Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dogs To The Vet--Shoe Prayer Answered--Observations On Book Of Job

July 27, 2011

It's in the p.m. of the day. Chores are all done, meals eaten and dessert munched. Brian's watchin' NCIS on DVD, and Obie is soakin' in the tub. I am sittin' at the picnic table, workin' on my blog. Soon I'm gonna shut 'er down and go relax while readin' my Bible chunk for the day, then if I have time, start in on the new novel about the Amish I got at the library today, A WEDDING QUILT FOR ELLA, by Jerry S. Eicher.

I got Ufi and Simi to the vet to be spayed this mornin' without too much trouble, except when I was parked at the vet's office, waitin' for the Doc to get there. I was on the phone with a friend, and suddenly I yelled into the phone,

"I gotta go--Ufi just jumped outta the window!"

I slammed the phone shut, tossed it somewhere, and did my own jump outta the driver's door. Fortunately, Ufi was just tired of bein' in the truck, and was strollin' around the front bumper when I got out.

I got the two girls checked in, and then Obie and I headed back up the mountain for chores.

Later in the day, I had an answer to prayer. I had to toss a pair of black slipper flats into the burn pile this last weekend, since they had finally given up their soles (get it? soles? Aw come on--SOULS? Well, heck, I thought it was funny) and I was unable to wear them anymore. I didn't really have any other shoes to wear with a skirt, so I just sorta handed the dilemma to the Lord--nothin' formal, just a "Lord, when Ya get a second, could ya help me find a new pair of flats?" kinda thing.

Looks like He had some extra time this mornin', 'cause I pulled up at my favorite thrift store, and sittin' there on a bench were a lot of shoes. I checked, and sure enough, there were THREE pairs of flats--MY size, and dig this--they were SAS brand, still in the boxes. I honestly don't think they had ever been worn, 'cause the soles were like new. They were $10 a pair. I bought two pairs, one brown one black, and when I happened to notice the old price was $45.00. I got $90 worth of shoes for $20!

I'd say I got a prayer answered, wouldn't you?

My latest Bible chunk of readin' was in the book of Job. I love that book--the poor guy goes through losin' everything, his wife is a shrew, and now here come his three buddies, judgin' him and harpin' that he needs to repent of sin he hasn't committed so that God will ease up on him.

Sounds like a buncha folks I've known in my life.

Well, ol' Job hears them out, and then he gets snarky, tellin' 'em "oh, how you are such a COMFORT to me, and HOW WISE ya'll gotta be, etc." Obviously, these guys don't understand sarcasm, 'cause they start right back in. It goes on like this for most of the book, and then the LORD speaks up, and He addresses Job's attitude right off, askin' him essentially, "Look, Sparky--were you there when I built this planet? Do you give the horse his strength? I mean, come on, you're so smart--tell me what ya know!"

I love Job's answer, 'cause he gets pretty meek at that point, especially when I read how God basically tells Job to "PUT ON HIS BIG BOY PANTS AND QUIT WHININ'."(Job 38:3)

Job admits that he should 'sit there and look pretty', 'cause he has been a tad self-righteous.

After the Q & A betwixt God and Job, God then addresses Job's fair weather friends and tells 'em they better apologize to Job and offer some major sacrifices. There is a fourth guy who yammers at Job for a bit before God steps in, Elihud--but he is never mentioned after God speaks up. What, did the dude just faint dead away when God said, "Listen up--ya'll are wrong?"

I know that the Bible is a serious work--after all, it is the WORD OF GOD, and it is to be used to instruct us how to live, and about our relationship to our heavenly Father and with other people. I also know that I am created in the IMAGE of that Father, and that I have a tendency to look for the humor in everything, includin' His WORD.

And I FIND it--all the time.

That sorts tells me that my DADDY has a sense of humor too.

I love to tell folks what I find. I shock some folks who do NOT want to learn that God has a sense of humor. However, I find more folks who go and look up what I find, and see for themselves that God loves to laugh.

Come on--why do you think it is called the JOY of the LORD?

Okay, folks--I gotta go--no chores, but 3:45 a.m. comes early.
© 2011 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    I love God's sense of humor! I see it all the time in my own life, for sure! :)

    How wonderful that you found the perfect shoes; I've had that happen so many times, that I know that every little need is noticed by Him. Isn't it wonderful?