Monday, August 29, 2011

A Clarification--And A Review

August 29, 2011

Well, it had to happen.

As you have no doubt noticed--I write in a manner very similar to the way I speak when I am in the mountains. I use a lot of colloquialisms, I drop the 'g' at the end of words, I say "ain't", and I use a lot of country logic and cliches.

I was recently informed by an offline acquaintance that I shouldn't write my blog like this, as people will think that I am an 'ignorant hick'.

Well, heck--let me clear this all up for ya'll.

First and foremost--I AIN'T IGNORANT.

I have a college education, and I study everything that even remotely interests me--from Astronomy to ZZ Top.

I love classical music, opera, theater, and ballet. I have read Shakespeare, Molière's TARTUFFE, the Bible, and ROBINSON CRUSOE. I love to watch 'The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade' (didn't see THAT one comin', did ya?)

I also love country music, rock, and Spike Jones. I enjoy readin' Sherrilyn Kenyon's DARK HUNTER novels, Mickey Spillane, and HARRY POTTER. And I'm sorry--but if you can't laugh yourself silly over PORKY'S now and then--well, see your doc, 'cuz your blood pressure has GOT to be too high.

So--I ain't ignorant--hope I put that rumor to rest.


I AM a hick.

Oh yeah.

A BIG hick.

In fact, I will state that I am most likely the most 'hickiest hick' you will ever see.

I come from a long line of hicks--country people who have built lives for themselves and their families with hard work and faith. They believed in education, not just to learn how to get ahead, but also as a way to enrich their lives.

Now--I am not beratin' the person who called me an ignorant hick. I am simply makin' sure that they understand WHAT TYPE of hick I am.

So here is the bottom line--are ya ready?

I am a H.I.C.K.


So--hope that clears things up for ya'll.

Now--onto my review.

Over on, you will find my friend Marqueta Graham's first E-book,"The Young Lady's Guide to Natural Health" A practical introduction to natural health for girls ages ten and up. Includes tips on maintaining physical, spiritual and mental health. Available as a 32 page eBook pdf file.

I was fortunate enough to win a copy of the book in a contest Marqueta held, and I must say that it is a wonderful introduction to health topics for young girls. It could be used as a basic foundation for teaching self care. It's simple, easy to understand, and yet doesn't take 'that tone' withh it's young readers (oh come on--any of you old enough to recall that goofy book from the KOTEX company know what I'm talkin' about.

It has a few recipes, not only for good foods, but also for toiletries that can be made easily and inexpensively at home. She includes several additional resources to check out.

So--there ya have it. I have hopefully educated ya'll on the type of hick I actually am, and I have given ya'll a recommendation for a lovely E-book that can enrich your lives.

My work here is done.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Old Ads From Celestial Seasonings And A Couple More

August 18, 2011

Wow--the week is goin' fast, and I have been so busy I haven't been able to write a daily post since Sunday.

I was back in jeans and boots Monday mornin'. t actually felt a little weird after a week of dresses, but I recovered quickly.

I was lookin' through my photo files this week and came across a few that I thought I'd like to share with ya'll.

These are some of the old CELESTIAL SEASONINGS HERBAL TEA advertisements that used to be on the back covers of MOTHER EARTH NEWS MAGAZINE. I had all the old copies for years, and then I took them apart and filed the stories into categories for research. I couldn't get rid of many of the ads that graced the covers of MEN, however, so I have a file for many of my favorites. I hope to get them laminated and framed for a kitchen someday. But for now--I'll share them with ya'll.
I LOVE Red Zinger Tea--so refreshin'!

This ad makes me feel cooler just lookin' at it. Wish we had a small waterfall around here to escape the heat in. Although the temps are lower, we still have a heat advisory.
Aren't the country colors in this ad just gorgeous?
This one was to show just how much Celestial Seasonings cares about the environment.

I loved to drink this tea--unfortunately, I gave up caffeine last year, since if I get too much (and I will--I love the zip I get too much to be moderate), I run around like a gerbil on speed. Not pretty....
These next two I put in here for my pen pal, Marqueta, from SWEETE FELICITY ( I'm sure she'll like the feelin' of the

I came across these last two ads, and I just wanted to include them for the ambience of one--

--and the sheer joyful chaos of the other.
I mean, come on--wouldn't it be cool if your BEN & JERRY'S danced in the freezer?

Oh well, that's all I got to share today. Hope ya liked the ads.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Day 7 of The Dress Experiment

August 14, 2011

Day 7 of the Dress Experiment.

I slept pretty good last night, in spite of the tick bites that itched off and on, and we got up to enjoy our coffee, green tea and chocolate chip cookies.

We fed and watered, and I got dressed in this simple knit dress.

It's really comfortable, and I like that I bought it and a couple of others for .50 cents each about six years ago at a jumble sale at the local Catholic church. They are all LAND'S END brand, so they are well made and will last for years. I like that they are classic designs, and I can wear them simply as they are, or I can wear a jacket, sweater, or even the chain belt you see here. I really like the belt, since it only cost me .50 cents at a yard sale several years ago, but I had to lose weight so I could wear it!

We had a really wonderful service, and afterwards, we had the baptism of this young man. He had attended the revival several weeks ago, and he came to know Jesus as Savior. He then requested to be baptized by Preach.

Then we visited with our church family, and headed home.

Where I confess--I cheated a little bit on the dress experiment.

I got home, and instead of changin' into another dress--I crawled in my pajama pants and a T-shirt. Hey--I was gonna nap all afternoon anyway, so I just got comfy.

So--I spent seven days in dresses.

What was my conclusion?

First--wearin' dresses up here isn't THAT hard, really. Yes, there were several issues that came up--most of which could be dealt with in some way or another to resolve them.

After about five days, I became comfortable enough in how I needed to move in the outfits, so I think that if I chose to continue wearin' them, it wouldn't be so hard.

However, I just have to face the fact that while I do enjoy wearin' them on occasion--I am just more at ease in jeans, T-shirts and boots.

One lady who reads my blog once suggested that I should at least wear dresses when I go to church or to town. I could do this--but I don't think I would be real if I did. I feel that unless I honestly felt the DESIRE to wear the dress--I would be in danger of wearin' it to 'look holy'.

I feel that I would be like the Pharisees that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 23:5,

"But all their works they do to be seen by men. They make their phylacteries broad and enlarge the borders of their garments."

These men took pains to make certain they had a good outward show of religion, and yet they only wanted to impress people, not to please God through obedience. If I wore dresses for the wrong reason--I'd be doin' the same thing.

Also--in 1 Timothy 2:9-10, Paul says,

"In like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing, but which is proper for women professing Godliness, with good works."

Now, I honestly don't see anywhere it says that dresses are required. All I see is the admonition that women clothe themselves modestly, and with good works.

At our church, most of the women wear jeans or slacks. I defy ANYONE to say that these ladies are not some of the most Godly, feminine women on the planet. Preach's momma-in-law wears slacks, and let me tell ya--that woman loves Jesus with her whole heart. I watched her stand and praise God with tears runnin' down her face at church, and she had just buried her mother that afternoon.

Preach's wife stood before the whole church and admitted that she was scared about some medical tests that Preach was havin', and yet, she sang a song about how she may be scared--but she trusted God completely. And she does.

Preach's momma? Oh, that lady is Godly to the 3rd degree and beyond. She is gracious and feminine. She encourages others, prays constantly, and displays a sweet spirit.

Our music minister's wife wears slacks, and she adores her Lord beyond anything I've ever seen.

Many of our younger women have actually taught me more about bein' a Godly momma than I ever learned from my own mother, and they just about all wear jeans, boots, etc. I have a friend who goes about with her husband from one cowboy church to another as God moves them to help build up new congregations. She works in the oil industry, and she wears jeans and steel toed boots to work. However, this woman submits herself to her husband's Biblical authority.

I'm not sayin' that if you wear a dress that you are doin' it just to look holy--I would never say that. What I'm tryin' to say is wear the dress because you want to, and your husband wants you to. If you feel God is callin' you to wear a dress--go for it. Heck, My husband may tell me one day that he prefers me in dresses, or God may call me to wear them--I dunno.

I just know that if you are a disciple of Jesus Christ, and you have trusted Him with your life--you are my sister and I love you--no matter what ya wear.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Day 6 of Dress Experiment

August 13, 2011

Day 6 of the Dress Experiment.

I did okay for most of the day. I made a breakfast of beef sausage gravy, home made biscuits and eggs. We hauled water for the animals and ourselves.

I wore this dress, since it is just a simple one piece dress, and it sorta looks Amish to me. I think I read too many Wanda E. Brunstetter and Beverly Lewis novels (websites here)--and by the way--those two ladies write TOO SLOW. I need some more tales of Lancaster County and other wonderful towns where the Amish dwell.

We just enjoyed a quiet day off, since we have been really busy with last weekend's rodeo, the funeral last Sunday, chores during the week, etc.

We had let our horses out to graze earlier in the day, since with the rain on Thursday the grass has turned a gorgeous green. I was restin' and readin' a book when I realized that I hadn't heard the horses for a while. I went out and called them, but no answerin' whinny.

Brian and I went lookin' for the prodigals. Up to the easement, down the easement, and then Brian went down the creek bed while I walked up a wash to a small ridge. We each walked a little over a mile and a half.

No horses.

This was weird. They never stray from their grazin' grounds.

We walked back towards the edge of the easement, when we saw her.

Fancy was hidin' in the woods across the easement, not FIVE FEET from where we first came on to the easment! I swear I saw that mare snicker like a little kid who has beaten someone in a game of hide and seek.

I yelled her name, and she took off back into the woods towards the house at a full tilt boogie, her blonde mane flowin' out from her neck like a shampoo model. I was impressed at how beautiful she was when she runs.

I was MAD, but impressed.

By the time we got back to the corral, she is there, along with her partners in aggravation. Apparently, they had all waitied until we got past them, then they each snuck back home. Fancy just happened to be the last one during the 'allee, allee, outs in free' stage of the game.

We got them all settled back in their corrals, fed and watered, petted--all the stuff that needs to be done.

The afternoon progressed pretty quietly after that, until I began to itch on my legs. My ankles began to itch and burn, too. I checked my legs and found that I was COVERED in seed ticks!

Now, livin' up here in the mountains, with all the trees and brush, etc--you expect to deal with ticks. They are just a fact of life, and you do what you can to prevent gettin' bit by the little critters. However--seed ticks are insidious little vermin that cling to high grass and branches, waitin' for an unsuspectin' deer, raccoon, or idiot in a dress to brush against their perch, allowin' them to attack en masse, quietly invadin' the skin until they have made the host miserable enough to notice them.

Now, durin' the summer--my son may get five or six bites total. My husband, a few more.


Someone bangs a dinner gong and screams, "FREE IRISH FOOD--ALL YOU CAN EAT!"


The rest of the evenin', I am subjected to tweezers and masking tape, as my husband gets everyone of the little demons off my legs. My question is--why do the darn things itch worse AFTER they have been removed? I use apple cider vinegar on the tiny welts to stop the discomfort. I smell like a pickle, but I can sleep.

I almost burned every dress I own--almost.

Well, I gotta scratch. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Day 5 of Dress Experiment

August 12, 2011

Day 5 of the Dress Experiment.

Have any of ya'll seen SPIDERMAN 3? If you haven't, let me just give ya'll a little bit of the plot.

Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, gets some 'space goo' on him while sleepin'. This goo spreads all over his Spidey suit and takes it over. It essentially begins to change Peter's personality.

Can see where this is goin'?

I think I have been possessed by the SPIRIT OF THE DRESS.

I did laundry yesterday, so I slipped on the dress that I wore Tuesday. I began cleanin' and preppin' the house for Sabbath, and somewhere along the way....

I turned into Suzie Homemaker.

I not only cleaned--I CLEANED. I will say that scrubbin' a floor by hand in a dress is not easy. It can be done, but it ain't easy.

I baked four loaves of artisan bread, took food up to my neighbor, who was gone. I slipped into his house and left the goodies on his counter.

I fixed a special meal for the evening, and then...

and then...


I baked huge chocolate chip cookies for my Beloved. I use butter too--no margarine hard pucks for my family (Besides--do you know how margarine is made? Look it up sometimes--you'll never touch the stuff again.)

Now, none of this stuff is really all that unusual, but something about wearin' a dress changed the FEEL of the activities I was doin'. I seemed to actually be MORE productive in the household realm of my duties.

See what I mean? I was 'possessed by the dress'.

Or, I could just be gettin' used to wearin' dresses, and I happened to have more energy due to the weather coolin' off.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Day 4 of Dress Experiment

August 11, 2011

My backside is draggin' so bad right now I'm leavin' ruts in the ground.

I came THIIIIIIS close to chuckin' the whole dress experiment today. Fortunately, the Lord gave me one heck of a stubborn streak (oh wait--stubborn is bad--let's call it extreme determination, shall we?)

It all began when we climbed into the truck at 4:50 this mornin'. Brian stuck the key in the ignition and.....

...the truck said, "eh."

Oh, this ain't good.

Tried again--


The battery was deader than dead.

So, to make a long story short, I first walked up to the top of the ridge in the dark with the cell phone to call Brian's work--but no signal.


I come back to the house and then head up the easement to my neighbor's fence. Here's where the whole dress thing almost got scrapped.


Aw heck.

Well, no guts no glory. I finally figure out that I have to gather up the hem of the dress and wrap it around my waist so I can get through the fence without tearin' my clothes.

I'm sorry, but that is NOT modest--don't care WHO you are.

I get to the house, I use the phone and head back. Brian has got the truck runnin'. We get him to work about an hour late, but we get him there.

I get the mornin' chores done, then spend a while gettin' all the little 'stick tights' of my socks from where I had to walk through tall grass.

We get everything done we need to, and just when we are drivin' up to the Hartshorne Library--the clouds let loose with a deluge. I can barely see outside the windows of the truck--but I'm happy. We get soaked goin' in the building. After I dry off a bit, I get the lady workin' the counter to take the photo of today's dress.

We get our books, we finish up all the piddly chores we have left to do, then we pick up Brian from work and go home. He then goes up to help our neighbor haul some water, and Obie and I come home to do evenin' feedin'. I've got burgers planned for dinner, then I'm collapsin' for the night.

And yes, I WILL be wearin' a dress tomorrow--But if I come up against another barbed wire fence--the DEAL'S OFF!

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 3 Of Dress Experiment--RAIN!--And I Gotta Rep In Da Wood

August 10, 2011

Day 3 of the Dress Experiment. I seem to be livin' through this okay. The Redneck and I talked about me wearin' dresses this mornin', and he said that he still doesn't think that it's really practical for our life up here.

"Besides," he added. "Clothes don't make the person."

I agreed, because we have run into folks in our lives who are not who their clothes would have you think they are. We have met some of the most leather clad, tattooed, pierced, long hair and braided beard bikers you could imagine who turned out to love the Lord with all their hearts.

We have also known a few folks wearin' the nicest suits and dresses to church, who looked so clean they squeaked when they walked--and yet who had the meanest character towards others.

I did forget to tell ya'll about one comment I received on Monday when we were at Stinger's. Another neighbor came over, and when ha saw me, he said, "Whoa--you're wearin' a dress. You don't see many women wearin' dresses."

This is the only real comment I've had so far, but then again, I haven't been to town yet. that will change tomorrow. It will be interestin' to see if anyone notices my change of wardrobe.

Well, anyway--here is my dress for the day. The photo is a bit fuzzy--but hey, it was 4:40 in the mornin'--I'm lucky Brian could find the ON button! The little dog behind my skirt is Ufi--she's still hidin' out from Simi.

We woke up to a thunderstorm on the horizon, and after Brian left for work--it hit. It was glorious, and the rain was such a blessin' after weeks of dry weather. We have had over 30 days of 100+ temperatures, but I think that the heat may have broken now. I hope so. I'm tired of breathin' in air so hot it feels like my lungs are bakin'.

Obie and I got to walk almost 4 miles today! I took these shots of the sky--you can still see all the clouds. It was nice and cool for most of our walk.

We did have a nasty surprise on the road. I looked down and thought at first there was a piece of rope on the ground. Turns out there was a copperhead about 10 inches long in front of us. He had himself flattened out as much as he could. I took his photo, then walked further to find a large rock to clean his clock with.

When I returned, he was gone. Now, he was pretty far into the road, so he must have slithered away as fast as his scales could take him. Hmmm....I wonder if I have a reputation within the reptile community after last summer's incident.

One day last summer, we were walkin' along that same road, and I saw off to the side a large copperhead. He was curled up into a round shape about the size of a dinner plate--maybe he was tryin' to disguise himself as Corningware--I dunno.

I tossed a few stones at him to get him to move away, but he just flattened himself more.

"Okay, buddy," I said. "I've tried to be nice, but you're blockin' my way, and I don't trust you one bit."

I picked up the biggest rock I could find--about the size of a bowlin' ball--and chunked it right on top of him.

It bounced off of him, and he sorta 'leaped' into the air--then shot down off the road into the grass. He seemed to be thinkin' "Holy cats--SHE'S SERIOUS!"

I guess word got around that neck of the woods.

Yeah....I got street cred.

After our walk I did chores, then decided to try one more time to give my horse Bandy a mane trim. I have tried many times, but he has never let me. For some reason however, I just felt in my gut that today would be different. So, I got out my shears, slipped them into my apron pocket, and headed to the corral.

It took a bit to get him to let me get close enough to catch his halter, but when I did, he let me love on him awhile. I held up the scissors to his nose so he could sniff them, He did NOT like that, so I slipped them back into the pocket and kept lovin' on him.

After a bit, I eased them out again, and slowly snipped off a snarl that begun in the back of his mane.

He was okay.

I snipped a bit more. Then a bit more.

Soon, I had the right side of his mane cut in a sort of blocked shape, but there were no more snarls. I took a deep breath, then reached around the left side, where he's blind.

One snip.


One more.

It was done.

I was positively giddy now. I needed to cut his forelock, right above his eyes.

One snip.

His eyes got a bit big, but he was still.

Another snip.

Had to stop for a second, let him calm down. I told him, "You know I have NEVER hurt you, Bandy. Just one more snip and we are done."

Another deep breath, and while holdin' my mouth just right, I reached up and gave one last snip.


I praised that gelding like he had won the Kentucky Derby. He wasn't sure what he had done right, but he was pleased with himself. I hugged his neck, then came back into the house.

Bandy looks much better now--although his bangs give him a Moe Howard kind of look (come on--Moe Howard? The 3 Stooges? Larry, Moe and Curly?).

Well, after cleanin' the house--and by the way, scrubbin' a floor on your knees in a skirt is hard--we rested and I finished the book OOGY, by Larry Levin.

It's a great little book about a dog who was used as a 'bait dog' in a dog fighting ring. A bait dog is usually a pit bull who won't fight, a poodle, or any other dog that is unlucky enough to end up in the hands of these kinds of people (and I use that term loosely). They are tossed into the cage or pit with another dog, who then proceeds to tear the bait dog up. Most of these little victims die, but this puppy lived long enough to be rescued during a raid of a drug operation. He was taken to a veterinary ER, and after being treated, was adopted by Larry Levin and his family. OOGY is a love story between a human family and a dog who has conquered astronomical odds. I highly recommend it if you love a happy ending.

Okay--it’s gettin’ on in the afternoon, and I still have to fix supper and feed animals.

Well, I got chores. Later, Ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Day 2 Of Dress Experiment

Aug 9, 2011

Dress Experiment--Day 2.

I woke up tired from the weekend and an unexpected day of Brian bein' off from work. It didn't help that we had to haul some hay and fix another tire--plus the heat was still bad Monday. I was so tired that I didn't get dressed until after I got up the second time this mornin'. I slept an extra couple of hours, since it was rainin' when we woke up. So, no before photo of me in a dress.

However, here is the afternoon photo of me in my Noah's Ark jumper. I don't look too bad, even though Obie and I got to walk 3 miles today, and SWEATED.

One of our dogs, Ufi, decided to follow us, even though I scolded her several times. I think her sister beat her up again, so she felt it was worth disobeyin' me so she could stay away from Simi.

We walked up to the big rig gate, and Ufi kept lookin' up at me as if to ask, "Why are we walkin' so far?" She finally got tired and hot enough to fling herself down into a puddle at the side of the road.

When we got to the turn around spot, she just looked at me, puzzled.

I told her, "Look, I told you to stay home. I did not tell you to go on this journey, but you thought you knew better and went your own way."

Whoa--am I the only one who just got goosebumps? God got me again....

After we got back home, we took care of a bunch of piddly chores that had been pilin' up around here. I got out the epoxy and repaired this pitcher and bowl that my neighbor recently gave me. It had belonged to his late wife, and it had a small piece snapped off the side of the bowl. The piece was with it, and with a bit of epoxy and patience, it is now beautiful once again.

I'm thinkin' of redoin' my little bathroom around this set. Sort of a lady's boudoir in the old west. Maybe some leather and lace--whaddya think? Perhaps I may stitch up a corset--the instructions can be found on the THREADBANGERS website( I love that site--all kinds of ideas--even one video on how to make your own panties from old shirts and ribbon. Oh, and I can’t leave out the $6.00 weddin’ dress made from a package of white men’s T-shirts. Don’t look like that--the young folks who put this site together may be a bit out there in some ways, but they have wonderful fresh ideas on how to utilize fabric.

Pretty much the rest of the day was quiet--a simple supper of baked steaks, Julia Child potatoes and salad--then we watched Brad Stine's DVD WUSSIFICATION. Brad is a Christian Comic who tells it like it is. He is real and funny, and his love for the Lord shows in everything he does on stage. He has several DVDs. Check him out at

Quiet night. Later, ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Day 1 Of The Dress Experiment

August 8, 2011

Okay....Day 1 of the DRESS EXPERIMENT.

Since Brian didn't go to work today, he was able to take a few photos of my day.

Here I am, showin' what I chose to wear for today. It's a simple
jumper and a little top underneath. I had been collectin' a few of these types of things for a while, in case I did decide to switch to dresses. You can see my male wolf, Fang, at the lower left of the photo. His facial expression seems to be askin', "Mom--is that you?"

I started my chores. I had to fill the big trough for one corral, so I began haulin' water.

This little guy is one of the many critters that I have had to rescue out of water bowls, barrels and troughs this summer. It has been so dry, many small animals are desperate for moisture, so they jump into containers, not realizin' that they can drown. I keep branches and sticks near containers in case I gotta play lifeguard.

Yeah--there's a lesson in that. Sometimes our lives seem so dry we just jump into anything that looks like it might satisfy our thirst. If we are not smart we end up in things that not only won't satisfy us--it can destroy us.

Been there--done that--way too recently.

Okay--onto the rest of the day.

I began to clean up the house from the clutter that accumulates over a long busy weekend. Here I am about to do the dishes. This is my little camper kitchen. I use the big cabin kitchen to do the big cookin', especially in the summer. It keeps my main livin' space cooler.

Basically, the day went on pretty much in a normal fashion, just I wore a dress instead of jeans.

I discovered that climbin' in and out of a truck bed in a dress is not easy. If you get hot and sweat, jeans are superior to dresses because if you sweat, jeans wick the moisture away from the skin.

Dresses don't. Instead, the sweat just trickles down your legs, feelin' as if you have crawlies all over the skin. Plus, you end up with soggy socks.

It's hard to take a nap in a skirt, 'cause the fabric on my legs will bind up around me, and I feel like I'm tied down.

When evenin' feedin' came up, I went and cared for my animals.
This little guy is Bandy. he is a 9 year old sorrel gelding. You can see that his left eye is 'off'. He is blind in that eye, because someone ran him into a fence when he was a buckin' bronc in a youth rodeo. He is a sweet little guy, and I have had to work a long time to get him to trust me. I think I'm gettin' there, don't you?

The funny thing about this photo is that *I* am on the inside of the corral--Bandy's on the outside! He began to go over the fence, so I decided it would be safer and easier to just leave the gate open and let him come and go as he pleases. He doesn't go very far from the other horses, and he is always right there when it's feedin' time. Most of the time he comes into the corral to be petted and fed, but today he decided to stand outside.

Fancypants had been out grazin' all afternoon, so I went through the woods and called her to me. She came up and nudged me to ask if I had food on me. I would have ridden her back to the corral, but I had on a DRESS, and I couldn't do that. The Redneck hopped on and rode her back.

Yet another mark against dresses up here...

After the feedin' was done, we made a water run. While we were fillin' the barrels, Brian noticed that the tire we had put on the truck the night before was goin' flat.

Aw heck--and no spare.

We limped over to our buddy Stinger's house, and the guys worked on gettin' the air compressor goin' so they could air up the tire.

We finally got the tire situation worked out, and then came home and ate a late meal, then Brian took a photo of me after a day of wearin' a dress durin' a normal day.

I look like a wreck, huh? I was worn out, but okay.

After that, I climbed into the big tub outside and sank down into that cool water.


Hmmm...still no chores, I'm headed for bed. Later, ya'll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Road Trip To Texas For Funeral--Wonky Tire Makes For A Redneck Hissy Fit

August 7, 2011

We got up and headed for Texas this mornin'. One of Brian's uncles passed away, and we needed to go down for a memorial service.

We got to his folks' around 10 a.m., and he and his mom went to see his grandfather at the nursing home while I stayed behind and got Obie and I dressed and ready for the service.

When they got back, everyone finished gettin' ready, and we rode down with his folks in their van. This gave us a chance to take a quick snooze, since we were still tired from the rodeo.

It was a nice memorial, and I got to meet several of Brian's family that I had never seen. Afterwards, the church fed us. It was a wonderful meal, and the folks who served the food were as gracious and loving as you could possibly want.

After visitin', we headed back to his parents' house, hopped in the truck and began the long drive home. It was a pleasant journey for a long time.

When we got to Calera--it went wonky on us.

We threw a cap off a tire, and Brian limped the truck down the shoulder to a parking lot with a security light. After checkin' the tire, we figured no problem--a 15 minute job to change the tire, tops.


We got everything set up, and I began to crank the spare down from below the bed of the truck.

The cord the tire descends from came down--but not the tire or the piece that holds the tire up.

Not good...

Brian gets under the truck and tries to get the tire down. He pulls, twists, does all kinds of things--but nothin'.

Now, let's just set the mood here.

My Beloved has been workin' hard all week, in a building that is HOT. He has been exhausted all week. He has done a full ranch rodeo the day before. He has had a pretty fair amount of sleep, but not as much as he really needs. He has had to drive down for a funeral, deal with his grief, and drive back in order to get up and go to work the next mornin'.

Now, a job that should have already been done 30 minutes ago is, get the idea.

Suddenly, he rolls out from under the truck, stomps off, crunchin' gravel and grumblin' all the way. Then he proceeds to throw a hissy fit in the way that only a 6 foot 1 inch Redneck (or a 5 foot Southern Belle) can do.

I won't repeat his vocal utterances here. I will say that he came back to the truck and proceeded to whack his hand on the side of the truck bed repeatedly.

Since I'm under the truck at the time, lookin' at the tire and seein' if there was anything I could do--

it's sorta annoying. Especially with all the road dirt fallin' in my mouth and eyes.




He stops, then crawls back under the truck with me. We try everything we can to get that tire to come down, but it ain't happenin'.

Then the cop drives up.

So I get up and go over to explain what was happenin'. By the grace of God, he is sympathetic to our plight. He has no solution for us, but he says he will drive back by later to check on us. I thank him and go back to the truck, where there is a glorious lack of progress.

Finally, after a couple of hours, and another visit by the cop--the tire suddenly descends like the gods in a Greek play, and we have no idea how. We don't CARE, we just grab it and start switchin' tires around. Then we are back on the road.

As we are talkin' we realize that we will not get home now until after 1 a.m., and Brian has to get UP at 3:45.

Uh, no...

So I call his work and leave a message about what has happened, and that Brian will not be in.

We made it home, and since our friend Alyssa was kind enough to feed and water our animals, we were able to just collapse into bed and sleep.

Definitely no chores. Later, folks.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

Ranch Rodeo At Lightning C Arena

Aug 6, 2011

Whoever once said you have to have a peck of dirt before you die had to have been into rodeo.

Today was our church's time to host a ranch rodeo for all the other cowboy churches in the Oklahoma Fellowship Of Cowboy Churches. It was held at Lightning C Arena.

Our family arrived around 7 a.m., and we unloaded Fancypants to let her graze for a bit while we scouted out where everything was gonna be during the day.

Lightning C is a really neat arena. They have worked hard to give it western atmosphere. There are hook ups for RVs, and you can ride your horses on the property for a fee. (

We talked with some of our friends while they got their mounts ready, Here is Casey Day saddlin' up his horse.

Brian saddled Fancy up, and I took her for a ride in the big pasture around the arena building. I didn't ride her too long, 'cause I knew she had a busy day ahead of her, and I wanted her limber, not tired.

Pretty soon it was time to go pay the fees for entry, and that was handled by the lovely Rhonda Adams, seen here.

After the fees were paid, Obie and I nabbed Poblano outta the truck. You can tell she’s rarin’ to go say hello to the world.

After the cowboys all rode around the arena for a while, there was a procession to begin the rodeo. First of all, Cassie Day rode out carryin’ the cross. After I took the shot, she told me, “I smiled just for you”.

Then came the cowboys and cowgirls.

Once everyone was in the Arena, then Casey Adams rode out carryin’ the American flag. It was si wonderful to watch everyone of the cowboys remove their hats as Old Glory went past.

Then the Oklahoma Flag came out, and the Christian flag made it’s appearance.

Finally, they all were lined up. You can see the cowboys in the background as they pay their respect.

After the opening ceremony, teams were announced and the lineup was established. Brian’s team was third in line for the amateur class.

This handsome gentleman is Colonel Tucker, of the LORD’S CALVARY Ministry. He and his wife Sandra make the rodeo circuits, preachin, testifyin’ and handin’ out Bibles. His love of God is a fierce one, and he loves to tell of how God changed his life. If ya ever get a chance to hear his testimony--ASK!

The cool thing about rodeos is that you never know just what you may see at each one. The cowboys and cowgirls all have different types of saddles, boots and even horses. I love the details that make up the look and feel of the rodeo lifestyle.

Here is our fearless announcer, Rusty McCormick! He relates the events as the happen, calls up the next team and adds his own commentary to the events. I loved it when one team was tryin’ to sort out a steer, but it tried to run back to the herd. Rusty called out, “Don’t go back to that bunch, number 5--THEY STINK!”

Here you see photos of my Beloved and Fancy, as they try to catch, sort, and do all the other things ya do in rodeo. How did they do? Well, let’s just say Fancy won’t have to chase cows at the finals....

There were several other things goin’ on besides the regular events. We had a professional bull rider who came and gave his testimony, and a gentleman who won the EXTREME MUSTANG MAKEOVER, gave a demonstration of how well Quattro, a 3 year old wild mustang, trusted this man after one year after being taken out of the wild. It was amazing to watch this horse go through the course that had been set up. It was more amazing the Quattro was BLINDFOLDED. He had to have absolute trust in his rider to do all he did. It was wonderfully symbolic of how our relationship to God should be.

While the rodeo went on, we also got to visit with many of our friends from other cowboy churches and catch up on the great things God is doin’ through this ministry.

When it was all over with, we headed home and took care of the animals for the evenin’, had a quick supper of hot links and tortillas, chips and salsa (hey--I was tired, it was hot--I was NOT cookin’. Besides, how much more westerny can ya get then hot links and tortillas?)

We all cleaned up and hit the bed, since we had to get up and drive to Texas in the mornin’ for a funeral.

No chores. Later, ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett