Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Sabbath Obsevation--A Report

July 23. 2011

Here's the report on the trial run at observing a Sabbath for my family. I feel it has been a success. There were one or two glitches, but that's to be expected.

After I wrote my post for Friday, I fed and watered animals, fixed a simple breakfast, and started in on cleanin’ the house.

One of the goodies I purchased at the book sale on Thursday was a set of CDs that taught on prosperity. I usually steer clear of that kind of teachin’, since the way it is often taught is just not scriptural. I do believe in prosperity, since the Bible teaches it--I just don’t believe because you are a Christian you automatically win the God Lotto with extra Powerball bonus, and that if you don’t--you have no faith.

But I decided that for 20 cents, I’d give these CDs a chance, and if they were the typical blather--I’d use ‘em for target shootin’.

Turns out they were very good, and I listened to them while I cleaned house. I washed dishes, made beds, scrubbed, dusted and organized, then finally swept and mopped my floor. It was so clean, I wasn’t sure it was MY house! I mean, my home is kept clean, but this time I put a little extra ‘torque’ in my elbow greasin’, ya dig?

The house was ready, so I put some thought into the evenin’ meal. I chose to make lasagna roll-ups, a salad and spinach. I got all that put together, then rested as I wrote my pen pal a reply to her latest letter, and read a bit more in Gretchen Rubin’s THE HAPPINESS PROJECT. I'm really enjoyin’ a lot of her observations about happiness, and I think I may even try my own project, but since I am basically a happy person anyway, I decided to work on increasin’ my intimacy with my heavenly Father. Come to think of it--when you increase that, ya pretty much increase your chances of bein’ happy, doncha?

Anyway, after a short rest, I got up and did the afternoon feedin’, then decided to look through another 20 cent bargain I had found--a 1992 SOUTHERN LIVING end of the year cookbook. I love readin’ cookbooks, and I hope to write my own E-cook book sometime.

As I was searchin’ the pages for ideas for future menus, I came across a recipe for DIAMOND FUDGE. It called for chocolate chips, butter, peanut butter and confectioner’s sugar. I had all that on hand, and since I had a package of chocolate chips that had accidentally been left in a hot kitchen and basically turned into a lump once rechilled, I figured it would be a great way to use them up.

I got all the ingredients out, measured, melted and poured it all into the buttered pan. I took it out to the pantry fridge to set overnight just as the Redneck came home. About that time the roll-ups finished cookin’, and we had a nice quiet dinner. We all had baths, then settled in for the evenin’, readin’ and shuttin’ out the light early.

This mornin, after a wonderful night’s sleep (no 3:45 a.m. alarm--HEAVENLY), we got up, I put canines out to go potty, turned on the coffee pot, and began my next special meal for Sabbath--waffles and bacon.

We spent the mornin’ feedin’, waterin’, and workin’ with animals. After a couple of hours, we all trooped back into the house and decided to just chill for a time. Brian napped, Obie listened to his music, and I read my Bible chunk for the day, plus some more of THE HAPPINESS PROJECT.

When Brian came to (trust me--he sleeps SOUNDLY) he asked, “why don’t we run into town and get the stuff for hamburgers for tonight?”

Ladies, I almost said, “No--we aren’t goin’ anywhere, we are SUPPOSED TO BE RESTIN’ AND HAVIN’ A PEACEFUL DAY!”

But instead, I said, “Sure, Baby, if that’s what you wanna do, it sounds great.”

DO YOU FOLKS REALIZE HOW HARD THAT WAS? I had MY idea of how OUR Sabbath should go, and here my husband was tryin’ to MESS IT UP!

My flesh just slunk outta the room. I think I embarrassed it.

We drove into town, picked up the stuff we would need, then returned home. After unloadin’ the truck and puttin' stuff away, Obie enjoyed a nice long soak in the tub, then I helped him get shaved (seriously, sometimes he is so enthusiastic with the safety razor--I'm scared he'll take his nose off!).

We did the evenin' feedin, then made hamburgers. We all enjoyed a few episodes of NCIS Season 2 on DVD, then hit the rack for another wonderful night’s sleep.

All in all I think we had a good day. Even though we still ran to town for something--it was a trip that led to the furtherin’ of our enjoyment, or delight, of the day. I look forward to our next Sabbath, and I am already plannin’ the food and possible things to do. I feel that Dan Allender is right when he says that,

“Sabbath is not about time off or a break in routine. It is not a mini vacation to give us a respite so we are better prepared to go back to work. The Sabbath is far more than a diversion; it is meant to be an encounter with God’s delight.”

Although this first Sabbath was more of a day of simple rest, it has provided a jumpin’ off place for creatin’ times of refreshing and even preparin’ for Sunday worship. If we are all relaxed from a day of rest, and the biggest chores to get ready for church and work on Monday have already been taken care of on Friday--then it makes sense that we will be less stressed and our hearts more open to whatever God wants to bless us with as we enter His house of worship. If we are not worryin’ about where we are gonna have lunch (or more important, if the sermon will end soon enough so we can beat the Methodists to the noon buffet!), we can relax and concentrate on really singin’ TO God--not just mouthin’ the words to the praise songs. We can actually hear what the preacher has to say from the Word--not checkin’ our watches ‘cause we wanna go home and get a badly needed nap in. We can take the time to fellowship with others after church and get to know each other, thus growin’ closer in our relationships with other Christians.

I think I’m on to somethin’ here...

Well, I got chores. Later, ya’ll.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Words well spoken, dear friend! Your package did come, and I was so touched that you thought of us. I've been ogling the quilts in the book, and the others are in a place of honor on our Tasha Tudor shelf. And the frame is so pretty! Thank you so much.



    p.s. The goose looks like a real dandy; aren't dogs wonderful helps with scaring away scary things? :)