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Goose Gone--Bread Makin'--How God Talks To Us From Unusual Sources

July 25, 2011

Okay, to answer your first question--the goose was gone this mornin'. It's appearin' and leavin' was just one of those cool things that God blesses us with sometimes.

We got to go for a walk this mornin'--the first in over three weeks! It was wonderful. Obie and I made three miles, and we had a great time. We stopped and talked with a neighbor who was drivin' by, and that was so nice. I also found out that another neighbor has the HOMESTEAD BLESSINGS DVD series! I will be beggin' and pleadin' to borrow them very soon, and I'll give ya'll my opinions of them.

We got back home and I put together a batch of Artisan Bread Dough. The recipe is from ARTISAN BREAD IN FIVE MINUTES A DAY, by Jeff Hertzberg, M.D., and Zoe Francois. ( I love this stuff--you mix it up in a large container with a loose cover, then let it sit for 2-5 hours. Once that is done, you can bake or refrigerate the dough and bake a loaf a day, with very little effort each day.

I finished THE HAPPINESS PROJECT. I will be lookin’ for my own copy the next time I go to RECYCLED BOOKS AND RECORDS in Denton. I enjoy readin’ these types of books, known as STUNT NONFICTION. This genre covers books like EAT, PRAY, LOVE, THE YEAR OF LIVING BIBLICALLY, and JULIE/JULIA. While many of these books are not Christian based--I am still interested in other people’s search for meanin’ in their lives. I am also amazed at what God will use to speak to me. I get scriptural lessons from the weirdest sources. I once realized that the movie MARRIED TO THE MOB was a great parable for someone who is workin' so hard to walk as a new Christian, and the folks from their old life not only don't get it--they go out of their way to try and drag the person back to the old life. Heck--ask me sometime about THE 13th WARRIOR--it'll blow you outta the water.

Anyway, as I was sayin', I can be watchin', listenin' or readin' something that may not have an intentional scriptural viewpoint, but that God will use as a lesson to show me how wonderful He is.

Recently, I saw a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert's book, EAT, PRAY LOVE at a neighbor's house. I knew it was about a woman's quest to 'find God' (which, let's be honest--is a dumb term, since HE ain't the one who's lost), and her many travels to do that. Since I knew she had used some techniques I don't agree with, I wasn't all that interested. While I do yoga and some meditation, I don't subscribe to her beliefs.

Well, God had somethin' to say to me, so he prompted me to ask if I could borrow the book. I was empathic with this lady's journey as I read about how she found her life was fallin' apart, and how she cried out one night on a bathroom floor. I knew where she was comin' from 'cause I have cried out from the bathroom floor so many times, we just say we're goin' to the 'chapel'!

I followed along on her quest as she went to Italy, India and Bali. Now, a lot of what she writes about I just discounted as stuff that has no meanin' for me, since as I said, I am a Christian, and I don't believe in many of the things she does. However, I was readin' about her meditation time one mornin' while she was at an ashram in India, and she spoke about how 'those' voices(yep, the ones I mentioned in an earlier post. they are very ecumenical) began to harangue her with negative messages, and tell her how unworthy she was, how dare she think she could be loved by God, all the usual junk.

Hey, you think just 'cause somebody isn't a disciple of Jesus, that the devil and his ilk WON'T try to destroy them? I figure he believes that if he can destroy somebody's spirit, then he has a good shot at them not ever comin' to know God through His son Jesus. Think about it folks.....

Well, there she was, listenin' to all these negative voices, and then in her mind, she suddenly saw a lion stand up and heard him roar,


The voices went totally silent. Then the lion lay back down and shut his eyes.

I was so flipped out over this. I read the rest of the book and liked it, but I just kept goin' back to this section.

I mean--like--WHOA.

Come on--admit it--you've been prayin' and those voices and negative thoughts come howlin' at ya, or maybe they just whisper.

"God doesn't really hear you--you're not good enough."

"Your prayers are just bouncin' off the ceiling."

"You are such a sinner--why would God forgive you for that?"

Yeah, I see your head noddin'. We've all been there.

Now, as I was readin' this, I didn't see the lion she saw--one from the African veldt. I've seen those on the Big Animal Eatin' Little Animal Channel, and they are usually pretty scruffy.

No--I saw C. S. Lewis' Aslan, that great, glorious King of Narnia. I saw Jesus, The Lion Of Judah. I saw Him rise up from his throne, and say with a voice so soft it thundered,

"You have no idea how strong My love is."

Talk about shuttin' up all fears, doubts and accusations!

Now, I am aware that Ms. Gilbert was not seekin’ the God of the Bible, and that a lot of the stuff she came up with has nothin’ to do with a real relationship with God.

But God used what SHE wrote to confirm in MY mind His love for me.

I serve the COOLEST God! Oh wait--HE’S THE ONLY GOD!

Well, I got chores. Later ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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