eye is 'off'. He is blind in that eye, because someone ran him into a fence when he was a buckin' bronc in a youth rodeo. He is a sweet little guy, and I have had to work a long time to get him to trust me. I think I'm gettin' there, don't you?

The funny thing about this photo is that *I* am on the inside of the corral--Bandy's on the outside! He began to go over the fence, so I decided it would be safer and easier to just leave the gate open and let him come and go as he pleases. He doesn't go very far from the other horses, and he is always right there when it's feedin' time. Most of the time he comes into the corral to be petted and fed, but today he decided to stand outside.

Fancypants had been out grazin' all afternoon, so I went through the woods and called her to me. She came up and nudged me to ask if I had food on me. I would have ridden her back to the corral, but I had on a DRESS, and I couldn't do that. The Redneck hopped on and rode her back.

Yet another mark against dresses up here...

After the feedin' was done, we made a water run. While we were fillin' the barrels, Brian noticed that the tire we had put on the truck the night before was goin' flat.

Aw heck--and no spare.

We limped over to our buddy Stinger's house, and the guys worked on gettin' the air compressor goin' so they could air up the tire.

We finally got the tire situation worked out, and then came home and ate a late meal, then Brian took a photo of me after a day of wearin' a dress durin' a normal day.

I look like a wreck, huh? I was worn out, but okay.

After that, I climbed into the big tub outside and sank down into that cool water.


Hmmm...still no chores, I'm headed for bed. Later, ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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