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New Way To Post, 90 Day Bible Readin' Plan, Bargains And Sabbath Experiment

July 22, 2011

Today begins a new method of writing my blog entries--as I stated in the previous post, I will be writing an entry each day, and then when I am in town the next time, I will post them in chronological order. Then all you have to do is go back to the last date you read a post, and you can start from there to catch up. I figure this will give you some more to read if you wish, along with helpin' me to develop a more disciplined approach to my writing.

So.....where to start today? Well, after sendin' my beloved Redneck off to his job at 5 a.m. this mornin', I took my cup of green tea back up to the loft, and I had my prayer time. I had a lot of catchin' up to do, since I had been lax in both my prayer and Bible study the past week or so. I had been readin' good Christian based books in the meantime, and they have helped me, but they cannot replace the time one spends in the Word itself. There is just somethin' about scripture that FEEDS the human spirit and refreshes the heart, mind, body and soul.

I have been doin' the 90 Day Extreme Bible Reading Plan (, and I am really enjoyin' it. Yes, I am behind a few days at least, but I am not out to beat a time. I like how the plan gives you a nice sized chunk of Scripture to read each day. Whenever I have tried to read the Bible in a year plans, I never get a sense of havin' actually READ anything, the portions are too small. But this 90 Day Plan really gives me enough readin' to draw me into the story, and I find myself takin' notes for further study. I think Preach and our music minister, Rusty, either love it or hate it when they see me comin' with a note pad! They know I'm either gonna show them an insight that will be funny from God's Word (and believe me--there is a LOT of humor in the Bible, ya just gotta keep your eyes open), or I'm gonna hit 'em with a question that makes 'em go, "Whoa--I gotta look that up!"

This mornin' I finished Nehemiah, one of my most favorite books. It is the story of how Nehemiah, the cup bearer to a king, was burdened to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, and how God worked through the king and the people to complete the task. It also shows how in order to complete the works that God has given us in our own lives, that we must be truly committed and dedicated to what He has assigned us. We must not let ourselves be distracted or discouraged by what others say or how hard something may be. We must stand firm and fearless in the face of opposition. We need to address obstacles with faith and prayer. There are many verses in this book about how Nehemiah prayed to God and called to remembrance the many miracles He had done, not only in the creation of heaven and earth, but of His persistent mercy and grace on His people, even when they had gone against His Law. You wanna get brave in the face of opposition? Do you wonder why in the world God would help you, as much as you screw up? Read how many times God delivered His people and protected them throughout the Bible--even when they messed up--and these guys should have KNOWN BETTER! Start callin’ to your mind how He guided that stone from David’s sling into the forehead of the giant and ‘kilt him good’. Read how He used Gideon, a guy who was so scared he was beatin’ out wheat in a winepress so he wouldn’t be seen by the Midianites (Judges 6:11) to lead an army of 300 men to take on and defeat a much larger and better equipped enemy force. AND He did it by the Israelites breakin’ pottery, blowin’ horns, and shoutin’ “The sword for the Lord and Gideon!” This freaked out the Midianites so bad, they started runnin, away, and then they began fightin’ EACH OTHER!

Read that kind of stuff, and ya get a real sense of just Who is doin’ the REAL fightin’ in your life.

God is just so KEWL!

Okay--on to a little bit of other stuff. Yesterday I found a sale on books at a local thrift shop, 5 for a $1, and I made out like a bandit. I found 10 books that I could use, all for $2 plus tax. Mostly Christian books, like readin’ the Bible a book at a time, and stuff like that, but I also got SLOW AND STEADY, GET ME READY, a really good book on development for children. I also found a book on housekeepin’,, HOW TO RUN YOUR HOUSE WITHOUT LETTING IT RUN YOU. It’s a compilation of hints and tips from FARM JOURNAL Magazine, edited by Jean Gillies. It was published in 1973, but there are a lot of great ideas in it that are still valid for today. I think I’ll be quotin’ from it now and then in posts as I find things ya’ll might like to know.

One other thing. It’s Friday mornin’, and I will be workin’ to prepare for the Sabbath. I have decided to make as much preparation as I can so that my family can truly keep Sabbath. I don’t think it has anything to do with my salvation, but I have been observin’ that when we just simply REST on that day, we seem to do better the rest of the week. So I am gonna see just what happens as we truly begin to observe the Sabbath. I found a book titled appropriately, SABBATH, by Dan B. Allender. It’s part of THE ANCIENT PRACTICES SERIES, and I would love to read the other books. In the Sabbath book, the author proposes the question,
“What would you do for 24 hours if the only criteria were to pursue your deepest joys?” He helps the reader to see the Sabbath in a new light, as God originally intended it--a festival that celebrates God and His relationship with His creation--us. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on how things work.

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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